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Year of the Dog

I don’t know if I’m the only who’s noticed that the Universe seems to be plying us with multiple energies at the same time. Take a look at the last Full Moon. It wasn’t just a Full Moon. It was a Blue Moon (second one in the month), Super Moon (the Moon in closest proximity to Earth), with a lunar eclipse. Talk about your triple whammy of energies!

Well, this week is no different, but it’s spread across three days instead of all happening on one.

It begins on Wednesday, the 14th with Valentine’s Day. I know most people think of this as a day of romance – a celebration of your intimate relationship with your special “other” – but the truth is, with the Sun and Moon both in Aquarius, it’s more a celebration of Universal love. What??? Take that celebration and let it spiral out to include self-love, love of all humanity as our brothers and sisters, and love of the planet. Spread the love!

On the 15th, there’s the New Moon with a solar eclipse. I will speak in more detail about this later on. For now, realize this is a time to continue that spreading and receiving of Universal love energies as you take aim at anything new you want to begin in your life.

Then, we come to the 16th and the Chinese New Year. This year is the Year of the Dog but now just any old dog. It’s the Earth Dog.

While Dog in general is loyal and honest. They have a tendency to see things pretty much in black and white. In China, they are associated with justice and compassion. There is a down-side though. They can be cynical and beset with doubts and anxieties. Dog is Yang energy.

But this is the year of the Earth Dog and they are well-balanced people. They tend to take each day as it comes and are generally happy and stable. The earth part imparts practicality and being somewhat materialistic.

The take-away from this is that this can be a year of practicality with possible materialistic gains if coupled with honesty and compassion. Remain well balanced, take each day as it comes, and you will find yourself generally happy and stable. Yes, there may be moments of doubt or anxiety, but if you look at things from a perspective not colored by your own past experiences, you will find peace and justice in all that happens.

Solar Eclipse 3

Now, let’s talk about that New Moon. It’s happening on Thursday, February 15th @ 4:05 p.m. EST with both the Sun and Moon in the sign of Aquarius.

The eclipse that will be occurring is only a partial one that will only be visible in southern South America, Antarctica, and from some areas of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. That, however, doesn’t mean it will have no affect on you, wherever you might be, or that you can’t take advantage of nature of the eclipse of energy.

You can use the energies of the eclipse to clear away and release energies that you have held onto for too long before using the New Moon to begin fresh and new in any area of your life.

With the Sun and Moon both in Aquarius, the energies of Universal love continue to influence the ethers. It’s more than that though. It’s about making new acquaintances, self-reliance, freedom, and looking at things from a totally original, inventive perspective.

With the Moon moving into Pisces a little over five hours later, this is a time for spiritual advancement and looking at things from a higher perspective. It’s about trusting your intuition to guide you on your journey.

This is an exciting energy filled with infinite possibilities! Tap into to it and set your sites high!

Year of the Dog

Celebrations for the Year of the Dog begin on Friday, February 16th. In actuality, in China, the celebration starts on the Eve of the day with families gathering for a reunion dinner and to clean their houses to sweep away any bad fortune from befalling them on New Year’s Day.

The predictions for the year are that it will be a good year regarding financial aspects but can be difficult for health aspects of ones life. It will also be good for lifestyle changes and new business ventures.

Mercury in Pisces 4

Mercury will enter Pisces on Saturday, February 17th at 11:28 p.m. EST bringing energies that can make you amazingly psychic. For some, you may find yourself making statements for which you have no apparent proof, but later discover are quite true.

This position of Mercury is also extraordinary for the creative imagination. If you’re into using subliminals, they will easily work during this transit. You may also find yourself unconsciously tuning into the thoughts and moods of others. For some this can be distressing so shielding might come in handy for you, especially when in groups of people.


Finally, on Sunday, February 18th, at 12:18 p.m. EST the Sun will enter the spiritual sign of Pisces.

Many associate the Pisces symbol of two fish with being torn between dual desires, but this isn’t so for Pisces. For those born to Pisces energies or affected by them, it’s more a choice between swimming to the top and achieving your goals or swimming to the bottom and never quite reaching them. The choice is always there and left up to the individual what to do about it.

This is not a time for overindulgence in alcohol. Emotional creature that Pisces is, despondency is always just offstage, waiting to make an appearance. Alcohol assists in its appearance.

This can be a time of peculiar dreams or weird nightmares that are often precognitive. After all, Pisces, like Cancer and Scorpio, is very psychic and intuitional. Pay attention, especially now. If you feel like something will happen, it probably will. don’t be afraid to warn anyone you see involved in these feelings.

To all those celebrating a birthday now…

Happy Birthday Pisces 3


Wishing you all a wonderful experience with the upcoming energies!


Love & Blessed Be

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