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Kitchen God

Everyone’s been talking about this upcoming Full Moon but what they’re not talking about is that it’s the Full Moon before the New Moon that ushers in the Chinese New Year.

So what difference does that make? Well, to most probably none, but for those looking to have as many energies flowing in your favor, there is a little ritual of sorts that I have been practicing for over a decade that may interest you. This was taught to me by a practitioner of Feng Shui and I can tell you that I have found it to make a difference.

In Chinese mythology, there is an event that happens, as I was taught, on the Full Moon before the beginning of the Chinese New Year. It is the practice of cleaning and putting your kitchen in order by that Full Moon in preparation for the Kitchen God or Stove God to visit. The idea being that having your kitchen in order invokes the blessing of the Kitchen God, who is the most important of the Chinese domestic gods, and you are favored with prosperity in the coming year. There are various stories and practices, such as the use of the color red which represents wealth, surrounding this and I guess it all depends on whether you have a belief that it couldn’t hurt and might even help.

Knowing that this is going to be a very high-energy Full Moon, I thought I would pass this little piece of magical information on to you to, hopefully, “share the wealth.”

Lunar Eclipse 3

That super Full Moon/Blue Moon with a lunar Eclipse will be happening on Wednesday, January 31st at 8:27 a.m. EST. It will be seen all across the USA, although some places will see it better than others.

My understanding is that we haven’t seen this happen – Full Moon that’s a Blue Moon with a lunar eclipse – since 1866. That, in and of itself, is awesome, but then you take into consideration the energy of it being a super Moon and…Wow!!!

The Sun will be in Aquarius – a friendly, but impersonal energy that is very unique and can cause things to happen suddenly. The Moon meanwhile will be in Leo – ruled by the Sun -which wants independence, recognition, and has ambition with leadership skills.

So what does this mean? My personal feeling is that this combination, backed with all this energy, is offering anyone the opportunity to take charge of their lives and, through the use of imagination and unique ways of thinking, gain freedom and independence that, up until now, may have eluded them or been denied them. Expect things to happen suddenly, in unexpected ways.

The key to success here might be found in finding a balance between intellect and feeling and between love of other/humanity and the love of self.

No matter what you decide to do with this energy, it is intense and it will produce results!

Mercury in Aquarius 3

Mercury will move into Aquarius a few minutes after the Full Moon on Wednesday, Jan31st at 8:40 a.m. EST.

The energy of this placement allows for being an excellent judge of human nature. It also opens the mind to new ideas and experiences. The impersonal nature of Aquarian energies also gives a truthful, unbiased, objective nature to the mind.

Mercury in Aquarius manifests the highest intuitive faculties through communication with the Universal Mind because it has the ability to transcend the individual ego. Those who open themselves to this energy or are influenced by it may find their experiences extend beyond the five physical senses. Aquarius being a fixed sign, this energy is stabilized and concentrated allowing the reception of ideas from the realm of higher consciousness. Telepathy is totally possible.

People influenced by this energy will find they need mental stimulation through friendships and working with groups and organizations.

Exciting possibilities!

Venus in Pisces

On Saturday, February 10th, Venus will move into Pisces at 6:20 p.m. EST. Pisces being loving, emotional, and idealistic, this is an excellent placement for Venus.

Intuition plays a big part in the love nature of those influenced by this transit. People seem to instinctively know how to please others.

This is a sign of dedication and self-sacrifice that is very considerate of others. The catch is to not allow others to take advantage of your loving, generous nature. While that Piscean intuition is great, it needs to be tempered and balanced with reason and logic to avoid emotional pain.

This is an excellent position for artists, writers, and actors while also enhancing the purity and sweetness of a singer’s voice.

Wishing you all a wonderful experience with the upcoming Full Moon! See you in two weeks!

Full Moon & Xena

Love & Blessed Be

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