Astrological Musings & More


Less than 12 hours remaining in 2017 as I sit down to write this brief issue of “Musings”. Hard to believe another year has whizzed by already.

I hope this has been at least an interesting year for you, if not one filled with enlightenment, love, and joy.

The beginning of 2018 has the astrological promise of providing some interesting energies to work with.

Full Moon 15

Let’s begin with the first of two Full Moons in the month of January. Both of these Full Moons will be Supermoons. New Year’s day will see the arrival of the first Full Moon/ Super Moon at 9:24 p.m. EST.

Being a Full Moon, with the Sun in Capricorn, the Moon will be in its home sign of Cancer. This makes this Full Moon very strong in influence to the personality, the subconscious, and the emotions. People will tend to respond to other people and situations through emotions rather than logic or reason.

When combined with the Sun in Capricorn, it becomes good for those matters concerning home life and possessions. There can be an inclination towards thrift and prudence. There may even be a certain amount of selfishness.

Moon in Cancer though is about nurturing; being motherly. Because this is often expressed through food, there is a distinct possibility of overeating. Cancer does rule the stomach, so take care in what and how much you eat.

People oftentimes feel vulnerable during Moon in Cancer and this can be guarded against by being careful not to wound others nor allow yourself to be emotionally wounded by others.

Overall, these energies are passive, easy-going, loving and sentimental. Great energies to begin a new year!Uranus

Uranus in Aries, which has been retrograde since the beginning of August, will now turn direct on Tuesday, January 2nd, at 9:11 a.m. EST.

Hopefully, during its retrograde motion, there was a realization of how unique each of us truly is. Also, perhaps it occurred to some of us that there are times when we do need to go where no one has gone before and/or do what no one else has ever done before.

Now as Uranus turns direct in Aries, energies that remind us of the importance of the fact that we have the freedom to act in our own way once more abound. It reminds us that we all have courage, daring, initiative, and resourcefulness. We just have to use them.

Some people will be blunt and outspoken. Some will find their voices and learn to speak up, even if their voices shake.

The pitfalls of this placement are impulsiveness and temper, but if we take the time to be considerate of other and learn the valuable lesson of cooperation, this can be overcome.

There will be a strong spirit of adventure and some will need constant new experiences in order to remain happy. This can cause some to become bored with a particular project for no apparent reason and go off to find some entirely new and different goal to achieve.

The keywords to remember with this placement are: sudden, unexpected, unique, individualistic, adventure, progressive. These are the energies available to you to make of Life whatever you desire most.

Mercury in Capricorn 2

Mercury heads into Capricorn on Thursday, January 11th at 0:10 a.m. EST, making the mind quite profound. It becomes very serious, steady and sincere. It’s a great placement for meditating for long periods of time.

The patience and discipline of this placement can result in mathematical ability, which can be helpful in many areas of life. The memory is also excellent. This is a double-edge sword. While it can be an aid in many areas of Life, it also provides a lack of forgiveness for those who may have offended them, as they will never forget that offense.

This energy also has a tendency to cause people to take themselves way too seriously sometimes. It can also make people suspicious. The antidote to this is to become more optimistic and cheerful. Otherwise, the tendency is to be pessimistic, fearful or depressed.

Be aware of the difficulties of this placement, but focus on the practicality and positive attributes to make the most of Mercury in Capricorn.

Happy New Year 15

As we count down to the New Year, I wish for you infinite positive possibilities in 2018!

Old Year & New Year 3

Love & Blessed Be

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