The Journey Continues – Endings & Beginnings

Sunset in AL 2

Here we are approaching the end of yet another calendar year. It’s this time of the year that many will look back and take stock of what happened in their lives in 2017. Some will be content, while others will be glad to see the year end.

On the spiritual path that I travel, there are several instances of endings and beginnings during a calendar year. There’s each month’s New Moon that marks the end of one lunar cycle and the beginning of a new one. There’s also the ending of the growing season (the time of the Goddess) which, in my tradition, is viewed to be at Hallowmas/Samhain, October 31st. For me, this is a time of introspection as we await the beginning of the new growing season (the return of the Goddess) which, in my tradition is the Vernal Equinox, March 21st. There’s even the end of our personal year, when we celebrate our birthdays, and the start of another year in this incarnation. Of course, there is the end of the calendar year and the beginning of a new one.

All of these are filled with infinite possibilities. We just have to make the most of them, Each one offers the opportunity to learn, grow, evolve, if we are brave enough to step out of our comfort zones and make the most of the people and situations put in our paths.

I’ll be the first one to admit, I don’t care for change. I get very comfortable with the way things are – even the things I wish would change – and face new situations with hesitancy. This could be from all the change I was put through in the early years of my life. We each have our reasons for wanting things to change while still being so comfortable with even the “bad” things that we fear or hesitate making those changes.

It’s familiarity vs. the unknown. The unknown is like the dark of an unfamiliar room. We see ourselves groping to find a light switch to illuminate where we are and where we’re going. In that darkness could lie dangers – things to trip over, creatures to attack us – you know, things that go bump in the night. Our current life situation might not be to our liking, but at least we can see it. A new situation? Well, it’s filled with unknowns which makes it scary.

Have you ever heard the saying, “There’s nothing in the darkness that isn’t there in the light.”? For those of you who might come back with, “Except monsters.” you’ll have to forgive me as I point out there are plenty of monsters alive and well in the light. I’m not a risk-taker and, as a child, I had an encounter with a possible “monster” in the dark, but there comes a time for that legendary “leap of faith“.

There’s a few lines we use at our New Moon rituals that I find comfort in whenever I know there are changes I really need to allow to happen – (speaking to whatever Deity you worship or recognize), “Let the endings and beginnings, which must take place, be done under the guidance of thy wisdom.” I know the ultimate decision to venture forth into something new is always mine to make, but I also know that there is spiritual guidance to help me, if I just open up to it. That’s a comfort. That makes it a little less scary.

We are in the darkness of this ending year. The Winter Solstice has now brought forth the waxing Sun – the waxing light. No need to grope for that light in the darkness – just have faith that there is guidance to help you make whatever transition or transformation you would like to have happen. All you have to do is open to it. Signs will appear, people who can help will strangely cross your path just when they are needed, doors will open to opportunities you may have thought would never happen and all because you decided it was time for a life-changing leap of faith.

One more word of caution. In order to hear that guidance, see those people, become aware of opening doors and opportunities being presented, you must quit listening to the voices in your head, especially, and from outside well-meaning sources that talk about past and even current situations as if you’re stuck with them. “Heed not the voices that speak to the old.” (another line from a Charge to the Goddess in one of our rituals)

So what are the past and even current experiences for then? Let me start with what they are not. They are not for wallowing in. They are not for maintaining a fatalistic belief that things will always be that way. What they were, and are, are opportunities to learn and grow. Remove the emotion from them and ask yourself, “What lesson was there for me to learn?’ or, as I more simplistically put it to myself, “Now, what was that really all about?”

Whether the experience was a positive one or a negative one, it brought us something to learn and grow from. It’s something to be grateful for having happened. If it was positive, keep the memory as a “touchstone” when you need something to smile about and/or help raising your vibrations. If it was a not-so-positive experience, step back from it, don’t take it personally (no matter what it was) and ask what was it really all about.

In either case, always be grateful for the experience and never allow any experience to cause you to close yourself off from the abundant flow of the Universe. Spend a little time each day making yourself consciously aware of all you have in your life to be grateful for – a pet, a meal, clothing, shelter, friends, family, etc. When you do, the Universe matches your vibration and more comes your way.

With only about 5 days left in this year, take the time to change your thinking about your past and present. Put an end to the blocks you may have to the flow of abundance and allow the coming year to be one that’s filled with peace, joy, and abundance!

Endings and Beginnings

Love & Blessed Be

2 responses to “The Journey Continues – Endings & Beginnings

  1. I cannot quite explain this, but something about your energy I really connect to. I started reading your posts and I found myself becoming to emotional. I am loving everything you are saying and you’re so informative, but I don’t feel this emotion over your words, it’s more like your energy. I feel connected to your energy and it’s just so beautiful.

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