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Spiral Galaxy

This is the time of the year that spiritual seekers, from many different paths, recognize as a time of introspection. In olden times, once the crops were in for the year and the weather became colder, it often provided the time to think about things that during the growing season there was no time to think about. Some may have just wondered where Life was taking them or if the life they were currently living was all there was or ever would be. Others may have thought deeper thoughts about who they really were and what the meaning of Life might truly be.

The journey inward, to find who we are at our core and what the meaning of Life is for us, is never a straight line. It is never a quick journey either. It’s more of a spiral that takes time to navigate and explore. There are times when we think we have one part all figured out that we spiral back again to see if we really have learned the truth of the matter. While each turn around the spiral takes us deeper within ourselves, it also takes us higher in consciousness.

Any tools that we may find – books, articles, conversation with others – that sparks new trains of thought can be very helpful in our journey. They provide what has been termed “food for thought.”

One of these “food for thought” tools that is available to each of us is our natal astrology chart. The information of the energy of the planets and other celestial bodies and points, at the time of our birth, can give us a great deal of insight into who we really are and what we came here to do.

I recognize that the history of astrology, both past and present, has been one that’s left many viewing it with skepticism and feeling that it is a parlor game or con game. The truth, however, is that if you take the time to have your natal chart done by a reputable astrologer, you may gain some insights that you might never have had without it.

A natal chart lays out the energetic pieces of a vast puzzle that is you. Based on the exact date, time, and place of your birth, it can tell you things about the lessons you came to learn, the karma (past life residue) that you came to work through, the talents and abilities you either brought with you or came to develop and so much more. It’s like being handed a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle and the picture on the box is you! All you have to do is put the pieces together for some very enlightening information that can aid you in your quest to understand who you really are and why you are here in this incarnation.

So, for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, as the days grow darker and we have more time to think, perhaps it’s time to add a natal chart to your tool kit as you continue to spiral inward to an understanding of you.

Full Moon - Hunter's

In the meantime, the Full Moon will be happening in the sign of Taurus on Saturday, November 4th at 1:23 a.m. EDT.

This is sometimes called the Hunter’s Moon or the Beaver Moon. What it represents, from an astrological perspective, is resources. The energies of this Full Moon allow us to gather in and conserve resources for the proverbial “rainy day”. That’s the practicality of Taurus. There’s devotion, perseverance, and good old-fashioned common sense. Very good qualities to have during the Winter months or any time of the year, for that matter.

This energy also provides an appreciation for music and it influences romantic attitudes. Candlelight, soft music, and gracious companionship make for a very pleasant evening at this Full Moon.

If you’re going to use this Full Moon for magick, use it to remove any blocks to the flow of abundance for Moon in Taurus attracts wealth and the good things in life.

The combination of the Sun in Scorpio with the Moon in Taurus is great for developing artistic and musical abilities.

Intuition will be strong, especially where health matters are concerned. If you have a strong feeling you should be paying attention to some part of your health, then, by all means, check it out!

DST - Fall Back

Well, it’s that time again. Time to lose an hour’s sleep as the clocks return to standard time on Sunday, November 5th at 2:00 a.m. EDT to 1:00 a.m. EST (or whatever your time zone may be). At least it’s Sunday morning – maybe you can sleep in a little?

Mercury in Sagittarius 3

Mercury moves into Sagittarius on Sunday, November 5th at 2:19 p.m. EST. bringing energies that can make the mind swift and brilliant. You may find your mind wander to thoughts concerning philosophy, religion, law or any other subject related to higher education.

For many, it may prevent deep concentration for long periods of time. This could result in the inability to meditate for some. The mind may wander with thoughts and ideas seeming disconnected.

Intuition, on the other hand, is hard to beat. You will rarely go wrong listening to that quiet voice of inner guidance. Those affected by this energy may find they have prophetic insight.

This is an energy that instills honesty. People will be more forthright and direct, not wanting to mislead anyone. Some will say exactly what comes to mind without pausing to consider the effect on other people. They mean no harm. They’re just giving it to you straight.

An interesting transit of Mercury which could provide some very revealing results.

Scorpio 11

Finally, on Tuesday, November 7th, Venus moves into Scorpio at 6:39 a.m. EST lending an intensity to the emotions that can cause some to go to extremes. This can make some relationships quite stormy under its influence.

People can be so straightforward, determined and direct that they actually frighten others, especially those with whom they are in love. The best solution is to be more tactful and reserved. Excesses of feelings such as possessiveness, jealousy, and even passion can create problems now.

This is also a time when some affected by this placement of Venus may find themselves attracted to the occult sciences or inner mysteries. The emotional intensity of Venus in Scorpio can also give rise to psychic sensitivity for some.

This transit of Venus could be very revealing and very enlightening for some of us.

Pumpkins 3

May your inner journey be filled with insight and enlightenment!


Journey Inward 3

Love & Blessed Be

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