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Astrology Workshop 10-7-17

I recently gave a workshop on “Beginning Astrology” at a Wellness Center in a nearby town. I always love bringing this information to people who really do want to understand what meaning astrology might hold for them.

I also find it interesting that the groups I do this for are usually comprised of mostly, if not all, women. At times, it has caused me to wonder if women are more open to the infinite possibilities of the Universe, more adaptable, more inquisitive, or what. I have yet to figure that out, but it is interesting.

What I know for sure is that astrology brings to each person the opportunity to take its many pieces and create a unique energetic picture of what they have chosen to experience in this lifetime. I always say it’s like being handed a puzzle box with 500 or more pieces and the picture on the front of the box is YOU.

Through a basic understanding of the twelve signs of the zodiac, the planets that govern them, the twelve houses that they reside in, the aspects that they form with each other, and more, a picture does begin to take shape for each and everyone of us. It’s a very personal picture and one that can truly help make the most of our journey in this particular lifetime.

Although there was a real resurgence of astrology in the 60s, the truth is that most people, even then, only focused on their Sun sign. We are so much more than that! While our Sun sign can help us to understand the energy of who we are at our core, your Moon sign will tell you just as much about your emotional side and your Rising sign or Ascendant will reveal the energy and traits of the mask you wear for the outside world.

While these three placements will give you a really good start at understanding yourself, there is so much more revealed by Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and even the outer, transgenerational planets – Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, depending on the sign and house they occupy.

If you move beyond them, to the Nodes of the Moon, you will discover the thread of energy that you are traveling from your last lifetime and where you should be heading, energetically, for the future. This is revealed by the signs and houses they occupy at the time of your birth.

The Part of Fortune reveals where you will find your greatest joy in this lifetime while the asteroids will give you some details about various areas of your life.

All in all, it’s an instruction manual on you and the energies you came in to work with, experience, and learn from this time around.

If you find yourself curious, wanting to know more, check out “Services” under the Market Place tab at the top of this page.

Moon reflection in bowl

What better time to gain understanding of yourself and your journey than a New Moon? Well, you’re in luck! This New Moon will be happening on Thursday, October 19th at 3:12 p.m. EDT.

Both the Sun and Moon will be in Libra, which gives clear perception. While you may see where you need to be going, there may be an inability to move forward spontaneously. This could be due to too much reliance upon others.

The energies of this combination are affable, courteous, obliging, and well-disposed. It creates a desire to do good and is very humanitarian in nature. As long as there is a balance achieved with doing for others and yourself, this is a good energy. Allow doing for others to become too distracting, too burdensome, and you become unable to move forward with your own life.

While people born under or affected by this energy may be charming, there is a tough core of steel inside that can produce some surprising results if someone takes them for granted.

While this energy allows people to try to understand the other person’s point of view, this same energy will promote ones instinct for self-preservation and save them from making mistakes in judgment.

This is a great energy for artists, musicians, and even those who appreciate art and beauty in any form. This is a time to perform, compose, paint, write, dance, and/or just appreciate that which has beauty.

Mars in Libra

Mars will be entering Libra on Sunday, October 22nd at 2:30 p.m. EDT, creating a strong sense of fairness. There may also be a feeling of being torn between two courses of action. This can be because of inner conflict deriving from the need for independence and the need for supportive people.

You may find your energy levels fluctuating, if you are born under or are affected by this placement. Depending on where your own Mars is, you may feel lazy or you may find an increase in energy. Even this can vary from day to day. Be prepared.

Both the desire for companionship and being social will get a boost from this placement. This is all about avoiding loneliness. However, you may find that unless a relationship is growth-oriented, it may not be long-lasting. Hum-drum will not work.

To avoid disappointment, when looking for work, there is a real need to be discriminating. If you’re not physically-oriented, know that taking a job that requires it may result in it being short-term. The same may hold true if you don’t take orders well or mental work isn’t your forte. Know what you’re good at and what you are willing to do before going out to secure employment while Mars is in Libra.

Scorpio 13

Scorpio will see the Sun enter its sign at 1:27 a.m. EDT on Monday, October 23rd. Time for introspection, digging into the mysteries of Life and the Universe, learning and practicing psychic abilities, etc.

Realize, however, that Scorpio is a water sign and can be unstable emotionally. Those emotions may include suspicion, jealousy, impatience, becoming moody, and being secretive – to name a few.

It does bring the qualities of being imaginative, persistent, and determined.  This is a sign whose energies can help you achieve whatever you really wish to have happen.

It’s also a strong healing sign with its powers of transformation, regeneration and rebirth. The intensity of this energy brings powerful situations that can, at times, seem overwhelming, but it also gives the same intensity to the possibilities of healing and learning from those experiences.

Many happy returns, Scorpio! We can all use a little of your chutzpah.

Meteor Shower - Leonid

Time to move on for now. I wish you a fabulous week filled with magick and adventure!

 Astrology Chart Photos0004

Love & Blessed Be

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