The Journey Continues – Awareness & Gratitude

Gratitude 4

Each of our journeys is so very personal; so individual. Although we may share some similar experiences with others, even those in which we actually share the same experience will differ because of the way we each might respond to that event when it occurs.

Our physical bodies create the illusion of separateness. The truth is that we are each a piece of the Creative Force learning about Itself here in this reality. We are all connected just from that fact alone. We’ve just forgotten that. I guess you could say that’s part of the journey – to relearn who we are and reconnect with that spiritual part of ourselves so that we can once again recognize we are very much a part of larger Whole.

This reality is such a distracting illusion. It seems so real to each of us, we get caught up in the day-to-day drama missing the whole point of being here – learning, growing, remembering. We become overwhelmed by our circumstances. We’re elated when something “good” happens, but devastated when something “bad” occurs – often asking “Why me?” or “Why now?” Until we start to wake up, we really have no idea why things aren’t happening the way we would like them to happen.

What do I mean by “wake up”? It usually begins with a question like, “Is this all there is?” or even a curiosity about what lies beyond physical life. That generally leads to research and reading and even discussion with others. It is then that you gain a whole different perspective on what happens to us on a daily basis in this reality.

No longer does Life seem like a system of rewards and punishments, with most of us wondering what we did wrong to have such a “bad” thing happen to us. Now we recognize that each day, each situation, each person we meet, presents an opportunity for learning, growth, and remembering. “Good” things are signs we are on the right track. “Bad” things are teaching moments that can help us to get back on track.

If you really pay attention, you’ll see some incidents repeat themselves with different actors playing the parts. Hmmm…, I must not have really gotten the essence of that lesson because here it is again. It won’t be exactly the same because you may have gained some wisdom and learning from the last time, but, just the same, here it is again. There’s just more to learn from this teaching moment.

I amusingly offer some of my own life experiences as an example. Take the fact I’ve been married four times. Yeah, sometimes those lessons just totally get by us. Each time I did learn something, but each time there was more I should have gleaned from the experience. Thus, it happened again and again. This last time, I’ve been with my latest spouse for 27 years. Have I totally gotten it? Probably not, but I think I may have awakened to at least the degree where I’ve gotten a passing grade so, for this lifetime, I need not repeat it again…unless I choose to do so.

Another area of my life that I’ve repeated often has to do with money. I’ve had a comfortable life, lived in my car, rebuilt my life, lost it again through bankruptcy, rebuilt it again to a degree, etc., etc., etc., Obviously, a very tough lesson concerning money, but what?

It’s taken me years to figure that one out. We really don’t realize how much we are programmed in our youth and the impact it has on our adult lives. I know I never did until I kept going through this hokey-pokey dance with the financial side of my life. Even while still experiencing it, and becoming more awakened, I was missing the root cause of these occurrences. Then one day my thoughts went to my mother. She was 40 years older than me and had lived through the Great Depression – one of the very worst economic times in this country. Learning to be frugal became a way of life to her. It had to in order to survive. The problem is, she never let go of that mentality and she passed it on to me along with accompanying worry when things got financially tight.

I think I can say, without fear of contradiction, that I learned from her way too well. As a result, that worry and anxiety over money caused, what I now recognize, a defensive contraction of my energies. I was shaking my fists at the Universe when I should have been opening my hands, with faith, to receive abundance from the Universe. Oblivious much?

Even after you think you understand what you should have gotten from an experience, a lesser degree of the lesson may happen again so you can observe your reaction. As you know, if you regularly read this blog, my husband ended up in the hospital last month with heart issues again. I did take the time to observe myself through all of it, knowing that big bills were to follow because he has no insurance. Guess what? I’ve remained relatively calm. Do I know how we’re going to pay for all this? That would be a resounding “No.” I have decided that shaking my fists at the Universe is a vast waste of energy while blocking any good that might be approaching to help with this situation.

As I write this, signs are manifesting that help is on its way. I remain calm, relaxed, and filled with faith that things will work out in the best way possible. I don’t have the answer but I’m remaining awake, aware, and vigilant to signs that may point me in the direction of the answer to being able to responsibly take care of the medical bills.

I am no different than you. Not really. Believe me when I tell you the Universe is more than willing to lend a helping hand. We have only to open to receive it. Part of that process is recognizing what each of our journeys is all about and being grateful for each teaching moment we learn from.

May your journey be filled with teaching moments and may you recognize and appreciate each and every one of them!

Journey of Learning

Love & Blessed Be

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