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Harvest Moon 6

“Shine on, shine on Harvest Moon, up in the sky.” is the beginning of a song from the early 1900s that celebrates this season’s Full Moon and love.

You can hardly blame anyone for writing a song about a Full Moon that has such a mystique to it. It’s not that it’s really bigger, brighter or more colorful. There’s just this feeling at this time of the year as the trees begin to change color and there’s a briskness to the air.

Harvest Moon is just a name. It’s one given to the Full Moon closest to the Autumn Equinox. This year the equinox occurred on September 22nd. The closest of the two Full Moons – the one before the equinox and the one after – is the one occurring on October 5th.

That orange look to the Moon we sometimes see at this time of the year is a real physical effect created by us looking at the horizon, rather than at the sky above, where there’s a greater thickness to the atmosphere that scatters the blue light and lets red light pass through to our eyes. Thus, the Moon looks orange or has a reddish look to it. Ah, but why get all scientific? Let’s just enjoy the possibility that the Moon has taken on the color of the season!

Full Moon in Aries 2

Speaking of that Harvest Moon/Full Moon, it’s happening at 2:40 p.m. EDT on Thursday, October 5th.

The Moon will be in Aries for this Full Moon, while the Sun will be in Libra. This combination provides a good blending of reason and perception as well as mental ability.

People affected by its energies may find their personality active while their individuality remains quiet. At heart, people are quiet, harmonious, and affectionate, but on the surface, some may find themselves active, independent, and, at times, even aggressive.

With the Moon in Aries, a fire sign, there is a tremendous energy that seems to demand action. If that action is taken on impulse – rushing without looking – then it will more than likely be wasted. Yes, there may be a tendency to impatience as well, but biding ones time before jumping into something, just for the sake of change, could prove to be the best and most satisfying course of action.

While Libra is about seeking balance and harmony, Aries can cause tempers to quickly flare, but just as quickly fizzle out. Neither anger or depression lasts for any length of time. Still, it does shake up the status quo and can provide some unpleasant moments.

Temper the fire energy of Aries with the desire for harmony and balance of Libra and you could make some awesome productive changes in your life.

Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter will be heading into Scorpio on Tuesday, October 10th at 9:20 a.m. EDT bringing the possibility of emotional intenseness to relationships.

That emotional intenseness also expresses itself in the area of our values and beliefs. Jupiter may now be calling us to take a look at both of them and make clear within our minds what we truly do believe and value. It may very well be time to decide what holds promise and what is no longer useful and maybe even harmful. Time to let go.

In order to improve our situations, we must know our motives. To know our motives, we must consciously take account of our beliefs and values. It really is time to bring the unconscious into our consciousness so that we may cast off what is merely debris.

Jupiter in Scorpio energies ask us to make a sincere quest for truth and, no matter the pain, let go of that which no longer serves us.

Venus in Libra 2

On Saturday, October 14th, Venus will move into one of its home signs – Libra – at 6:11 a.m. EDT. With this position, all love is sacred. Love is done with mind and spirit.

This is a time of sincerity of feeling. Love and courtship become important rituals to those affected by these energies. Harmonious surroundings, beauty and simplicity are the standards now.

This is also a wonderful time for artists, giving an excellent sense of color, line, and proportion. Musicians as well may find these energies quite helpful in the creation of new pieces or the expression of old ones.

Any kind of discord will be especially distressing now. Too many disagreements, too much discord can create nervousness, upset, and even illness for some. Allow yourself to walk away from any form of this, especially now.

Mercury in Scorpio 2

The energies of Scorpio will make themselves know again when Mercury enters this sign on Tuesday, October 17th at 3”59 a.m. EDT.

For some, it will provide energies that make the mind shrewd, sharp, and powerful. It will be tough to deceive someone under the influence of these energies – or maybe, it will just be because they, too, can be so devious that they sense another’s motives.

On the one hand, if a person is of a calculating and/or underhanded type, Scorpio provides energies that make them ruthless with their remarks, unscrupulous in their actions. They sense another’s vulnerabilities and will use them, especially in a fight.

On the other hand, if a person is possessed of a higher nature, they will fight for a worthy cause, investigate the mysteries of Life and the Universe, and will have a brilliant and determined mind.

In either case, with Mercury in Scorpio, our attentions will be drawn to the occult and mystical in nature. Interesting energies, huh?

Fall Banner

There you have it! Enjoy the changing of the seasons. See you soon!


Love & Blessed Be

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