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Recently, a question came up in a conversation that I thought might be of interest to some of you. “What are the differences between the Piscean Age and the Aquarian Age?”

As a natal astrologer, I have always viewed Pisces as spiritual while Aquarius is more mystical. That’s really an over-simplification, but it’s a place to start.

Let’s start first with the fact that each of these Ages is part of the 26,000 years it takes the Earth’s wobble to return to its original starting place. Each Age is approximately 2166 years long. This is where the confusion and debate begins. While specifics of the start and end to each Age would be wonderful, the truth is that the influence of the ending Age and the beginning Age create an overlap that can be felt for hundreds of years. There are all kinds of theories as to when the Aquarian Age begins/began. Let’s just say, for the purpose of discussion that we’re at least feeling the effects of that Age, even if we aren’t already in it.

I like to refer to the symbol that represents the Piscean Age, two fishes swimming in opposite directions, when discussing this because, if you look closely, although they appear to be swimming in opposite directions, in many illustrations they could also be following each other. Keep that in mind as we proceed.

The key phrase for Pisces is “I believe.” and it really is key to understanding what the Piscean Age has been about. It has been dominated by hierarchy and power. During this time, you needed to find something or someone to believe in such as a religion, political ideology or even a charismatic leader, to name a few. This belief in that someone or something became your guide on how to live. It is here that hierarchies were created and power was granted. It is here that each person had to find their place in that pecking order and that became their identity, existence and, often, purpose. We became followers, more than leaders. (Think of the symbol for Pisces.) We expected the leaders to tell us what we needed to know.

Now we are feeling the beginnings of the Aquarian Age where the key phrase is “I know.” Something else about Aquarius, although it puts emphasis on being a humanitarian, it also puts just as much emphases (if not more) on individuality, uniqueness, freedom, and independence. (Note the symbol of Aquarius is a single water-bearer.) Aquarius is about accepting yourself as a whole person. It is/will be dominated by networks and information. No wonder social media and the internet are going gang-busters!

Where Pisces was organized vertically – up/down – with a hierarchy, Aquarius is a horizontal network that opens things up to equality. Before anyone goes “spinning” this to justify anything or create absolutes, recognize that not all hierarchical situations will disappear. There will still be bosses, teachers, clergy, parents, etc. You know, authority figures. Now, though, the energies will be more equalizing. We will recognize ourselves to be our own authority who agrees to learn from or join with others to grow and evolve, rather than feeling we are lesser and needing someone else to tell us how to be.

These energies are being felt. Transition from one to another creates growing pains. Some will open themselves optimistically to these new energies while others will fight to hold on to the “old”, fearing change. We will be riding energetic waves of chaos for a while, but, for many, the experience will bring growth and enlightenment.

Full Moon in Sagittarius

The light of a Full Moon will shine brightly on us on Friday, June 9th, at 9:10 a.m. EDT. The Moon will be in the sign of Sagittarius – an excellent energy for expansion and growth in any area you might choose. So, like the archer that represents Sagittarius, aim high and shoot!

Being ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius bestows the energies of higher aspirations, idealism, optimism, and spontaneity, etc. The restless urge we may be feeling could be one of self-improvement or a desire for growth in some other form.

The only pitfalls to this energy are optimism to the point of carelessness or overestimating our talents and those of others. Keeping decisions based on priorities can help as can being practical about the changes we choose to become involved in.

With the Sun in Gemini during this Full Moon, there is much enthusiasm and just as much mental activity, both intellectual and intuitive. Outlets for restlessness and nervousness should be found.

Jupiter in Libra

Jupiter in Libra, which has been retrograde since the 6th of February, will turn direct on Friday, June 9th at 10:04 a.m. EDT. Now the lessons of justice and fairness, that may have been experienced during the retrograde motion of Jupiter, will now have a chance to be expressed in the outside world towards others.

This placement brings energies that are strongly oriented toward intellectual and people-focused pursuits. This could make for some interesting and enjoyable social interactions where people will love to talk, argue, debate and may even say something outrageous just to get a conversation started.

This energy can cause some to place too much importance on the other people’s opinions of them. There can be gullibility also. It is important to set boundaries on how much trust to extend to others.

This could be a time when some find they have difficulties with values, faith and the search for Truth. This could be due to an over-valuing of social favor and/or standing or even due to trying to please others.

Jupiter is about higher principles and when coupled with Libra we must look at our relationships with others and see if we are being too flexible with our values and principles in our interactions with others.

Neptune Retrograde

A week after Jupiter turns direct, Neptune, in its home sign of Pisces, turns retrograde. That happens on Friday, June 16th at 7:10 a.m. EDT.

This retrograde gives us the ability to more easily see what is real and what is illusion.  Highly intuitive, right now, answers that may have eluded you for quite some time can be found. The retrograde motion of Neptune in its home sign will allow you to clearly see and sense fraud and deceit, especially any that you may have been perpetrating on yourself.

This is a time of extreme sensitivity that requires you turn inward and gain a real understanding of who you are on a more spiritual level.

That sensitivity also warns that you should take care in your use or drugs (prescription or recreational), alcohol and any other stimulant while Neptune is retrograde.

Sun in Cancer

Summer begins! When the Sun moves into Cancer on Wednesday, June 21st, at 0:24 a.m. EDT, the Summer Solstice happens and Summer is officially here in the northern hemisphere.

Sun in Cancer can be an emotional and sometimes unstable time. It is a water sign after all. The other water signs, Scorpio and Pisces, allow for the flow of that water, but Cancer has a tendency to keep that energy bottled up. It causes people to be very self-repressive, disliking confrontation, side-stepping issues and being evasive.

That’s such a pity since these energies provide a very fertile imagination which can lead to some really inventive ideas. People under the influence of these energies can be quite shrewd and resourceful along with being kind and sympathetic.

The problem is always trying to pry them out of their shell and finding a way to get them to stop being so moody. Getting to know them can be difficult and one must realize that time and patience is necessary if you want to know the real person hiding in that shell.

To all who celebrate a birthday at this time…

Happy Birthday Cancer


Mercury in Cancer

Later that same morning, Mercury will move into Cancer. That will be happening at 5:58 a.m. EDT on Wednesday, June 21st.

This energy provides those affected by it a kind of sixth sense and intuition that’s unbeatable. People will find that they are sure they know something without knowing why or how they know it.

This is a good energy for scholars, historians and even antique dealers. Cancer energy is about history, especially family history so you may find yourself wanting to learn more about the history of yours.

This energy also points to a mind that is influenced by deep-seated emotional patterns. This can cause you to be very sensitive to other people and to your surroundings. You may also find yourself looking at some facts and ignoring others creating interference with objective thinking.

Overall, the energies of this placement are passive yet very kind and very sympathetic.

Summer Sun Banner

May the Summer Sun shine brightly on your path making your journey warm & pleasant!

Happy Summer

Love & Blessed Be

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