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I’m going to veer off my recent discussions about the planets for a moment to talk about astrological aspects. Although aspects are formed almost every day between planets, as you well know by now, I specialize in natal astrology. To me, knowing and understanding the energies that were in play at the time you came into this incarnation are of prime importance in understanding how the events of any particular day may affect you.

To quote The New A to Z Horoscope Make and Delineator by Llewellyn George, an aspect is: “The angular relationship between planets, sensitive points. or house cusps in the horoscope. Lines drawn between the two points and the center of the chart, representing the earth, form the angle of the aspect, which is equivalent to the number of degrees of arc between the two points….” And why should this matter to any of us? Most people only concern themselves with the sign the Sun was in on the day of their birth, so why care about aspects? The truth is there are many components to the influence of the energies in a natal chart – the sign a planet is in, the house that planet is in AND any aspects formed with that planet, favorable or unfavorable. The influence and effect of a planet can and will be altered by aspects to that planet.

There are eleven aspects divided into two classifications – Major and Minor. Major aspects consist of conjunction, 0 degrees; sextile, 60 degrees; square, 90 degrees; trine, 120 degrees; and opposition, 180 degrees. Minor aspects consist of semi-sextile, 30 degrees; semi-square, 45 degrees; quintile, 72 degrees; sesquiquadrate, 135 degrees; bi-quintile, 144 degrees; and, quincunx, 150 degrees.

While some astrologers use all or most of these, there are astrologers who, like myself, use just the major aspects. Speaking for myself alone, I can say just using the major aspects can reveal a lot of extra information you might not know without taking a look at the aspects in a person’s natal chart.

Speaking just of those major aspects, sextile and trine are considered to have a good influence while the square and the opposition aspects are adverse in their influence. If a conjunction is formed in a chart, then its effects will be determined by the nature of the planets forming that aspect. I always consider these to be the blessings and challenges we chose to offer ourselves for this lifetime.

So, if you ever have had or intend to have your natal chart done, realize that learning what the planetary aspects in your chart and what they mean can be very important and very helpful in understanding yourself and the influence the outside world may have on you.

Full Moon in Scorpio 3

Speaking of outside influence, we have a Full Moon happening in the sign of Scorpio on Wednesday, May 10th at 5:42 p.m. EDT.

The Moon in Scorpio, taken alone, can provide a phenomenal memory. You may find yourself remembering things from childhood that are both pleasant and painful. It may be time to face these moments for the sake of healing and growth.

The energies of this Full Moon provide persistence and the ability overcome seemingly impossible challenges. Do take care to not overindulge in drink, drugs, or worry.

With the Sun in the opposing sign of Taurus, a boost to one’s self-esteem may be felt. This is a plus because success in Life comes through determination and self-reliance.

Feelings can be really strong under this Full Moon. Although the tendency may be to be reserved, it may be time to share some secrets that you’ve held for far too long. Don’t allow pride, vanity, or jealousy keep you from reaching out to those you know you can trust for the help you may need, including an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on.

Trust your judgment. It is both shrewd and acute under the influence of this Full Moon. Take the time to be observant. You can be both sharp and accurate, if you take the time.

Lastly, if you have an interest in the occult or the mysterious, this is a good time to put it into practice or learn something new.

Mercury in Taurus 2

Mercury will be moving into Taurus on Tuesday, May 16th at 0:07 a.m. EDT brining both patience and practicality to the mind and mental processes.

You may find that you learn more from actual experiences now than from what you read or learn in school. It may be very valuable to have the necessary experience before attempting a project.

Success is found in slowly, steadily, surely taking one step at a time, not allowing yourself to be distracted by side issues, until the goal is reached. This is especially true of finances, right now. Being conservative may be the course that needs to be taken under the influence of this planetary positioning.


Well, it seems like we just entered the sign of Taurus, but the Sun will begin its yearly sojourn through the sign of Gemini on Saturday, May 20th at 4:31 p.m. EDT.

Those born under this sign, and those influenced by it, may give the impression you’re seeing double. That’s the energy of the sign of the Twins. Another energy is that of Mercury which rules Gemini and can make things fleeting – now it’s here….now it’s gone.

On one had this creates versatility, but on the other hand, it can also create inconsistency.

Communication is emphasized and, for some, can make them very talkative. If you are a writer, this is an excellent time to put “pen to paper”. You may find things really flowing from your restless mind which now wants to create, create, create!

Study and travel are both highlighted here and it could be that learning another language is not only fun but could be put to use on a spontaneous journey to another country. All this things are favored by the energy of the Sun in Gemini.

Routine may seem like drudgery under the influence of this impatient, restless energy. Try to take some of that spontaneity and do something you’ve never done or go somewhere you’ve never been just to change things up. You’ll be glad you did!


That’s it for now. Remember, if you have questions or comments, I’d love to hear them. Have a wonderful two weeks!

Xena Full Moon

Love & Blessed Be

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