The Journey Continues – I Pause to Ponder

Alternate Realities

In the six years I’ve been creating on this site, I’ve written around 300 articles. That’s beginning with “Journey Log”, then going to “The Journey Continues”, and alternating weeks of those articles with my astrological articles in “Astrological Musings & More.” When I stopped to think about it, I realized that’s quite a bit.

It’s been both pleasant and challenging at times to write the ones about my journey. I’ve begun to recognize that it’s getting more difficult to write about something new and fresh. Being repetitive is not being creative and it certainly isn’t conveying wisdom or passing on good teachings. It’s boring and a real turn-off for the reader.

Taking all this into consideration, I had to ask myself what the best course of action would be. Hmmm…. My conclusion was that I need a vacation from some of the writing. The need for a change of pace, and perhaps a change of scenery, could be very beneficial not only to me but to my writing.

This conclusion led me to decide that I didn’t want to stop writing “Musings”, but I did want to step back from “Journey” for a while at least. My life needs the opportunity to unfold and go in other directions so that I will once again have something new and refreshing to write about when I return to it once more.

That made me smile as I realized I have that 69th birthday coming up and what a wonderful present I could give myself by taking that time. So, this will be my last entry in “The Journey Continues” until Fall. You’ll still see “Musings” every two weeks and, hopefully, I’ll return come September with some new insights, experiences, and information to pay forward to all of you out there.

See you soon…

Life Unfolds

Love & Blessed Be

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