The Journey Continues – Has It Really Been That Long?

6 Years

Who would have ever thought that when I decided to take my astrological bi-weekly newsletter to the internet that it would still be going after 6 years? Certainly not I.

I guess I mostly started this web site to get the astrology out to more people and to get the creative part of me to be more active. Then there’s the fact that you could say I have printer’s ink in my blood. Although my father wasn’t a reporter, he did work for a newspaper all his life as a linotype operator and machinist. That, of course, was long before computers and digital anything. I learned more from him than I think he probably ever realized.

What’s really funny about this 6th anniversary is that it slipped past me before I realized it happened. It was the beginning week of March, 2011, when I launched “Journey to the Center of the Mind” with my first issue of the internet version of “Astrological Musings & More.” More than 300 weeks have passed with not only Musings but articles on anything I thought you might have an interest in being published each week. One would think I would run out of things to say! (Those who know me well will tell you that that’s not really possible!)

Well, as another year begins, I can honestly say I have no idea where the road ahead is taking me and my writing. Perhaps that’s a good thing. Too much planning and advanced notice can cause you to miss some awesome landscapes or to decide to not go at all. So I will keep an open mind, a vivid imagination, and my keyboard ready and waiting.

It’s interesting that my life in general is taking the same turn. When you get to be a “senior” citizen, you think Life will slow down and maybe even become a little boring. I can honestly say that doesn’t seem to be true for me. No matter what part of my life I think is done, the Universe seems to say, “Now, just a minute!” and show me somewhere calling me, something that my talents are being called to do, or someone that could use the words I have to offer. Certainly keeps one on her toes!

I have no idea what this next year will present to me that I feel you may want to hear about and will thus cause me to write more articles for you to read. Life, I’m sure, will help me to keep it interesting. I’m always open to hearing from you, dear reader, if there’s something you would like to hear about or any comment – pro or con – you have about what I’ve already written. I know you’re out there. Let me hear your thoughts.

For now, let me say what an awesome experience this has been for me. It’s been very enlightening and encouraging to be able to sit and write so much and have so many of you like it enough to be followers of this site. That’s inspiring. Thank you.

Without further adieu, I’ll make this short and sweet. I eagerly look forward to the next year and all the possible adventures that await…

 The Journey Continues 3Love and Blessed Be

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