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Jupiter: the largest planet in our solar system – larger than all the other planets combined (except for the Sun). That perhaps explains why at the top of the list for keywords representing Jupiter is “expansion.”

Where Mercury is about learning facts and collecting information, Jupiter is about the meaning and value of those facts and information as it applies to us, the individual. It represents the quest for wisdom.

Jupiter is also philosophical and helps us to create an understanding of the world and our place in it. It helps in the creation of our belief system.

It also helps us to be moral and ethical. Jupiter allows us to make distinctions between what is right and what is wrong. It also represents the law and how we create our systems and rules of behavior.

Being classed as a fire planet explains why enthusiasm, spontaneity, and optimism are all attributes of Jupiter. There is also benevolence, generosity, loyalty, and joviality.

Right now, Jupiter is the only planet that’s retrograde. Contrary to popular belief, retrograde planets aren’t all “bad karma” coming back to bite you. Having the energy of a planet suddenly coming back at you can be one heck of an opportunity for learning – and Jupiter, especially likes a wide variety of experiences in order to gain wisdom.

With Jupiter in Libra, retrograde, it speaks to us of lessons in justice and fairness. It speaks about formerly established concepts of justice and fairness and the need for expansion. It’s telling us that the time has come to put ourselves in the other person’s place so that a more balanced view of things can be achieved through that vantage point. We will each only realize who we really are and what we stand for when we learn how to use our higher minds.

Part of the lesson from this retrograde energy also deals with guarding against being judgmental. Patience is the key – patience to listen to others and patience with others to listen to the expression of our inner truths.

Jupiter in Libra, by itself, is an indication that there are difficulties with values, faith and the search for Truth. It is also indicative of the importance of cooperation between people to form social institutions which improve the quality of life. Retrograde, we see problems arise in these areas as the lessons are presented to us, and others, for learning and growth.

So here we are…in the midst of social and political problems as we have not seen for a long time in the history of this country. Is it no wonder that Jupiter in Libra is retrograde? The Universe is offering us the energetic chance to learn and grow and come together. It’s still our choice…always is.

Full Moon in Leo 2.jpg
To add to the energies, we have a Full Moon in Leo happening on Friday, February 10th at 7:33 p.m. EST. This will include a Lunar Eclipse that will be visible or partially visible in Europe, much of Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Oceans, Arctic and Antarctic.

Moon in Leo makes people very lovable and loving. Great enjoyment will be found in relationships where there is a potential for growth through understanding, appreciation and affection. The need to love and be loved can be a healthy emotional drive that makes for a sunny disposition most of the time.

Because of a need for admiration and recognition, there can be a tendency to self-dramatization when that need is not being fulfilled.

When you realize that the Sun is in Aquarius while the Moon is in Leo that desire to love and be love is then extended to all of humanity, maybe even more than on an individual, intimate manner.

With the Full Moon happening here, there will be active intellect and lively imagination – something that can be a help in achieving great things.


On Saturday, February 18th, the Sun will begin its yearly sojourn through the sign of Pisces at 6:32 a.m. EST.

Pisces is a water sign with a mutable nature making it the most fluid sign of the zodiac. It’s a very introverted energy and, with Neptune as its ruler, it can make people born under this sign very difficult to understand. If you remember that this is a very intuitive sign, you may be able to understand why those influenced by its energies find it necessary to retreat into themselves to maintain their balance. They just pick up too many impressions from the outside world and those in it.

Pisces energies are often kind, humble, sympathetic, but also indecisive, careless and vague. Pisces rules spirituality and maybe that’s why these energies cause some to have so much difficulty with the physical world.

The energies of this solar transit are great for spiritual and psychic development. A certain amount of grounding may be necessary in order to find your personal truths and not be seduced by the illusionary nature that Piscean energies can have.

Mercury in Pisces 3

When Mercury enters Pisces on Saturday, February 25th at 6:08 p.m. EST, if you are influenced by its energies, you may find your ability to concentrate unsurpassed and your memory to be most excellent.

There’s also the psychic perk of Mercury in Pisces. Some will find that they have access to a mystical fund of information. With no apparent source of proof, people will make statements that turn out to be true. Do take care though. Some may have the strangest of dreams, delusions, and fantasies during this transit.

This transit can make people extremely sensitive to their environment and the people in it. On one hand, this can make a person very sympathetic to other people as they imagine how it is to be in the other person’s situation. On the other hand, it can make some feel uncomfortable and they may retreat into themselves, not talking. Don’t be offended.  It’s merely an act of self-preservation on their part.

This is a great placement for meditative work and inner journeys for self-discovery.

From my point of view, it’s really important to pay attention to the energies right now – both our own and those in the outside world. With this awareness, clearer choices can be made and better actions can be taken.

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Love & Blessed Be

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