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We are experiencing a unique phenomena right now. All the planets are moving in a forward motion! While this isn’t rare to the point of being a “once in a lifetime” happening, it isn’t something that happens all the time.

In actuality, the retrograde motion of the planets is really an illusion. The planets don’t suddenly decide to move backward in their journey around the Sun. What’s actually happening is caused by the motion of the Earth passing the other planets in their solar orbit.

Direct motion or prograde motion is viewed in the night sky as planets moving from west to east. When the Earth catches up to one of those planets, its motion appears to stop in the sky and then begin to go from east to west. This is retrograde motion. Then as the Earth continues to move past the planet, that planet eventually appears to begin to move from west to east again in the night sky.

Mercury gets a lot of attention when it’s about to go retrograde, but the truth is that Mars goes retrograde for longer periods than Mercury does. This is true for all the outer planets. The farther out a planet is the more time it spends in retrograde motion because its orbit is so much slower than that of Earth.

While the energy from the retrograde motion of any planet offers us a chance for learning and enlightenment, the forward motion brings opportunities as well. The decision to use either of these energies – retrograde or direct – is entirely a choice we can make for ourselves (that includes entirely ignoring any of the energies altogether).  To have all the planets in direct motion at one time is an especially opportune energy!

Knowing that 2017, a number “1” year, is a time of new beginnings, having every single planet moving forward as we begin the year only adds to the successful energies of whatever we choose to begin.

So here’s the deal. From now until February 6th @ 1:52 a.m. EST, when Jupiter goes retrograde, there are some very successful, opportunistic energies just waiting to be tapped and used for whatever we would like to begin in our lives and have a good chance at success with. That’s quite a bit of time. Surely there’s something that you’ve wanted to do that you’ve been waiting for the right time. Well, here it is! Take a chance…

On Thursday, January 12th, there’s a Full Moon occurring in the sign of Cancer at 6:34 a.m. EST.

This is a very emotional placement for a Full Moon as the Moon rules the sign of Cancer. There will be emotional highs and lows, but neither will last long. Do take care though. The emotional sensitivity created by this placement can cause some to be unduly influenced by others.

The emotional sensitivity can lead to psychic sensitivity to the point where you will empathically pick up on the moods of everyone around you. Shield yourself and, if that doesn’t work for you, withdraw yourself to the comfort and solitude of your own home. This, too, shall pass.

When you combine this Full Moon with the Sun being in its opposite sign of Capricorn, you may find some people to be acting selfishly. Don’t take it personally. It may just be that they’ve picked up on the energies of thrift and prudence and have emotionally closed ranks to protect their home life, possessions, and/or reputation.

This is a Full Moon that if you need to break a pattern that has been holding you back in some way, make a wish now that this obstacle be removed from your path and then work from the Full to the New Moon to find ways to make it “wane” from your life. We are all in a time of change and deserve to have our desires for high attainments manifest. Use the Moon’s energies to break the ties that bind.


Mercury, which turned direct on January 8th, will now be moving into Capricorn on Thursday, January 12th at 9:04 a.m. EST.

This placement can make the mind very steady, serious, and sincere for those affected by its energies. This is a great time for deep meditation as the ability to concentrate for long periods of time is now available.

Don’t fall into the trap of the energy from this placement and become suspicious to the point where you go over and over facts with a fine-tooth comb. Taking yourself too seriously can bring about those things that you suspected to be true, even if they weren’t before. Try being more optimistic and cheerful because pessimism, fear and depression can be disastrous.


Hallelujah! The Sun moves from Capricorn to Aquarius on Thursday, January 19th at 4:24 p.m. EST.

I admit to my prejudice concerning the gloominess of Capricorn and revel in the lightness and tie-dyed energy of Aquarius. Do you like rainbows? Well, get ready, because that’s the energy headed our way.

It is here that we find the desire for freedom, independence, and our individuality. Aquarius loves, but it’s a more impersonal love. They love humanity as a whole. “Friend” is a favorite word of Aquarius. That’s only because they would be friends with everyone.

Aquarius seems to be the non-conformist. The reality of Aquarian energy is that it’s just ahead of its time. The rest of the world just hasn’t caught up to the way things are perceived through Aquarian energy. It can cause some, affected by this energy, to become isolated. Often being misunderstood becomes tiring after a while.

Keywords used to describe Aquarius are original, eccentric, unconventional, inventive, friendly, independent, erratic, and progressive. To use the energy of the Sun’s transit through Aquarius you must not only be willing to think outside the box but throw the darned box away!

Aquarius offers us a chance to look at things from an entirely new perspective and to suddenly do things we never thought of doing before. Don’t be stubborn about it – another Aquarian trait. Just breathe in freedom and dance to the beat of a different drummer than you’ve never danced to before!

To all my Aquarian friends…


See you in two weeks with more about the planetary energies. In the meantime, make use of all this forward planetary motion!


Love & Blessed Be

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