The Journey Continues – New Year, New Approach


Well, we made it! The old year is behind us and the new one has just begun. As with any new year, it’s filled with possibilities and opportunities, but it’s up to us to make use of them.

In the first few days of this new year, a couple situations arose where I was able to help some people by teaching them about shielding. The situations were different, but just the same, shielding was a tool that helped.

Now, I don’t believe in coincidences. Although I know I’ve written about shielding in the past, it got me to thinking that perhaps this was an area that needed to be revisited. New beginnings call for new ways of doing things. One of the things that many people don’t realize is the impact that other people and situations can have on them. Without the use of some kind of protection from those energies, we can be swept into a virtual turmoil of emotion that doesn’t have anything to do with us and yet leaves us emotionally exhausted.

It’s mind-boggling that, in a world where we are taught to put on a coat when it’s cold; carry an umbrella when it rains; wear a seat belt when we’re in a car; and wear a helmet when we ride a bicycle or motorcycle, no one has bothered to teach us how to prevent the possible negative results of being bombarded every day by energies of other people and events. In fairness, no one can teach what they don’t know and, up until recently, no one has really paid any attention to the things we can’t see – just the ones we can.

Energetic pollution is just as real as air, water, and food pollution. It’s effects are just as harmful, too, maybe more so. Not realizing that the anger, sadness, hopelessness, etc., that we feel may becoming from outside ourselves, we can blame ourselves for not being happy people. Or we may see that it’s coming from exposure to a particular person or situation but not know what to do about it. Shielding is one of the simplest ways to begin to block further pollution to ourselves so we can begin to see what is ours and what belongs to something or someone outside of ourselves.

When I’ve mentioned shielding to some people, they have questioned why they should have to shield against those they consider to be friends or even family. Shielding isn’t about blocking good vibrations and emotions. Shielding is drawing that proverbial line in the sand and saying, “This is what I will accept and this is what I won’t accept.” Whether it’s your BFF or your mom, no one should leave themselves open to bad vibes any more than you would willingly accept catching the flu from them. Negative energy is just as much of a contagion as any physical disease. If you are one of the many people who gets a flu shot every year, or at least takes vitamin C to ward off colds and flu, then why wouldn’t you use preventative measures to avert being drawn into someone else’s bad mood? Preventative healthcare is preventative healthcare whether we’re talking physical, mental or emotional in nature.

So, how do you do this? Well, when you first begin to do this, you may want to light candles and incense and approach it kind of like meditation. The truth is this is something that can be done any time, any place, under any conditions, once you get the hang of it. Visualization is the key.

For those who may be unfamiliar with their auras, let me state that the aura is the energy field that surrounds you. For the average person, it extends to about 3 feet, in all directions, from the body. It’s usually egg-shaped. So, here’s the thing. When you get close to someone, their aura and yours intermingle. The emotions they carry in their aura and the ones you carry in yours can mix. The purpose of shielding is to let good energies in and stop negative energies from being able to cross the boundary of your aura and becoming part of it.

So, you find a moment to sit quietly. If you need that incense and candle, light them. If not, take a deep breath in through your nose and exhale from your mouth as you close your eyes and begin to see the aura around you. Now begin to enclose the aura – that egg-shape – with mirrors or a mirrored surface. Be sure to see the mirrors facing out. Get a good picture of it in your mind as you tell yourself that anything good and positive can still pass through the mirrors, but anything that is negative or harmful to you will bounce off the mirrors and return to their source. Take a few moments and really work on getting both a good visualization and the intention that positive can pass through while negative will bounce off.

That’s it! That’s all there is to it. When you first start to do this, you will probably want to reinforce the image in your mind several times a day. After a while, it becomes second – nature or you at least begin to realize when you don’t have your shields in place and stop for a moment to do so.

I think you will find that it won’t take you long to notice the difference between all the times you’ve allowed yourself to be vulnerable to everyone’s energies and how it feels when you’ve shielded yourself. Some have told me that their thinking became clearer while others have said they stopped feeling like they were on an emotional rollercoaster. There was even a few who said they were surprised to discover which thoughts and emotions were actually theirs.

This is a new year. Why not try a new approach? The simple act of shielding could help you remove obstacles to your goals and open up some of those opportunities you’ve been waiting for. What have you got to lose? Give it a try!


Love & Blessed Be

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