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The Universe does truly try, energetically, to give us every opportunity to change our lives for the better. Take what’s about to happen right now. First, on December 29th, there’s a New Moon – something that’s always great to help us with new beginnings. Following that is a New Year, which we all know is good for making a fresh start in any or all areas of our lives. This, however, isn’t just any New Year. It marks the end of a number “9” year and the beginning of a number “1” year.

If you’re new to my writings then let me state that numerology and astrology go hand-in-hand. One, almost always, proves out the other. There are certain vibrations that are very individual to each of us and then there are “universal” energies that can affect all of us or to which any of us can avail ourselves to improve our lives.

When you look at the fact that we’re in a number 9 year and realize that it offers the energies to bring things to a close or end that no longer work or serve us, and realize that at the very end of that year the Moon has been waning, you realize the energies around you are really delivering the message of preparing for new beginnings.

The New Moon on the 29th, just three days before the New Year – a number 1 year – is practically slapping us in the face (to get our attention) to tell us that the energies are prime for starting new things that are important to us.

The fact that this is all happening in Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn, only adds to this energy. Like any of the zodiac signs, there are negative and positive traits to Capricorn. The positive side is a drive to keep climbing and to overcome obstacles. Capricorn energy is persistent, practical, efficient, and patient. Being ruled by Saturn only re-emphasizes this by focusing and concentrating energy. Where Saturn is concerned, self-discipline is key.

When the New Year happens, the Sun will still be in Capricorn, but the Moon will have moved into Aquarius. This is a sign that asks us to be inventive, original, unconventional, to literally not just think outside the box, but throw the box away. It speaks to us telling us to remember our individuality if we want to feel that sense of freedom and independence even while we still remember we are part of the whole of humanity.

All this takes place on the number 1 day of a number 1 month in a number 1 year. That is really, really a good energy for beginning things because it adds to a “3”. In numerology when you add the day, month and year together (usually someone’s birthday) you get a “Life Path” number. Looking at it from that perspective, the “Life Path” of this year is that 3 and, for those who choose to tap into this energy, it is perhaps the nicest of all the life paths to follow. Three is the number of birth. This is the path of self-expression in the way of peaceful, enjoyable activities. It’s a path that can lead to many friends and companions. It can bring a life filled with inspiration, talent, and kindness. The lesson, however, is to learn self-expression – to give freely of the self; and to learn to be a creator and an originator of ideas and ideals. There can still be problems on this path, but they will be slight and easy to overcome. The keyword for this path is PLEASANT.

All things considered, why would anyone turn down the chance to tap into these energies and have the year 2017 be a pleasant journey filled with creativity, new friends, and only slight problems that we can easily overcome? I know I’m so ready for that! Join me won’t you?

New Moon in Capricorn
To get started on all these energies, we begin with the New Moon happening on Thursday, December 29th at 1:53 a.m. EST.

With the Sun and Moon both in Capricorn, there will be a need to guard against despondency and feelings of loneliness. After all, these same energies can provide persistence, steadiness, and thoroughness that can be very useful in any new beginning we choose.

Moon in Capricorn offers us the quality of being able to look at a problem and resolve it in a split second and still be quite correct. Very handy when you’re wanting to make some changes for the better!

Don’t fix all your hopes (or your fears) on one idea. Be open to multiple possibilities. Focus, concentrate, and remember to smile – often! This can show you the path to the new beginnings you seek!

At 4:29 a.m. EST on that same day, Thursday the 29th, Uranus in Aries turns direct from its retrograde motion where it’s been since the end of July.

While the energy of this retrograde placement stirred up the energies of individuality, independence and uniqueness. The desire for spontaneity may have become strong. Any barrier, that causes one for feel bound, would have caused some to feel the need to break it.

Now it turns direct and these same energies are here to aid us in our quest for freedom, independence, and even a new beginning. That’s only because this energy wants us to make our mission blazing new trails, in other words, going where we have never dared to go before.

If we avoid the pitfalls of impulsiveness, temper and inconsistency, we can find our courage and be very enterprising in creating a new reality for ourselves.

Venus in Pisces
Venus enters Pisces on Tuesday, January 3rd at 2:47 a.m. EST and brings with it energies that are loving, emotional and idealistic. There is consideration for others and an intuitive knowing of how to please them.

This is a wonderful position for artistic work and dramatic expression in both writing and acting. It also bodes well for the voices of those who sing. The heightened intuitive faculties presented by this placement can be useful in drawing on higher dimensions to inspire your artistic creations in any form.

Because you can become highly sensitive to the suffering of others, if you are affected by these energies, it would be advisable to shield yourself and be aware that there are those who may take advantage of your sympathies. Don’t let the fear of rejection stop you from expressing your feelings. There is nothing noble about suffering in silence.


Although still retrograde, Mercury will move back into Sagittarius on Wednesday, January 4th at 9:17 a.m. EST.

Having spent a month in the sign of Capricorn, it will now go from being sullen and contracting to being joyful and expansive. Being the sign of communication, even when retrograde, the mind will be swift and brilliant in its endeavors to communicate with others.

Do pay attention to details, especially while Mercury is still retrograde, so that the truth can be easily revealed to you. Honesty is still the best policy in your communications with others.

Concentration is difficult with this placement but is made doubly so with Mercury being retrograde. There will be external distractions and internal ones as well. Grounding may help this. This will be of particular importance when trying to communicate with others, especially with the spoken word.

Mercury will turn direct on Sunday, January 8th at 4:43 a.m. EST. And while this will be helpful in many aspects, there will still be difficulty for some in weighing one idea against another in order to come up with a result.

Mental freedom is a goal of this positioning of Mercury and you may find yourself drawn to a place of higher learning or spiritual advancement. Investigate thoroughly any group or institution before committing yourself to becoming part of it. Under its influence, Mercury in Sagittarius gives you good judgment and your intuition is hard to beat!


That does it for this year!  Wishing you all the very best in the coming year 2017!!!


Love & Blessed Be

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