The Journey Continues -Unmasking Yourself

Alice & the Caterpillar 2

As the caterpillar asked Alice, “Who are you?” Like Alice, many of us would find it difficult to answer for, like Alice, we have been through so much (Life) that we aren’t sure. Who we were when we entered this incarnation has been vastly changed and morphed by our domestication (programming) into the culture and society we live in coupled with how we then responded to, and continue to respond to, Life on a day to day basis.

We wear a mask that we have fashioned from what we were taught is “acceptable” in our particular part of the world. What’s really, really sad is that in the majority of cases, that’s not who resides within. For most, that part of us has been silenced or even abandoned in order to seek and find the approval of those in the outside world. After all, isn’t that what we were taught is important – to be accepted and approved of by those outside ourselves?

Well, it might have been what we were taught but it’s far from being what is true. Here’s the truth of it: While that approach to Life may work on the short term, the cast of characters in our world is constantly changing. The one constant is us. When everyone has gone and you are left by yourself, it is you who must live with you. Do you like that person created by the mask you wear? Who is the person behind that mask? What thoughts, feelings, and desires do you have that aren’t shared with anyone else? Are they different from those that you project out to the outside world?

You don’t know??? Perhaps that’s because you’ve learned to ignore what goes through your mind and heart since it’s possible those things might not make you acceptable or get you approval…according to society. Have you silenced that inner voice for so long that you no longer can hear it? Or have you just become so good at brushing away the “unacceptable”, “unconventional” thoughts and feelings that you no longer notice what your internal thoughts and feelings are?

No matter how you look at it, these thoughts and feelings are trying to tell you something about yourself…your REAL self…the person behind the mask. Just like the Wizard of Oz, the “man behind the curtain” is totally different than the one portrayed to the outside world. That person is even more important than the one you show to the world around you.

I know I’ve written about some of this before, and you may be asking yourself why I’m repeating it. The truth is we are coming to the end of another year. The year 2016 is a number 9 year in numerology and “9” is about completion. In fact the keyword for 9 is “finish”. It’s also a good year to end associations or dealing with those that are getting you down. A 9 year is an emotional year and it’s a year where people will be called upon to sacrifice, usually losing something. Now obviously, there was a 9 year nine years ago, but here’s the thing – if you haven’t lived this past cycle in a positive manner, you may find yourself still in the same situations you were nine years ago. This, sadly, can even mean being financially and emotionally wiped out.

My point isn’t to be a downer about the meaning of a 9 year, it’s to point out that nothing should be carried past the end of this year, into the new cycle of “1”, except those things that are considered necessary. Why? Well, Albert Einstein said it best, “Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” It’s time for a change, folks. It’s time to take off the mask, get to know the real you, and let that being move forward into the new cycle that begins on January 1, 2017 – which by the way is a #1 month, a #1 day, and a #1 year!

The keyword for “1” is beginning. This is the year to find and assert your individuality. This is the year to be positive, forge ahead with new plans and new ideas. This is a very important year because what you do here lays the groundwork for what comes in the eight years that follow. What you start in this year, will last the entire cycle, so why not start with finding your true self and introducing it to the world?! If you allow this to take place, you can find many new people and things entering your life.

I recognize – more than you probably realize – that change is difficult. There’s sometimes a lot of fear connected to it because we fear the unknown. Be honest with yourself, though. What have you got to lose? If that mask you’ve been wearing hasn’t made your life the one you want or even made you happy, isn’t it time for a change? Getting to know who you really are, as opposed to who you’ve been told you should be, could end up being the best thing you’ve ever done. It could also create the best friendship you’ll ever have – with yourself.

So, when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, take off that mask and toss it away! Make a pledge to yourself that, in this New Year, you will be who you truly are. Time for a new beginning and, like everything else, it all begins with you! Let the adventure begin!


Love & Blessed Be

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