The Journey Continues – Joy and Sorrow


Even under the most “normal” of conditions, this time of the year is an emotional time for many people. Living in the northern hemisphere of the planet, we are experiencing Winter with it’s cloudiness, rain or snow, and cold temperatures. For some, that makes it very difficult to find reasons to smile, to laugh, to be happy.

Now the holidays are upon us and, even though they are meant to be joyful, many people, for many reasons, find no joy in their lives. For some it’s financial reasons, but for others it can be a lack of people to celebrate with. This can be especially true for older people – kids have grown up and have families of their own and may have even moved away; they may be without a spouse to celebrate with; friends may be fewer in number, etc. For those in the workforce, it can be that the season has an effect on your job or just trying to juggle your work schedule with getting ready for the holidays that you celebrate.

When you add both these factors together – the weather and the holidays – it can be a really downer time of year….if you allow it. Yes, this is me saying you have the power over your response to both the weather and the holidays. It really IS all about response. We may not have any control over what happens in the outside world, but we do have control over our response to it. For the sake of clarity, “response” here means how we react to something. We do have a choice about that.

What many are unaware of is that our responses or reactions to certain people and situations are habits – addictions, even. We were either taught these responses by observing others, or, we learned them from our own life experiences. Either way, if we were to become aware of how we are responding to Life, with its people and situations, it can tell us some important things about ourselves.

Because the natural state of our spirit is joy and love, when we experience sadness, anger, fear, loathing, or any other low vibration emotion, we can rest assured that we are trying to tell ourselves about an important issue going on inside us. Our attention is being drawn to something we have the power to choose to change. When we choose to change our response to Life, we open the door to choosing how our Life is. Lack can become abundance; sorrow can become joy; anger can become love, and more. We first have to decide it’s time for a change and then act on it with determination.

As I wrote about in my last article, Empathy: What does it Mean?, we are living in a New Age and times are very different than they were even a few decades ago. As that New Age gains ground, and its energies are more emphatically felt, the “old” ways and forms are being dispersed and they refuse to go quietly. This creates a kind of chaos energy that is being felt by everyone – consciously or unconsciously. That energy is also calling each of us to become aware of the old ways and forms we still carry inside us that no longer serve our growth and enlightenment.

All these emotions, I spoke of above, are on the rise because this chaos energy – which is an energy of transformation – is making us uncomfortable. Change is inevitable and most of us do NOT like change. Our spirits, in their own subtle way, are telling us that change is upon us and, if we want to reap the rewards of that change, then change we must.

Some will fight hard to keep their sadness, anger, fear, etc., not because it produces anything of worth for them, but because it’s known and has become comfortable. Some will continue to look outside themselves for answers that can only be found within themselves. When they continue to be miserable, they will also look outside themselves for someone to point a finger at to blame for their misery. (Ah, that they would be aware that when you point your finger at someone, there are three more pointing back at you!)

Change can be a scary journey. I admit, I don’t like change!, however, I will also tell you that every time I have pushed myself to move beyond the fear I was feeling, I was pleasantly surprised by the benefits that change brought. We all need to remember that courage isn’t about not fearing, it’s about feeling the fear and doing “it” anyway!

I’ve mentioned before that this is a number “9” year and we are almost at the end of it. Nine is all about bringing things to a close or an end so that you are open for the coming “1” which offers opportunities for new beginnings. Individually, nationally, and globally, we are being asked to open ourselves to change. To rid ourselves of that which no longer “grows corn” and be open to new ways of thinking, feeling, and reacting. Only then may we be a benefit to ourselves and each other.

No matter what holiday you’re getting ready to celebrate, or even if you celebrate none, give yourself the gift of awareness and the gift of change. These two gifts can bring you more joy, more abundance, more of everything you feel you want in your life, than any gift bought by you or for you in any store anywhere. Open the door to joy and watch your sorrows melt away!

Wishing you the very best holiday season ever!!!


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