Astrological Musings & More


We’re coming to the end of another year. As we look back at what this year has brought each of us – the joys and the challenges – we are also looking forward to a new year and what might it mean for us.

It’s easy to feel like we are at the whims of “the gods”, especially if we feel like we have no power over what’s happening in the outside world. The truth is we have a lot of power. It comes from how we respond to the people and events in that outside world. How we respond can come from learned responses that arise from fear and doubt or it can come from gaining an understanding of who we really are underneath all that programming.

I recently had someone tell me that they were never really able to wrap their heads around the different pieces and parts of astrology. What does it mean to have Mars in a certain sign? Or Venus, or whatever? How did these combinations of planets in different signs make us different as individuals?

Think of yourself as a huge 5000 piece puzzle. Each planet represent a different part of you: The Sun is your individuality while the Moon is your emotional nature. Mercury is the basic means by which you communicate and how you learned your basic education. Venus, while representing your love nature, also represents your creativity. Mars is desire, energy, action and also can reveal your temper or temperament. When we think of Jupiter, it speaks of our philosophical and spiritual nature along with how higher education appeals to and affects us. Saturn will tell you about your ability to discipline or restrain yourself and it will also tell you about your ambition, organizing skills, sense of responsibility, and even your inhibitions. Uranus, considered by some astrologers to be a higher octave of Mercury, is about freedom, innovation, rebellion, individuality, whether you can think outside the proverbial box and your interests, if any, in the occult. Neptune can speak to you about your impressionability, whether you have escapist tendencies or spiritual strength, your intuitive and imaginative abilities. And, finally, Pluto, even though many no longer take it into consideration, is the planet of transformation and will tell you what you came to heal and grow from in this incarnation. It also tells you about the generation you were born into because of its long duration.

When you place each one of these planets in any one of the twelve signs of the zodiac, you obtain different information. When you place it in the house it occupied at the time of your birth, it tells you about that segment of your life and your energetic response, lessons and even karma pertaining to it. The combinations of all the planets in all the different signs in all the different houses and possible having an influence on the other planets, in the other signs and houses, of your specific puzzle (chart), you can start to see how it makes each of us individuals. Each of these pieces, when placed in their proper place, pertaining to a person’s specific birth date, time and place, presents a very specific picture with lots and lots of information that can aid each of us on our journey through this incarnation.

There’s a new year coming…with it comes infinite possibilities for growth, success and joy. Why wouldn’t you want to know the energies that can work for you and the challenges you may have to meet? It all begins with a natal chart and the beginning of self-understanding.


There’s a New Moon in Sagittarius heading our way on Tuesday, November 29th at 7:18 a.m. EST.

With the Sun and the Moon both in this sign of adventure, this might be the New Moon you’ve waiting for in order to change jobs or the place where you live. Indecision could become a problem because of the duality of Sagittarius. Don’t let that opportunity you’ve been waiting for slip away. After all, there truly are no wrong decisions!

There’s a restlessness with Moon in Sagittarius that can simply mean you need a change of scenery and a road trip or day trip is in order rather than a change of residence. Look carefully at what you are feeling. The need for independence and freedom can mean many things to many people.

People have a tendency to be more warm and friendly now and that will sometimes be accompanied with much generosity. Benevolent and harmonious feelings will flow freely.

Spontaneity will help break any doldrums you are feeling – you just have to follow your intuition, which is heightened now.

Overall, it’s a great time for an adventure of any kind!!!


Mercury moves into Capricorn on Friday, December 2nd at 4:19 p.m. EST making the mind very steady, serious and sincere. This is a time when the ability to meditate deeply or concentrate for long periods of time is possible.

People affected by these energies can be very mentally disciplined and appear very responsible and wise. The memory is also excellent.

Some things to watch for are being overly suspicious. It’s one thing to examine facts carefully, but another to scrutinize them in the hopes they will bear out your suspicions. Another thing to watch for is being pessimistic, fearful or depressed. Finding reason to be optimistic and cheerful really can change your world. Finally, In expressing yourself, guard against appearing to be an authoritarian toward others. Tolerance and diplomacy go a long way in getting your point across.

The upside to this placement is that it can be a means of improving ones financial and social status. It grants energies that favor good managerial skills and mathematical ability.


Venus enters Aquarius on Wednesday, Dec. 7th at 9:51 a.m. EST and provides energies that are about the love of humanity. For the individual, this could mean it’s not a good time to settle down with one person. When a romantic attraction does it occur, it’s likely to be sudden and casual, not necessarily stable or lasting.

With Venus in Aquarius, our attentions are likely to turn to how we can help mankind and the planet. The means that presents itself to do this may be out-of-the-ordinary, unconventional or suddenly present itself. Go with it. This is Venus expressing itself through you.

For artist and musicians, this can be an opportune time to really express your individuality through color and sound.

A truly innovative and interesting placement for those who wish to take advantage of these energies!

The days grow shorter as we approach the Winter Solstice. Darkness is a time for introspection. May you find some very enlightening things within!


Love & Blessed Be

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