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I recently had my astrology student bring to my attention an article on “energy astrology” and ask me what my thoughts were on it. I read the article and realized that the person writing it had merely taken the facts about astrology, as it pertains to its effects on the body, and created a “new” astrology. One that, according to the inventor and author, is “a new way of working with an astrological chart for personal development and inner growth…” He further states that with Energy Astrology, “it is now possible to explain…work with…even transmit to an individual the exact energies found within their astrological chart, the exact transmissions for each planet in its specific sign and its specific house.”

While I applaud this newly created specific branch of astrology, I was confused when I read the article. Perhaps it’s all the years I’ve been doing astrology or the fact that I’ve always looked at it as an energy map about everything having to do with an individual’s Life journey – including their health and well-being – or maybe it’s even the fact that I’ve used astrology in so many ways that are magickal over the course of 40+ years that, to me, I didn’t understand why he didn’t see that all this was already in every astrology chart, just waiting to be interpreted. (No judgment intended, just my own confusion.)

He has created what he has called “Audio Essences” that each contain a different energy set up for each specific planet/sign set up. An interesting concept. If you are interested, you can find his article at His explanation of how it can about is very interesting and thorough. You may find it to be something you’ve been looking for.

In the meantime, we have a New Moon happening in the sign of Scorpio on Sunday, October 30th at 1:38 p.m. EDT.

Any New Moon is about new beginnings and, with the Moon in Scorpio, this one’s energies can help you overcome seemingly impossible challenges. This position of the Moon can give tremendous will power and determination. The trick is to use them both constructively.

Moon in Scorpio can bestow a phenomenal memory that can be an asset, but can also be a hindrance when memories from childhood resurface that may be unpleasant. The trick is to overcome Scorpio’s need for secrecy and talk about what’s bothering you.

The energies here also incline toward the mysterious and the occult. With the Sun also in Scorpio at this time, that only doubles that inclination and ones possible psychic abilities and/or intuitions.

That Sun and Moon in Scorpio thing can also give a great deal of independence and self-reliance. It will also give the ability to govern others, but the tendency to override and domineer should be curbed.

Overall, if you’re facing some tough decisions and need a new beginning in any area of your life, this positioning of the New Moon can offer a great amount of help. Look at the facts, but pay attention to your gut-instinct. Then take that Scorpio self-determination and make your move!


No matter whether you celebrate October 31st as Halloween or Samhain/Hallowmas, I hope this Monday will be an awesome day for you filled with lots of treats and fun!!!


On Sunday November 6th at 2:00 a.m. EDT Daylight Savings Time ends. Remember to “Fall back” and reset your clocks. That extra hour of sleep could be just the thing you need before beginning your week. (Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday!)

Mars in Aquarius

Mars will be moving into Aquarius on Wednesday, November 9th at 0:52 a.m. EST. Mars is a physically oriented planet, while Aquarius is an intellectual sign that loathes to expend any more physical energy than necessary. That makes this an uncomfortable pairing that is less productive that other placements of Mars.

Without the motivation for physical action, the energy of Mars can get bottled up inside and create inner conflict and nervous tension. The conflict can come from a need for friends and yet a need to be an individual. Even in love, a platonic relationship may work better for someone feeling the effects of this placement.

Where work is concerned, a career rather than a job will be the best choice. With a strong individual streak, a lot of freedom is needed to work successfully.

This is a very good placement for writers, musicians, and those working with formulas (like scientists and astrologers). Whatever your field, you may find that it should be predominantly mental work rather than physical.

All in all, a very interesting and challenging position for Mars.

Venus in Capricorn

Venus transitions into Capricorn on Friday, November 11th at 11:55 p.m. EST and can cause people to jealous, touchy and very particular about other people’s attitudes toward them.

It can really submerge a person’s interest in intimate relations if they are focused on other things of “more importance.” It can cause people to be lustful and earthy and yet detached and cold at the same time. This comes from combining the planet of love with the weighty earth sign of Capricorn that’s ruled by Saturn.

There are some helpful things about this combination though. For artists, it gives a strong sense of composition and structure. Traditional art forms may be very attractive to them as well as classical music.

Mercury In Sagittarius

Last, but not least we have Mercury heading into Sagittarius on Saturday, November 12th at 9:40 a.m. EST making the mind swift and brilliant. concentrating deeply for long periods of time. Ideas can be disconnected during this time as well, but judgment is improved and following your hunches would be a good thing.


Mercury in Sagittarius gives prophetic insight and is a very honest energy. People feeling the influence of this energy would never knowingly mislead anyone. Being forthright and telling the truth is second nature but can lead to speaking first without pausing to think about the effect those words may have on others.

Writers would find this a great time for short stories rather than the writing of a novel. Speakers will also be found to keep their words brief now.

Overall, it’s a great time for mental exercises into areas that require only short periods of concentration and lots of mental freedom.

Wishing you a wonderful two weeks!


Love & Blessed Be

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