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Mercury Retrograde 2

There are times when even astrologers can feel helpless against the effects of some planetary positioning. This seems to be the case for me, at this moment.

Mercury retrograde seems to be leaving me with a lack of words. For those who personally know me, that may seem astounding, but it’s true. The last few years I have found myself having profound problems when the Sun is in Virgo (which Mercury rules) and now here we are – Sun in Virgo and Mercury in Virgo retrograde.

I’m sure this “condition” will clear up soon. After all, Mercury will be turning direct and the Sun will be entering Libra shortly. Until then, I hope you will forgive my lack of words to provide a new, interesting article to preface the forecast for the next two weeks.

About that forecast…on Friday, September 16th, we have a Full Moon happening in the sign of Pisces that will have an accompanying lunar eclipse to go with it. This will take place at 3:05 p.m. EDT.

Known as the “Harvest” Moon, it’s actually occurring before the end of Summer this year. The eclipse will be visible across Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. Although those of us in North American and those in South America will not see it, if you pay attention, you will feel it.

Moon in Pisces, by itself, is a very psychic/spiritual energy that affects our emotions. It can create feelings of vulnerability with the desire to withdraw as a means of emotional protection. We can also become discouraged too easily.

When coupled with the Sun in Virgo, it can create restlessness, some irritability and much dissatisfaction.

Of course, the Moon being Full, heightens all this. For that reason, it’s also good to know that Moon in Pisces energies are gentle, kind, sentimental, and cheerful. As it is said, “Energy flows where your attention goes.” Focusing on the positive energies of this Full Moon will help keep the other energies at bay.

Mercury, which is currently in Virgo, will be turning direct from its retrograde motion on Thursday, September 22nd @ 1:31 a.m. EDT. There were a lot of lessons that could have been worked through that dealt with intellect and communicating while Mercury has been retrograde.

Now it turns direct and the energies of Mercury in Virgo once again remind us to be aware of people’s feelings and failings, making allowances for both and not become too critical.

This detachment from emotional considerations can be great in scientific matters or in solving abstract problems where pure reason is called into play.

Virgo, being an Earth sign, affords this placement of Mercury some practicality as well. There’s a down-to-earth quality about people influenced by this placement. Attention to detail and organizing abilities are a gift of this energy.

The Sun makes its yearly transit into Libra on Thursday, September 22nd at 10:22 a.m. EDT. creating a balance between day and night as the year progresses into the Fall season.

“Balance” isn’t just between night and day though. Libra energies invite us to find a balance between ourselves and others. Finding this balance can create harmony in ones life – something else Libra strives for. However, a fear of discord can cause those affected by these energies to become indecisive.

While the energies of Libra are easygoing, idealistic, communicative, intelligent, diplomatic, and romantic, they can also cause some to become gullible and frivolous.

Libra is the natural ruler of the 7th house of partnerships (of any kind), so it is only natural that Libra is a very social energy and those affected by the energies will seek out relationships on all levels.

If you were born during this time of the year, may your special day be very pleasant and very social!

Venus heads into Scorpio on Friday, September 23rd at 10:51 a.m. EDT making for some very intense energies where love is concerned.

Anyone who has Venus in Scorpio or is affected by this placement will be very straightforward and determined when it comes to love. There may be a real need to be more tactful and reserved, where romance is concerned, lest you frighten those you are in love with.

There can also be dissatisfaction, where love and desire are concerned. While there is usually a magnetic attraction, there is also disappointment that can make some “overdose” when it comes to sex.

A colorful personality can be a result of the emotional intensity of this position. Artistic abilities and tastes are bold and dramatic. There is also an attraction to the occult, the mysterious and the psychic. There may even be psychic sensitivity to the feeling of others.

An interesting transit, to say the least.

Mars in Capricorn
When Mars is in Capricorn, as it will be starting on Tuesday, September 27th, at 4:08 a.m. EDT, the desire for advancement and recognition may intensify. There will be a willingness to take charge and work hard to make this happen.

Qualities of this energy include integrity, perseverance, ambition, motivation and the ability to organize.

Mars has a great deal to do with our sex drive and in Capricorn it offers an awareness of the difference between sex and love. It can make some of us a little unromantic but that’s only because we’re looking at this part of our lives quite logically right now.

During this transit of Mars, the energies of Capricorn will cause a determination that we may not have felt for a while. For many of us, whatever is going on in our lives right now, feels like we’ve done this before, either in this life or another and we mean business this time around – time to succeed, time to move forward. Use the energies of this placement to fulfill those goals.

Solar System 2
There’s about a week until Mercury turns direct and the Sun moves into Libra. Time to get those ‘ducks in a row’ and prepare for a change that could bring about balance and harmony. I wish you all well! See you soon!!!


Love & Blessed Be

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