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Alpha Centauri

Even as a child, I felt a closeness to the star Alpha Centauri. There have been times when I actually felt like I must have spent at least one lifetime there. It seemed more like home than Earth.

I know how crazy that must sound to many of you, but perhaps there was a reason I felt that way (and still do sometimes).  Alpha Centauri is actually a triple star system that is the closest one to us on planet Earth, at a mere 4.4 light years away. (A light year equals about 6,000,000,000,000 miles) On August 24, 2016, astronomers announced there is likely a planet around Proxima B.

Alpha Centauri A is a sun that is slightly larger than our Sun but of the same approximate age, 4.6 billion years or slightly older. B is slightly smaller and cooler. One star doesn’t orbit the other. They both orbit around their gravitational center. This keeps them at a distance that varies from about the same as our Sun to Saturn, at their closest, to our Sun to Pluto, at their farthest.

Around this pair is a dwarf star, reddish in color, only about 1/7 the size of our Sun, and much cooler and dimmer. It orbits about 2 degrees away from A and B. Named “Proxima Centauri”, meaning the closest star of the constellation Centaurus, it is also referred to as Alpha Centauri C.

While caution is being taken in assuming its presence, it appears there is an Earth-sized planet orbiting C and it’s in the habitable zone. It is much closer to its Sun than Mercury is to ours and, therefore, locked into a position where only one side faces that Sun. In other words, one side gets baked while the other side is facing frigid space.

Only time will tell if it’s actually there and it will be a long time before we know if there is any possibility of inhabitants. Still, it’s fascinating!

Solar Eclipse
There’s a New Moon with a partial solar eclipse on Thursday, September 1st at 5:03 a.m. EDT. Since the Sun won’t even be up over the horizon here, we won’t be seeing any of it. Much of Africa and the extreme western edge of Australia will see at least part of it. That doesn’t mean it won’t be felt though.

A New Moon always means that the Sun and Moon are both in the same sign. In this case we’re talking about Virgo. This combination increases discrimination, independence, self-reliance and foresight, but can cause some to be somewhat self-centered. The tendency can be to be too methodical and precise, miring oneself in the most minute details.

So how does one use this when looking for a new beginning? I would say that the best use of this solar eclipse would be in seeing power (the Sun) being taken from (the eclipse) anything that stands in your way – whether internal or external – of independence and self-reliance. Look at the details but don’t allow yourself to become mired in them.

The energies here are that of being a hard worker, frugal and persevering. All are qualities that will take you far. With the Moon waxing, these energies can be at your disposal, if you are open to them.

Jupiter in Libra

The only other planetary movement we have this time is Jupiter moving into the sign of Libra on Friday, September 9th at 9:18 a.m. EDT

The energies of this placement are strongly about intellectual matters and people-focused pursuits. The joys of talking are highlighted through debate and even argument with the possibility of some outlandish statements being made just to get the conversation going!

One of the factors that can be brought to our attention now is an indication that any difficulties we have with values, faith and the search for Truth are connected to an over-valuing of social favor and standing. We may be trying to please others too much or expecting to much generosity from others.

Cooperation in the formation of relationships is extremely important now. Justice will be another factor that gains attention and importance as does integrity when dealing with people in all kinds of relationships.

Libra is always about socializing, relationships and attaining balance and harmony. With Jupiter placed here, these qualities are placed in high standing with individuals affected by the energies of this combination. People will enthusiastically seek out others who are freedom-loving, intellectual, high-spirited and highly sociable.

This is not a time to ignore the body, although the tendency will be to live in the head. Libra is about attaining balance in all things, including the mind and body.

This is a great time to enthusiastically send yourself on an adventure where answers to achieving that harmony and balance may be found through socializing with new people.

Retrograde Planets

While there aren’t any other planets transitioning to other signs, I did want to put in a reminder that we have four planets that are retrograde.

Mercury in Virgo

Of course, there’s Mercury which is in Virgo. It just turned retrograde on August 30th and will be retrograde until 1:31 a.m. EDT on September 22nd. Mercury always brings lessons in communication, but this time it also wants us to take a look at the thought processes of others as well as ourselves. It wants us to not be so cold and focused that we forget the feelings of others as well as their fallibility and our own. Good lessons to work on.

Uranus in Aries 2

Then we have Uranus in Aries which went retrograde on July 29th and will remain so until December 29th. Uranus, along with Neptune and Pluto, are what I call “generational” planets. They have an affect on generations of people more so than individuals. With Uranus in Aries, both rebels and pioneers are spurred to action. Tradition is throw by the wayside as new, inventive methods of solving problems are sought. This is a time of thinking outside the box. Even in our personal lives, this is a call to forge new trails where one has never gone before.

Neptune in Pisces

With Neptune in its home sign of Pisces, we are all being given a head’s up in the area of illusion particularly in the areas of the psychic and spiritual side of our lives. The sensitivity of the energies of this combination make it very easy to see what is real and what is not; to view the illusions we have created for ourselves. Seeing through these illusions means also taking a look at the our use of drugs or alcohol as a means of escape. Now is the time to turn inward and see who you really are, letting go of all that is false, and allowing the answers that have eluded you to be received. Neptune will continue to be retrograde until November 19th.

Pluto in Capricorn

Finally, Pluto, which went retrograde in Capricorn back on April 18th, brings the lessons of how to integrate our philosophies and individuality into the society and culture we live in. This may also involve the lessons of discipline, self-determination and, yes, in some cases, surrender to a higher authority. “How does society allow me to accomplish my goals?” A tough but fair question that could provide some real enlightenment for you, if you persist in asking it during the retrograde of Pluto. Pluto doesn’t turn direct until September 26th.

 Energy of the Planets

Well, there you have it. New information on the energy of the planets and some reminders of work that can still be done to improve the quality of your journey. May your next two weeks be filled with enlightenment!

Life's Journey

Love & Blessed Be

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