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Astrology Summer Special 8

I’ve been an astrologer for quite a few years now, but let’s be accurate – I practice Earth astrology.

Sometimes we forget that most of the things we Earthlings do are purely from the perspective of being on this one particular planet. When we saw the picture of Earth, the first time, as viewed from the Moon, we were astounded! Recently, we got to see how teeny-tiny Earth appears in the Martian sky. Rather humbling.

I recognize that since we are on Earth, it only makes sense that our astrology would be Earth-based. After all, we want to know how the energies are going to affect us here, on Earth. But what happens when we begin colonization of the Moon or Mars? How would that change how planetary energies affect someone there?

There are several schools of thought just on the “correct” way to figure and interpret Earth astrology. For some, it almost becomes argumentative. What happens when we take astrology out into space. Hmmmmm….

I first began to wonder about this during one of my many re-readings of Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein. I mean, although human, the main character – Valentine Michael Smith – was born and raised on Mars. I ask myself what an astrology chart, with Mars as home and Earth as an orbiting planet, would look like. I still have no answer to that, but it certainly gives one something to think about.

Now we’re talking about the possibility of colonization of Mars. We know how the planets can affect us here, what could that possibly mean for someone living on Mars or, better still, someone born there?

There really haven’t been any major advancements in astrology for a while. It would be interesting to have someone take up the challenge. Through research and theory, being able to understand what the differences might be could be eye-opening. If someone hasn’t taken up this challenge yet, I hope they do. I would love to see the conclusions and results that they arrive at. It would be awesome!

Aquairus Full Moon
Speaking of awesome, we have an awesome Full Moon in Aquarius happening on Thursday, August 18th at 5:26 a.m. EDT. That Full Moon will be accompanied by a Lunar Eclipse. although it will be night in the US, we will not see the eclipse but it can be felt.

Moon in Aquarius, by itself, is very imaginative and can bring achievements in the arts. It can also deteriorate into gossip. Not the malicious kind, but rather creative. Still, there are possible backlashes when the source is discovered.

Moon in Aquarius is also somewhat impersonal when it comes to the emotions. There is a love of humanity as a whole rather than any one individual. Part of this is due to the need for freedom and independence.

With the Sun in Leo, a placement that draws our attention to self, we are faced with the task of seeing how we fit in with the rest of humanity. How can we make who we are and what we do matter where humanity as a whole is concerned?

This Full Moon, and its accompanying eclipse, may be just the fuel you need to bring about a change. Things can happen suddenly and in very unusual ways when Aquarius is involved. Expect the unexpected. It could happen in the blink of an eye!

Use the energy of the eclipse to cut off the flow of energy to anything that holds you back, impedes your freedom and independence, or stops the flow of your creativity.

Thinking outside the box is the key to using this energy.

Virgo 4

The Sun will move into Virgo on Monday, August 22nd at 12:39 p.m. EDT. allowing us to utilize energies that are practical and yet adaptable.

Keywords to the energy of Virgo are meticulous, critical, orderly, analytical but also finicky, overly critical, worrier, and overly conventional.

Being able to use the energies in a positive manner can be a real plus in any area that requires dealing with details. Being able to scrutinize and assimilate the facts of a situation or project can be very helpful on the road to success. The trick is to keep a balance with this ability and not become destructive to yourself.

Assimilation also deals with digestion when the Sun is in Virgo. Worry can cause the body to become out of balance with the intestines being a prime target. So, during this transit of the Sun, take time to relax and eat healthy.

Being of service to others is one of the domains that fall under the category of Virgo. The energy of Mercury may cause a restlessness that will best be calmed by seeing how you have be of assistance to others.

This is a great time to get organized and/or to begin Fall cleaning. Like I said, Virgo is practical, adaptable and detail oriented, so why not put it to very good use?

If you’re having a birthday during this transit –

Happy Birthday Virgo 2

Venus in Libra 2

Venus moves into Libra (a sign it rules) on Monday, August 29th at 10:07 p.m. EDT. These energies make love sacred. Love is with the mind and spirit.

To Libra, love must not be chained. It must be absolutely free. Courtship becomes a very important ritual of love. Music, dance, beautiful surroundings are all things that enhance the ritual of courtship.

Libra is about relationships, romantic and otherwise. The energy, and those affected by it, is very sociable. Intellectual stimulation is important in any form of companionship.

Venus is the planet of the arts and Libra is an air sign so listening to music, at the very least, will be important now. If you are a musician, by all means, play!

The energies of Venus in Libra also gives us an opportunity to understand the feelings of others. This can give us a whole new perspective on the relationships we hold with other people.

Mercury Retrograde 2

Finally, there’s Mercury in Virgo. On August 30th, at 9:04 a.m. EDT, Mercury will be turning retrograde for about three weeks.

Before anyone groans or freaks out, let’s take a look at what chances for learning and growth that we will be presented with.

This is a strong position for Mercury because it rules Virgo. It is primarily intellectual in nature, however. So, while Mercury is in Virgo (not just when it’s retrograde), we can have a tendency to forget about people’s feelings and failings.

When it goes retrograde, Mercury in Virgo can cause those affected by it to appear to strict, cold and with little tolerance for any form of disorder. This can make those involved in relationships feel as if there is a distance and/or coldness developing. I would remind everyone that Mercury is the planet of communication and, when it goes retrograde, it is especially important to be clear in ones communications. Ask questions. Go into detail. Only then will misunderstandings be avoided or cleared up.

Retrograde Mercury can also show us our thinking processes and those of others. To avoid being rash, impulsive or impractical, clarity of communication – both speaking and listening – is so very vital. This holds true for written communication as well. Whether giving or receiving written communication, details and clarity are the keywords to avoiding negative conclusions.

These next three weeks can be a great learning experience – one we should relish rather than shrinking away from.

Astrological Banner - Leo

Let the stars be your guide. Have a wonderful two weeks!

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Love & Blessed Be

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