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Astrology Summer Special 6

The Sun is in Leo and the “Dog Days” of Summer are upon us. Soon the leaves will turn bright, beautiful colors and a chill will begin to be felt in the air.

The Sun seems to transit through the 12 signs of the zodiac much quicker these days. It’s not just that I’m older, it’s the Age of Aquarius where things happen suddenly.

We let too much slip past us as we walk through our lives each day. We hardly get to know our friends and family. They grow up, grow old, move away, pass away all before we’ve had time to really learn who they are.

The saddest part of all, to me, is that in those quickly passing days, we don’t even take the time to really get to know ourselves. When everyone else is gone, we are still left with “us”.

I believe everyone should get to know themselves. It provides a good foundation for getting to know and relate to the other people in our lives. Without that foundation, we can make assumptions that create pain and fear within us.

I know I’ve proposed it before, but I’m here to do it again – get to know who you are. Use any tools available, but make it a top priority in your life. I think you’ll be glad you did.

Mars in Sagittarius 2
Mars moves into Sagittarius on Tuesday, August 2nd at 1:49 p.m. EDT.

That’s a fire planet in a fire sign, folks. That kind of energy can create restlessness and impulsiveness within us. This can go deep and cause us to be scattered, not realizing where our priorities should lie.

Coupled with that can be an inability to pinpoint our desires long enough to know if they are truly meaningful.

There is a karmic need to find ones place in the world. There is also a need to know the reason for ones existence.

The energy of this combination tells us we must find a balance between philosophical needs (Sagittarius) and the physical thirst for experience (Mars). Turning inward will help transmute experience into the reason for existence.

New Moon in Leo

On this same day, the New Moon occurs in the sign of Leo (another fire sign) at 4:44 p.m. EDT. Leo is about the heart and the heart is about love. What better placement for the Moon, the planet that rules emotions, on a New Moon?

A New Moon in Leo creates energies that are very lovable and loving. Relationships where there is a potential for growth are very enjoyable and this New Moon can make things happen, generally with much success.

There is a tendency toward self-dramatization. After all the Sun (which rules Leo) is the center of the solar system, so it’s only natural that those who are affected by its energies would expect to be greatly appreciated, noticed and even applauded now. If that should happen to not occur, then the inner drama queen may appear.

These energies do tend to make people quite fond of children, parties, art, and entertainment in all forms. There is also an energy of generosity and warm-heartedness that abounds when the Moon is in Leo.

With the Sun and Moon both in Leo, as is natural at a New Moon, there is an independent nature. There is also much intuition, vitality, energy and resourcefulness. Traits that can be of great assistance to any new beginning you might want to make during this New Moon.

Venus in Virgo

Venus heads into Virgo on Friday, August 5th, at 11:27 a.m. EDT causing some to overanalyze their emotions. It can also bring out the internal critic who might direct that criticism at loved ones. This can cause the flow of affection to be cut off from between them.

There is an extreme in the fastidiousness about manners, personal appearance and hygiene for those affected by these energies. Ever thought about a career in clothing design or becoming a chef or dietician? Attention to detail is a real plus in these areas.

This is also an excellent time to move forward with projects that involve writing, acting, public speaking, and even the law. It’s definitely about intellect more than emotions.

Saturn in Sagittarius
Saturn, which is in Sagittarius, will be turning direct from its retrograde motion on Saturday, August 13th, at 5:51 p.m. EDT.

During this retrograde, we were offered the lesson of learning how to allow our higher minds to understand and correct our past mistakes. It also offered the opportunity to withdraw from whatever traditions appeared to have outlived their usefulness for us.

Now Saturn turns direct and, although success is not denied, it is somewhat harder to achieve. Early setbacks can occur in our endeavors to move forward in our lives, thus delaying achievement and creating disappointment.

Saturn gives us intellectuality, thoroughness, depth of concentration and even additional discipline. All of these attributes are very helpful in attaining our goals. There is a deep need for some intellectual, philosophical, or spiritual achievement that will bring distinction.

This position does enhance occult tendencies and intuitive understanding.

Saturn is the teacher, after all. Whether it’s moving forward or in retrograde motion, if we are open to learning, Saturn will show us the way.

Stay cool, my friends! I’ll see you in two weeks!

Dog Days of Summer

Love & Blessed Be

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