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Gemini 6

The Sun has just entered Gemini and, in my continuing efforts to give you some information on each sign, I find the duality of this sign particularly interesting.

If you’ve been reading each of the articles I’ve written on the 11 preceding signs, you’ve noticed that some of them have myths behind them while others have little or no mythological significance attached to them. Gemini is one of those signs. In Egypt, it was known as “The Two Stars”. It took its name from the stars Castor and Pollux, the brightest stars in the constellation; also known as Hercules and Apollo, and Triptolemus and iasion.

As with all the signs, there are positive and negative traits portrayed by the energies of Gemini. From the positive perspective, Gemini energies and people can be adaptable, versatile, intellectual – with a flair for languages and writing, logical, witty, spontaneous, talkative; always youthful and up-to-date in appearance and outlook.

But it’s not all sunshine and lollipops for Gemini. They can be inconsistent, two-faced, unable to control nervous energy, changeable, superficial, cunning, and a gossip.

One example of this is the Gemini mind. Mental activity is important and may cause the Gemini person to have many “irons in the fire.” This can cause a person to drop something in mid-stream and go to something else. This can give them a reputation for being inconsistent. What they really need is one or two major things that preoccupy them throughout their lives. There is also a danger that if the mind isn’t properly stimulated, they may apply themselves to some kind of cunning or fraud.

Duality is an important part of their nature and it would be unwise for anyone to try to hinder it. Geminis need plenty of variety and change, otherwise, they become bored. When that happens, they drop whatever is boring them and move on to something new and more exciting.

Geminis aren’t over-emotional, unless they have a planet or two that warms up their nature. They do have a tendency to flirt and, in some cases, there may be a need for dual relationships.

Journalism is an obvious career for any Gemini because it suits both the instinct for language and the urge to communicate while also fulfilling the need for variety and change. They also make good teachers, lecturers, travel agents, chauffeurs, and linguists.

Physical exercise should be used to balance the intellectual side of their nature. Any sports should be ‘light’, such as fencing, skiing, archery, and/or tennis.

So there you have it – Gemini, a masculine, mutable, air sign that’s ruled by Mercury. Remember the keywords: Communicative, adaptable, and versatile.

Full Moon in Sagittarius
There’s a Full Moon happening in Gemini’s opposite sign of Sagittarius on Saturday, May 21st at 5:14 p.m. EDT.

That Gemini/Sagittarius combination is going to produce a lot of activity and restlessness. The result could be a lack of continuity and nervousness.

Under favorable conditions, these energies are humane, generous, benevolent, genial, and companionable. While it gives quick and good judgment, in many instance, there is apt to be a considerable waste of mental energy, but the preponderance of enthusiasm will help to make up for it!

Both Gemini and Sagittarius are considered ‘barren’ signs, so if you’re looking to “pull weeds” – whether in your garden or your life – this Full Moon is an excellent time to do it.

With a love of change and motion that comes with the Moon being in Sagittarius, if your gut is telling you that it’s time to do something new and different, then be spontaneous and do it! After all, Moon in Sagittarius is also philosophical and will stimulate ones higher aspirations for self-improvement.

Mercury in Taurus 2
On Sunday, May 22nd at 9:20 a.m. EDT, Mercury in Taurus will once again turn direct. As always, with any retrograde planet, we were given a chance to learn about ourselves during this retrograde.

If you remember, I said,
“When Mercury is retrograde in Taurus, it bring into consciousness concerns over money and fears about the future that are karmic symbols of problems that were lived through in a past life. Thus, the lessons become about ones insecurities.” The question is, did you learn anything? If you did, will you now take a different approach to what causes those insecurities or will you remain stubborn (an effect of Mercury in Taurus) and expect different results from continuing on with the same actions or inactions?

The choice is always ours. Using the traits of patience and practicality that this placement of Mercury offers can make a change for the better in ones life. It can show us how to be conservative, when need requires it, and to build any area of our life on a solid foundation. It can also teach us not to be distracted by side issues when we are creating that solid foundation.

All in all, this is a very useful energy that has a lot to offer in the way of improving our well-being and way of life.

Venus in Gemini 2

Venus does a transit of Gemini beginning on Tuesday, May 24th at 5:45 a.m. EDT. Venus is really not at its best placed in Gemini. Gemini is too rational and takes away from the natural demonstrativeness and warmth of Venus.

During this transit, people may dislike being touched and prefer to express their devotion through the mind and spirit rather than the body. Some will experience short attention spans and don’t really want concrete relationships.

Love becomes an intellectual exercise. Some will like to read about it and think about it, but don’t really care to experience it emotionally right now. This can also make some appear superficial and shallow.

While this transit of Venus can give you some good intellectual insights into love, it doesn’t really provide the energies for finding that special someone.

Mars in Scorpio 2
Mars in Scorpio happens on Friday, May 27th at 9:51 a.m. EDT. Mars is still viewed, by some astrologers, as a co-ruler to Scorpio, especially since the demotion of Pluto which was said to rule Scorpio since Pluto’s discovery in 1930. This makes Mars very much ‘at home’ here.

Having said that, I can also say that Mars in Scorpio energies give anyone the tremendous potential to do good or harm. Strength of character is what allows these energies to be channeled positively.

“Thoughts are things” bears especially strong meaning here. The intuition is strong and the psychic potential good. However, a negative thought about someone can have tremendous power and will be felt by that person. The good news is that a positive thought holds the same potential.

With emotions also intense, this can make people strong allies or dangerous enemies. Love can easily turn to hate. A valuable lesson in taking responsibility for our thoughts, words, and actions.

Sex and Scorpio are almost synonymous so with Mars, a planet of action, in Scorpio, you may find yourself with an insatiable need for action in this area of your life. There can be a tendency to stifle or downplay this but it won’t be denied for long.

Unfinished business is a theme of this placement. This can be either heavy-duty karma caused by fear or vindictiveness from a past life or two, or it can be life-experiences you’re still working on from this lifetime. Whatever it is, the realization that wishing isn’t enough to make things happen now requires you to put physical, mental and emotional energy into making something happen.

This is a very powerful placement that presents energies to create real change in your life.

Astrological Banner 3
With the Full Moon fast approaching and the planets moving into some interesting and powerful positions, we are being presented with an opportunity to manifest things we’ve been wanting and waiting for. Like a pebble in a pond, the changes we make ripple out and affect the Whole. A definite win-win possibility!

Astrology Map 5

Love & Blessed Be

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