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Planets 2

Most people cringe when they hear a planet is going to go retrograde, especially if that planet happens to be Mercury. I’m not sure why that is.  Maybe being an astrologer has given me a whole different perspective on what a planet being retrograde can mean for me. I just know it leaves me puzzled at people’s reaction to the news that a planet is going retrograde.

Right now, we have five…count them…FIVE planets in retrograde motion – Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. With the normal response I get from people about retrogrades, those people must be hiding in a closet right now thinking the world is coming to an end!

The energy created by a retrograde planet varies, depending on the sign it’s in when the retrograde motion occurs. The part of life that’s affected by a retrograde planet depends on what planet it is. Different planets affect different areas of our lives. Not every retrograde planet will affect every person. It all depends on the areas of your life that need work. If you need to work on your communication skills, then maybe a retrograde Mercury will affect you. If, on the other hand, you need to work on your temper or your assertiveness, then you may find Mars retrograde will bring lessons to you to learn from.

The point is, instead of fearing retrograde planets, we should embrace and welcome them as opportunities for growth, progress and enlightenment. With five planets now retrograde, there seems to be plenty of opportunity for most people to make positive progress on their journey through this life. Why not see how you can use these energies to improve your life?

New Moon 4
A good time for new beginnings is the New Moon and we have one occurring in Taurus on Friday, May 6th at 3:29 p.m. EDT.

Moon in Taurus is practical and brings into play the need for financial security. There is a slow, steady progress towards financial goals and a common sense attitude about putting something away for that “rainy day.”

Taurus is ruled by Venus and Venus is about love. Coupled with the Moon, that rules emotions, that brings an enjoyment of candlelight, soft music, and a gracious romantic partner to share it with.

New beginnings? You can take it almost anywhere you desire to go. Need a more practical approach to your finances? This New Moon will give you the necessary energies to begin with both the Sun and Moon in Taurus. Or is it your love life that needs sprucing up? Once again, the Taurus-Taurus combination are energies that will allow you to take a practical, yet romantic, approach to that area of your life. Even if you are a musician or an artist, you will find these same energies to help you along with new beginnings in both these areas.

Persistence and determination abound in the energies of this New Moon and yet there is also cheerfulness, friendliness, and lots of hope to motivate you toward any new beginning you desire.

Mercury 10

On Monday, May 9th, there is an astronomical event called a transit of Mercury that will be occurring. This occurs when Mercury passes directly in front of the Sun.

Transits of Mercury always occur in May or November and don’t happen that frequently. The last one was November 8, 2006 and the next one won’t be until November 11, 2019.

It will be visible, at least in part, from most of the globe. To view it, you need a telescope equipped with a solar filter. With that, you will see Mercury as a small black dot crossing the surface of the Sun.

Mercury is in Taurus right now and it is retrograde. So, it will bring into consciousness concerns over money and fears about the future that are karmic symbols of problems that were lived through in a past life. Thus, the lessons become about ones insecurities. There is a possibility that this will intensify with this transit, at least for the day.

Jupiter 3

On this very same day, Monday, May 9th at 8:16 a.m. EDT Jupiter in Virgo, which has been retrograde, will turn direct.

Jupiter has been retrograde since January 7th, giving us plenty of opportunity to learn from its energies coming back toward us. When I wrote about it then I said, “This retrograde is bringing the energies back to us so that we can learn to stretch out beyond where we have boxed ourselves in for perhaps too long and see things from other perspectives. This can only be done through introspection through the higher mind. So this is a perfection to heal ourselves through the use of introspection and learning to set aside preconceived ideas to see things from other perspectives. Only then can we stretch out and grow.”

Without this introspection, without taking the time to learn about ourselves, we can be trapped by the energies of Jupiter in Virgo which are contradictory. Jupiter is expansive, while Virgo is more contracted and concentrative. The end result can be vacillation. There can also be an endless battle with enthusiasm. We take on more than we can reasonably handle and then find we have to put in extra amounts of work to cope with the load.

There truly was a lot that could have been learned from Jupiter being retrograde. Now the energies are moving forward again and we are left to deal with the push/pull of expansive, outgoing Jupiter vs. reserved, detailed-oriented Virgo.

Gemini 7
The Sun will be moving into Gemini on Friday, May 20th at 10:37 a.m. EDT. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, so when the Sun enters this sign, communication is emphasized.

Those born under this sign, or those affected by its energies, are witty, logical, talkative and spontaneous while also having the qualities of restlessness, inconsistency, and even being superficial.

There will be an impatience with people who can’t seem to make up their minds and with conservative stick-in-the-muds.

Gemini is represented by the Twins (Castor and Pollux to be exact) and most Geminis have two distinct personalities – one they show to the world and the real person they are. This is partially from a deep-seated need to hide their true motives. Thus, anyone affected by these energies may find themselves wanting to hold their “cards” close to their vest during this time.

If you are a writer, this is a very positive time to “pick up the pen” as the Sun shines a light on Gemini’s rulership of writing. Turning a clever phrase will come easy now. When the mood strikes, be sure to act on it!

Be prepared to travel at the drop of a hat! If you’re feeling restless, and the opportunity presents itself, don’t hesitate to shout, “Road trip!” and jump in the car. Adventure awaits and Sun in Gemini just wants you to be adaptable to experiencing it.

To all those born under this sign….

Happy Birthday Gemini 3

That’s it for now. May the retrogrades bring you plenty of opportunities to learn and grow!

Galaxy 3

Love & Blessed Be

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