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Aries 4As the Sun enters Aries each year, it heralds the coming of Spring for those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere. The symbol of Aries is the ram and rightly so with its aggressive/assertive energies that some time cause us to charge ahead without really checking things out first.

In mythology, the story begins when Phrixus, son of Nepele, was falsely accused of ravishing Bladice and condemned to death. He escaped, with his sister, on the back of a golden ram that came to rescue him. Although his sister fell off on the journey, Phrixus reached safety and then sacrificed the ram to Zeus. Zeus then placed the ram’s likeness in the heavens. Thus was born the constellation of Aries.

People born under this sign, or who may have it strong in their natal charts, are enthusiastic, generous, and quickly grasp the essentials of a situation. This, however, can have its drawbacks as the details of the situation can be missed in the haste to see the situation and act on it.

Aries people are no diplomats. In an argument they will speak brashly and/or aggressively quickly offending others. They can be quick-tempered as well.

Theirs is a restless character that has a great deal of difficulty with patience. Perhaps this is the reason they are risk-takers as well. That can be a double-edge sword. While it may win an Aries a medal for bravery, it can just as likely get them a reputation for being the most careless and dangerous driver. Then there’s that tendency to cut or burn themselves without ever noticing. Headaches can be a problem for them as well.

While this all may be true for Aries, what is also true is that they have a huge amount of energy that causes them to be lively as well as powerful. Restrictions or monotony are definitely NOT their cup of tea. A slow, plodding job that may provide safety but leaves them bored is precisely what an Aries-born person does not need.

Career choices should encompass an atmosphere that is noisy, busy, and competitive. Best case scenario puts the Aries in charge. The worst case is being trapped behind a desk. Challenge is important as is finding a way to release his/her high physical energy level, lest they burst.

How can the person born under the sign of Aries be anything else? Is this not the time of the year when the Earth quickly warms and comes to life; when plants push their way up through the earth to bask in the Sun; when seeds germinate bring forth new life? Aries is all about new beginnings and pioneering spirit. They are trailblazers. We could all use that kind of energy and perspective sometimes!

Lunar Eclipse 3

On Wednesday, March 23rd at 1:23 a.m. EDT, there will be a Full Moon with a lunar eclipse happening. The eclipse will be visible during Moonset in western North and South America and during full eclipse from the Pacific Ocean, Alaska, eastern Russia, Arctic and the western half of both Australia and Indonesia. It will then be visible during Moonrise in eastern Australia and Indonesia, Indochinese peninsula, Asia, Indian Ocean and Antarctica.

It happens in the sign of Libra, affecting partnerships of all types. For those looking to bring to a close any type of relationship, the energy of this lunar eclipse can aid you with that endeavor.

It may make one’s quest for balance and harmony a little challenging, but not impossible. An awareness of the needs and desires of others can be a valuable tool at this time.

The kidneys are especially vulnerable now so take care not to imbibe too many impurities. Instead, this may be a good time for detoxing.

Overall, the energies still remain friendly and tolerant.

Saturn in Sagittarius 3

Saturn, which is in Sagittarius right now, will turn retrograde on Friday, March 25th at 6:01 a.m. EDT.

When Saturn entered Sagittarius on September 17th of last year, I said, “It is here that the energies make achieving success a little more difficult. It’s not denied to anyone, just harder to reach.

“The energy of this placement gives thoroughness, seriousness, intellectuality, concentration, and discipline. All of these help us to achieve our goals no matter how many obstacles or delays we may face.

“It’s not all “nose to the grindstone” energy though. There is compassion and understanding of human nature. There is also occult tendencies like intuitive understanding and prophetic insight.”

Now that energy goes retrograde. This brings lessons about independence, expressing our ideas and opinions, and about change.

For those affected by these energies, you may have tried conventional ways of living and found them to be too restrictive. This retrograde motion of Saturn in Sagittarius is signaling that the time has come to allow your true nature to come out.

The retrograde motion of this position of Saturn is also bringing the lesson of making light of those things which, in the past, you allowed to be burdensome. This is about allowing your higher mind to understand and correct your past mistakes. The time has come to do all that you knew you should do when you were younger. Will you dare?

 Venus in Aries 2

On Tuesday, April 5th, Venus will move into Aries at 12:51 p.m. EDT. Rather than being soothing, domestic or calm, this position of Venus is brilliant and exciting.

Those affected by these energies or choose to tap into them may find themselves being emotionally impulsive. Love will be by sight and how someone looks will be very important to you.

You may find others to be passionate and aggressive one minute and then cold and disinterested the next or you may experience yourself being this way. You, or others affected by these energies, may be more interested in the conquest than in settling down.

The upside to these energies is that they are positive and can create a cheerful attitude. They also lend a hand to the ability to be actively creative in any artistic pursuit.

Mercury in Taurus

When Mercury enters Taurus on Tuesday, April 5th at 7:10 p.m. EDT, many may find themselves being very patient and practical mentally. These energies may even cause you to be somewhat conservative in your approach to life.

Those affected by these energies will stubbornly stick to their opinions and once a course of action is decided upon, they will not be persuaded to change their minds easily, if at all.

Actual experiences will create more learning than from what is read or learned in the classroom. It will be important to have the necessary experience before attempting a project. Once that is done, it will be full steam ahead and nothing will cause a distraction from completing that project.

This position of Mercury leads to sound ideas in the area of finance. Conservative policies in handling funds, whether your own or others, are the best route at this time.

If you are a singer, this is great time for use of your voice. These energies may help you create a memorable experience.

Spring Banner

Like Spring, the energies of the planets are offering us a chance to plant new seeds, tend our personal gardens and watch what grows. May your “garden” bear the most awesome fruit for you this year!

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Spring in Bloom 2

Love and Blessed Be

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