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DST - Spring

It’s almost that time of the year again. You know. “Spring Forward” Knowing that time is actually an illusion (along with many other things in this reality), I catch myself pondering each year, “What crazy fool came up with this idea?”

The truth of the matter was that it was Benjamin Franklin. In an anonymous letter, he proposed to the people of France that his idea would allow them to enjoy more sunlight and save money on candles. Most people didn’t take to his idea.

The first person to lead a serious campaign to implement daylight saving time, was Englishman William Willett. In an early morning of 1905, it occurred to him that clocks should be moved ahead 80 minutes during the months from April to October so people could enjoy more sunlight. In 1907, he proposed this to the public in a brochure entitled, “The Waste of Daylight”. Although he spent much of his personal fortune avidly touting the change to “summer time”, the British Parliament stymied the notion and Willett died in 1915 never seeing his dream come to fruition.

To conserve electricity, during WWI, Germany became the first to Willett’s dream into action when they implemented daylight saving time on April 30, 1916.

The history of DST in the United States is a long and chaotic one, beginning on March 31, 1918. It was repealed in 1919, with Congress overriding the veto of President Woodrow Wilson. Even though it had been repealed, some states and cities continued the practice of moving their clocks ahead in the Spring and back in the Fall. National DST returned during WWII, but was once again repealed 3 weeks after the end of that war. Since state and localities could begin and end DST whenever they wanted, a “Chaos of clocks” took place. In 1965, if you boarded a bus in Steubenville, Ohio and road 35 miles to Moundsville, WVA, you would have passed through SEVEN time changes.

In 1966, the Uniform Time Act was enacted and DST began everywhere in the USA on the last Sunday in April and went until the last Sunday in October. States still have the option of remaining on Standard Time though. It wasn’t until the presidency of George W. Bush that DST was changed again and now begins on the second Sunday in March and ends on first Sunday in November.

The chaos of DST affects us humans more than some of us realize. It can take up to a week to adjust to the change. There can be a loss of sleep, loss of productivity on the job, it can affect your appetite and your mood. There are more heart attacks and traffic accidents during DST. The risk of heart attack reduces again when we return to standard time in the Fall.

So know that you’re not alone when you feel groggy and out of sorts for a while when we “Spring forward.” At least you know now who’s crazy idea it was!

New Moon in Pisces
We begin with a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse happening on Tuesday, March 8th at 8:54 p.m. EST. The Moon and Sun will both be in Pisces.

Like the two fishes swimming in opposite directions, the energies of the Sun and Moon both being in Pisces is an ‘either/or’ situation. While people will generally be hospitable, there can also be a tendency to be overanxious and restless. While it allows the imagination to be active, it can sometimes be rather morbid.

Psychic experiences will happen easily. Using the imagination in the areas of music, painting and literature can make creating new works manifest easily as well.

Guard against allowing these energies to make you indecisive and lack promptness.

Venus in Pisces

Venus will also be moving into the sign of Pisces on March 12th at 5:24 a.m. EST, which is a wonderful position for an artist, writer and/or musician. It gives enhanced purity and sweetness to the voice.

There is extreme emotional sensitivity connected to this placement. So much so that people affected by these energies may hesitate to express their feelings for fear of rejection. The same emotional sensitivity can also make it uncomfortable for them in certain environments or around certain types of people because they pick up on the suffering of others.

Where love is concerned, those affected by these energies are devoted once they have given their love. They also long for an ideal union. In general, they are very considerate of others and do nice things so quietly that they often go unnoticed or unappreciated.

A lovely placement with lots of creative potential!

Spring Forward 2

Daylight Saving Time beings on Sunday, March 13th at 2:00 a.m. Be sure to set your clocks ahead!!!

Aries 3
The Sun announces the official coming of Spring as it moves into the sign of Aries at 0:31 a.m. EDT on Sunday, March 20th.

Aries is all about new projects, growth, forward movement coupled with assertiveness. Just like the plants pushing through the earth to reach the lengthening rays of the Sun, so, too, should we now push forward to reach new growth in ourselves. It is the joy of being!

The energies of Aries are adventurous, pioneering, courageous and both blunt and direct. Restrictions cannot be endured by those influenced by Arian energies.

The “downside” to Aries can be a “me first” attitude that produces foolhardiness and egotism. If you want to use these energies, remember not to blindly charge ahead!

All in all, this is an excellent energy for starting any type of new project. The out-rushing force of this energy will propel you and your project forward for sure!

To all those born under the sign of the Ram –

Happy Birthday Aries 5


Mercury in Aries 2

Mercury will then follow the Sun into the sign of Aries on March 21st at 8:19 p.m. EDT. bestowing energies that provide mental strength and brilliance. The love of new ideas and intellectual adventures will be present. Concentration, however, will be difficult.

There can be an impatience with opposition of any kind and a desire to have one’s own way immediately. There can also be willfulness and being headstrong. There can also be an attitude of “If it’s not going to be done my way, then I’ll take my marbles and go home.”

But let’s focus on the good here. The energies can be witty, amusing, and clever. They can bestow the ability to direct others and to think fast on one’s feet. This is excellent for those new beginnings and projects!

Astrological Banner 3

Spring has finally made it to Ohio and I wish you all a wonderful growing season both in your external and internal gardens!!!

Spring 2

Love & Blessed Be

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