The Journey Continues – In Search of the Soul

Spiritual seeker

We are truly unique beings. Some of us are only now beginning to realize that. After all, as I and others have written before, we were taught backwards. We’ve always been told we are this physical body…but…we’re not. As that famous saying goes, “We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.” This physical body we’re walking around in amounts to the same as the apparel we dress it in – it covers us…the real us.

Oh, I know I’ve written about some of this before. Forgive me. There just seems to be an “urgency” to get the message out. I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s the ever-changing energies we are experiencing, especially since 12/21/2012. The vibrations are rising and call to us to reconnect with that part of us that is eternal…our spirit.

It was late 1989 or maybe early 1990 when it occurred to me that, if it were true that there existed another part of me – a part that was eternal and spoke in a quiet voice. I should make every effort to form a better connection with that part of myself so that I could hear that voice more often and much more clearly. With this time period being pre-internet and pre-computer for me, I began my search the old-fashioned way – looking for books that might hold keys and answers as to how this could be done.

Having already been following my spiritual path – Wicca – for almost 16 years, I had grown accustomed to being led to what I needed. Sometimes this happened with books actually falling off shelves in bookstores at my feet! My first discovery was not so dramatic though. In my quest for book titles, I was led to a catalog of a wholesale book seller. In it I found the intriguing title, Spiritual Growth: Being your Higher Self by Sanaya Roman. Okay….this had to be something I should read, so I ordered it.

I have to say, I wasn’t disappointed. I’m usually not a person who enjoys channeled books, but I have to say this gave me plenty to think about and do. The book is divided into three sections – Reaching Upward; Opening Inward; and Expanding Outward. In each section there are chapters that give you information on such things as connecting with the Universal Mind, raising your vibration, choosing your reality, lifting the veils of illusion, and communicating as your Higher Self. There are meditations at the end of each chapter to assist you in reaching the work of that chapter. It was, and still is, very helpful.

Just FYI. This is Book III of the Earth Life series. Book I is Living with Joy: Keys to Personal Power and Spiritual Transformation. Book II is Personal Power Through Awareness: A Guidebook for Sensitive People. I obviously had to get both of these and read them. They, too, are very enlightening and helpful.

Then came the book that I have read over and over and over in the past 25 years, gaining something new or regaining something forgotten each time. The book is called, Where Two Worlds Touch: Spiritual Rites of Passage by Gloria D. Karpinski. The main body of this book takes you through what the author terms “The 7 Steps of Conscious Change”. Exercises like ‘Thought Form Checkup’, ‘Visualization for Stress Control‘, ‘Meeting the Committee’ (which is about meeting the different parts of you), ‘Altar of Forgiveness‘, and ‘Releasing to High Self for Answers”, plus more, help you through these 7 steps of conscious change.

I wish you could see my copy of this book. It’s the original I bought in 1990 and it has numerous different colors of highlighter showing every time I discovered something “new”. I think the best part is the guided imagery called “The River Journey” at the end of the chapter about Step 7: The Surrender. It made such an impression that it became part of one of our group spiritual rituals. If you are seeking change and spiritual transformation, this book will definitely be of help to you.

My point through all this is that until we take the time to realize that we are not who we have been told we are and until we make the endeavor to find and make a better connection with that part of ourselves, our lives can very much seem to have no meaning, no purpose, and make us wonder “What’s it all for?” That’s because joy is an inside job and without the realization that we are so much more than we have been led to believe, joy seems to be fleeting. We keep seeking to find it outside ourselves. The reality of our quest is that what we’ve been searching for all this time lies within each and every one of us. That emptiness we feel, whether just sometimes or most of the time, is because we have denied ourselves a relationship with the part of us that has been silently with us from the beginning.

I know there are people who will tell me I’m less than correct in my terminology, but whether you call it the Higher Self, the Spirit, or the Soul, it is that other part, that eternal part, of us that we need to connect, or reconnect, with in order to understand why we are here and what it is we’re supposed to be doing. When you get right down to it, part of what we’re supposed to be doing is remembering that we are those spiritual beings having a physical experience!

So, do yourself a favor, in this “9” year of spiritual vibration and coming full circle, take the time to explore the possibility that there’s “someone” who wants to speak to you and that “someone” is you…your Higher Self. Find ways, through meditation or other spiritual exercises, to build a bridge and make a better connection to that part of yourself. You won’t be sorry you did. It will make Life so much easier to breathe in and so much more enjoyable!

Higher Self B

Love & Blessed Be

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