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Pisces 3

The Sun entered Pisces on February 19th at 0:34 a.m. EST. But what does that mean? Well, for starters, Pisces is a water sign – one of three with Scorpio and Cancer being the other two – and, like all water signs, it’s considered to be feminine in nature. Because it comes at the ending of a season (like Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius), it’s considered mutable or adaptable. Pisces energies are more open to change and will adapt to it better than signs that are considered cardinal (the beginning of the season: Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) and especially better than fixed signs (those signs which are smack-dab in the middle of a season: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius).

The planet ruling Pisces is Neptune, but before the discovery of Neptune, Jupiter was considered to be the ruler of this sign. There are still some astrologers who see Jupiter as a co-ruler of Pisces.

The symbol for Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions. The mythology behind this is that Venus and Cupid, terrified of the giant Typhon, threw themselves into the Euphrates river and became fish. The goddess Minerva commemorated this by placing the fish in the heavens. This constellation was known to the Bablylonians as KUN, but it was also known as the Tails or the Leash – upon which the two fish-goddesses, Anunitum and Simmah, were tied.

Those born under the sign of Pisces are the most susceptible to outside influences. Perhaps this is because they are so very sensitive and impressionable. For this reason, they can be very impractical and extremely unworldly which can cause them to constantly try to escape reality. This makes all forms of escapism especially dangerous for them, including alcohol and drugs.

On the positive side, Pisces people are very compassionate and have the ability to relieve the suffering of others. Positive escapes from reality, such as meditation, acting, dancing, and other ‘arts’, will help them maintain a balance in a world that feels strange to them.

The emotional characteristics of a Piscean person can best be described in reference to the sea – their emotions are strong and deep with sudden storms and strong, shifting currents. Psychologically, any Pisces needs a creative outlet to come to terms with their own emotions. Some of the world’s most inspired and creative artists have had this sign prominent in their charts. Without this creative outlet, Pisces people can become confused, feel a lack of purpose, and diffused. When emotions are turned inward, for a Pisces, all may be lost.

Pisces people are highly intuitive and can develop psychic and mediumistic talents and abilities. To avoid being swept away in this endeavor, it is important for the Pisces to learn such techniques as grounding and shielding.

In emotional relationships, caution is the best approach. Being so emotional, a Pisces can easily become carried away and, only when it’s too late, discover that the subject of his/her affections is not who they believed them to be.

When considering a career, Pisceans need to avoid ones that involve a lot of discipline or noise. Since the arts really form the core of most Piscean personalities, the fields of acting, dancing, writing, or poetry will do nicely. There are also prospects in the shoe trade (Pisces rules the feet), the Navy, fishing, nursing, or as a hypnotist, illusionist, photographer or clergy (as Pisces also governs those things classified as ‘spiritual’).

For those of us not born under this sign or even having it prominent in our charts, while the Sun transits through this sign, we can best use its energies to focus on the spiritual side of life as well as how we deal with life, in general, emotionally.

Full Moon in Virgo

There’s a Full Moon happening on Monday, February 22nd at 1:20 p.m. EST in Virgo, the opposite sign to the Sun’s Pisces.

When the Moon is in Virgo, our attention may be drawn to areas of our health. This is only because Virgo is the natural ruler of the sixth house of health and service. It is especially concerned with the digestive system. This may be a good time for detoxing from all the Winter eating that has probably been going on. Just don’t go to extremes or become obsessed with any changes you may want to make.

Emotionally (which is what the Moon is all about), the trick is to not be drawn into the Virgo traits of being overly analytical or critical. The intensity of a Full Moon does have the ability to cause some of us to go a little overboard in expressing our opinions, especially about others.

Virgo is a good business sign so if your intuition tries to give you a lead in that direction, it might be wise to follow it. After all, Moon in Virgo also indicates the likelihood of short journeys and changes.

With Mercury being the ruler of Virgo, this is a good time for anything to do with literature. Have you been wanting to write a letter to the editor, a short story or what about that novel you’ve always wanted to write? This is a good time to begin.

Mercury in Pisces 3

Speaking of Mercury, it will be transiting into Pisces on Saturday, March 5th @ 5:24 a.m. EST. This is an amazingly psychic energy! It can allow us to access a mystical fund of information. All of sudden, we speak of things we have no proof for, but often turn out to be right! Beware of slipping into strange delusions and fantasies though.

The memory can become excellent under this influence and one’s concentration can become unsurpassed. An excellent time for meditative practices and inner journey work. There may be unconscious emotional patterns from past experiences that cause the mind to be biased. This is a good time to work on that.

Some may find themselves extremely sensitive to their surroundings and the people around them. On one hand, this can help build understanding as to how it might be to be in another person’s situation. On the other hand, it can also make you uncomfortable, in which case you will find yourself less inclined to talk. If the situation becomes too uncomfortable, you might try shielding yourself from the vibrations.

The creative imagination can be extraordinary now. This can be of great assistance to writers, artists and musicians. Allow this to inspire and motivate you to create through the flowing of your emotions.

A truly amazing time!

Mars in Sagittarius 2

Mars will be heading into Sagittarius on that same day, Saturday, March 5th at 9:30 p.m. EST creating a strong sense of justice and inner strength based on a positive philosophy of life for some.

This is a spontaneous energy that wants to expand. The drawback is that you can find yourself with your energies scattered and too many irons in the fire! If you can avoid this, Mars in Sagittarius can provide energies that will lead you to success.

Sagittarius is about higher education, religious work, legal work, philosophy, travel, diplomacy, publishing, and lecturing. Any of these areas may provide that avenue for success for you.

This is a fire planet in a fire sign. Tapping into this energy, during this transit, can move you far down any road you choose to travel. Activity is the key and this double fire connotation can provide plenty of it!

Astrology 7

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