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In Chinese astrology, this is the year of the Monkey…but not just any monkey…it’s the Fire Monkey.

The general description of people born in this year is that they are fun, but hate confinement. They need their freedom and lots of elbow-room. They also have a remarkable ability to adapt to situations in a flash.

They hunger for what is novel and outrageous while also loving a mental challenge. They are well-known for their problem-solving abilities.

Being a Fire Monkey means you like being dominant in all things you do. They are ambitious and not afraid to look for a means to achieve their goals.

A fertile mind and imagination coupled with a capacity for hard work brings success to those born under this sign. They have to be careful though not to exhaust themselves before they reach their goals.

This same enthusiasm spills over into “having a good time” and can cause an overindulgence in gambling, late night clubbing, and more, causing them to drain their strength before reaching their goals. They can overload their systems and ruin their lives, if not careful.

Although genuinely a Monkey by nature, loving his freedom, Fire Monkey enjoys controlling others. They also have a hard time trusting anyone. Life’s disappoints make the Fire Monkey a cynic as well. Then there’s jealousy. They don’t like to be one-upped by anyone.

But what does the mean for the rest of us who are not Monkeys? I would say the keywords are: Success, imagination, ambition, and adaptability. Of course, this all depends on being aware and avoiding the Monkey pitfalls of over-indulgence, exhaustion, cynicism, and jealousy.

If you know what animal year you were born in, you might check out, Suzanne White’s The New Chinese Astrology. She tells what it means for each animal year in the year of the Monkey.

New Moon in Aquarius

Before the Chinese New Year can happen, the New Moon must take place. We have a New Moon in Aquarius happening on Monday, February 8th at 9:39 a.m. EST

Anytime the Moon is in Aquarius, it’s a time of increased imagination. If you choose to ‘think outside the box’, in other words, be creative in your thinking, you may find yourself making positive achievements in areas of your life that have been stumping you up until now.

Freedom and independence are very important right now and, if your life has been lacking the desired amount of this, you may find yourself restless. It may be time to be innovative and do some thing out of what is considered “normal” for you. It’s okay to shock a few people by doing something that isn’t ‘you’.

With the Sun and Moon both in Aquarius, an opportunity is being offered to really look at things from a different perspective. Perhaps it’s time to blaze a new trail for yourself – something rare and unusual.

It is a New Moon and this could provide the energies needed for a new lifestyle or the inclusion of some unique changes in the one you already have. That could change the energies enough to bring you the new beginning you’ve been hoping for!

Year of the Monkey 3

With the Chinese New Year occurring on the same day as the New Moon, you could say you have a double dose of energies for a new beginning.

Like Aquarius, freedom is important as well as being unique and unusual. This really does seem to be telling us all that it’s time to change the way we look, think and respond to life. So don’t be afraid to have fun and don’t let others limit your freedom. Take that proverbial ‘leap of faith’ and swing into a brighter, more adventurous new year!

Mercury in Aquarius 2

Mercury will be moving into Aquarius on Saturday, February 13th At 5:43 p.m. EST bring with it energies that open the mind to new experiences. It brings a certain detachment that allows the mind to be truthful, unbiased and objective.

Higher intuitive faculties are manifested here because our minds are made more aware of their connection to the Universal Mind causing us to transcend our egos.

Our interest in humanitarianism is increased as is our interest in astrology and metaphysics. Some may find themselves drawn to groups and organizations dealing with spiritual evolution and enlightenment as we find ourselves thinking more about our individual journeys on this path.

Truly a chance for progress in the spiritual side of our lives.

Valentime's Day

Valentine’s Day is Sunday, February 14th. While I could go into the long and varied history of this holiday, I mainly wanted to draw attention to it this year because this planet, and each of us, could use more love – both the giving and receiving of it.

We all come from the same Source, no matter what spiritual path or no spiritual path we follow. We are all connected. Recognizing this, it’s time to realize that Love is the answer. Yes, we will have disagreements, but ultimately, it is Love that will help us to find the answers we seek and the peace we want.

On this one day, this day of Love, could we share in the warmth and pleasantness of the bond we share as spiritual beings in this human experience? On Valentine’s Day, could we all find a reason, for just a moment, to share the vibration of Love?

Venus in Aquarius

Speaking of Love, the planet representing love, Venus, moves into Aquarius on Tuesday, February 16th, at 11:17 p.m. EST.

Here, we are talking about love of all humanity. Even as individuals, if you were born with this placement or are affected by it, you may find it difficult to easily settle down with just one person.

Under the influence of this placement, romantic attractions may be sudden and casual, not stable or lasting. Intellectual stimulation will be an important part of any intimate relationship. The person must be both a friend and a lover for the relationship to stand a chance.

Of all the arts, during this transit, you may find yourself most drawn to music – both for listening and expressing oneself.

Once again, the energies of Aquarius may provide innovative, inventive or unusual modes of expression and attraction for you in all areas of love and the arts.

Pisces 4

Last, but hardly least, we have the Sun entering the sign of Pisces on Friday, February 19th, at 0:34 a.m. EST.

Like all the water signs, Pisces is highly intuitive and just as highly emotional. Water doesn’t like confinement and neither does Pisces. Change and movement are part of the vibration of this sign. When prevented from doing so, it can cause some to find solace in alcohol. Just like Scorpio and Cancer, Pisces need to stay miles away from drinking for it lulls them into a false sense of security and this is a very dangerous lullaby for them.

Pisces are easy-going , kind and compassionate. Those born under this sign can also be vague, careless and indecisive. Like all the signs of the zodiac, Pisces has its good points and its not-so-good ones.

Pisces is assigned the spiritual matters in our lives and, being the natural ruler of the 12th house, it is seen as a karmic sign. That really makes sense when taken in the context of the spiritual side of our natures. We come into each life to improve on where we were before. If we let it, the energies of Pisces can help us with that.

People who are Pisces-born have come to learn a lot but also have a lot to teach the rest of us! To all those born at this time of the year…

Happy Birthday Pisces 2

The day’s are growing longer and Spring is fast approaching. May the increasing light illuminate your path and make it easy for you to see where your journey takes you next!

Path of Enlightenment

Love & Blessed Be

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