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Aquarius 3

This week, the Sun has continued its journey through the twelve signs and entered the sign of Aquarius. Aquarians are, by nature, kind, friendly but somewhat impersonal in their relationships. To them, it’s all about Universal Love even more than personal love.

Aquarians can be unpredictable. They definitely march to the beat of their own drummers. They have unique characters that can be interpreted by outsiders as being eccentric or even downright weird. It’s really just that they see life from a different perspective than most. I mean have you seen Aquarius’s ruling planet? Uranus is unlike any other planet in our solar system. It doesn’t spin like a top…it rolls like a ball! Now that’s a different perspective!

Freedom and independence are of utmost importance to an Aquarian. They will sacrifice almost anything to have it, including intimate relationships. Their outlook is very progressive and they are quite original and inventive in thought.

Even though Aquarius is called “the water-bearer”, it is an air sign. Those born under this sign will often find their thinking to be way ahead of its time. That doesn’t concern them though. They’re really not concerned about what other people think at all. This can, at times lead to indifference toward the thoughts and opinions of others.

Aquarians do well as scientists, astronomers, astrologers, archaeologists, writers and even inventors. To be happy in whatever they do, they need to be able to use their originality, inventiveness and independence in their work. Humanitarian work is another pleasing outlet for Aquarian talents.

Like any of the signs, Aquarius has its down-side. Besides being unpredictable and eccentric, they can be rebellious, contrary, and tactless. Allowed their freedom, they are faithful, loyal and idealistic. Take that freedom away and be prepared for those negative traits to make an appearance.

This is one of those signs that really has no sound myth around its symbolism. There is the Egyptian god Hapi, who was said to water from two jars and was the ancient symbol of the Nile. There was also the Babylonian god Ea, who was sometimes called, “the god of the streams”, but other than that no other story exists to explain the “water-bearer” that represents Aquarius.

It’s good to remember we have entered the Age of Aquarius. The prevailing energies, that have an affect on all of us, are now those that emphasize individuality, freedom, originality, inventiveness. We are all being encouraged to march to the beat of our own drummers. Being the best at who we are as individuals adds and enhances the vibrations of the whole world.

Venus in Capricorn

Speaking of vibrations, Venus will be moving into Capricorn on Saturday, January 23rd at 3:32 p.m. EST. making love lustful and earthy, yet detached and cold. People can be touchy and jealous. Other people’s attitudes toward them can be a point of contention. It can make some people suspicious of others’ motives where love is concerned.

This placement also bodes well for forming strong, permanent attachments. Happily settled, those affected by these energies are faithful and domestic, preferring to stay home to a lot of social life.

Artistically, it provides a strong sense of composition and structure. Classical music may be enticing at this time. A very good energy for antique dealers, museum curators and art gallery directors.

A very interesting transit!

Full Moon in Leo

The Full Moon that occurs on Saturday, January 23rd will happen at 8:46 p.m. with the Moon in Leo.

The combination of the Sun in Aquarius with the Moon in Leo provides energies for an active intelligence and a lively imagination, which can help to achieve great things!

While the Full Moon in Leo can have a tendency to cause self-dramatization in those affected by its energies, the Sun in Aquarius will help to defuse some of that energy. It’s more important to recognize that the Moon in Leo will add warmth, ardor and a natural curiosity to the Aquarian energies of the Sun.

If you use the Full Moon/waning moon to rid yourself of things that no longer serve you, this Full Moon will help you to focus on removing negative traits of the ego, like intolerance, conceit, snobbery, being patronizing, etc. Clear those away and the generosity, enthusiasm and expansiveness of Leo will have a chance to aid you in attaining your goals.

Interesting Full Moon combination!

Mercury Drect

When Monday, January 25th arrives, Mercury, which is in Capricorn right now, will turn direct from its retrograde motion at 4:50 p.m. EST.

These energies can now help create a very steady, serious, sincere mind that is capable of deep meditation for long periods of time. What a wonderful thing for this time of the year!

There is a patience and discipline to this energy which can help in matters requiring mathematics. A great help to those of us facing filing our yearly taxes!

Capricorn can make us very serious in our nature. It teaches the lesson to not take ourselves too seriously. Otherwise, you may become annoyed at the frivolity of others.

This is a time when you should remind yourself to be more optimistic and cheerful. Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, can cause Mercury in Capricorn to create worry, pessimism and even fear.

Use the practical nature of Capricorn to help you find the logic in any situation. Remember to examine the facts and not negative imaginings pull you down.

We can all learn much from this placement, now that Mercury is no longer retrograde.

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Next time…the New Moon and the Year of the Monkey. Have a fantastic two weeks!

Full Moon Blessings 3

Love and Blessed Be

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