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Numerology Nine

In December, I talked about how astrology and numerology are quite compatible, one often proving the facts of the other. I also told you how to find your Personal Year, based on your last birthday. For this article, I want to talk a little about the Universal Year.

The Universal Year is comprised solely of the numbers in the current calendar year. This year, 2016, is a “9” (2+0+1+6=9). This is an energy that pervades the year and can have an effect – positive or negative – on each and every one of us. We can also choose to tap into the energy of any Universal Year and use it to improve our journey through this lifetime.

So what does a 9 Universal Year have in store for us? Nine, being the last of the single digits, has always represented the end of a cycle to me. This is the energy of completion. Time to clean the slate, clear the path, etc., in preparation for positive action and the new cycle, represented by “1”.

It’s even more than that though. Nine, to me, is a spiritual number. I read one that if “666” was the number of the Beast, then “999” must be the number of God. It makes sense to me. So this is a year for self-honesty and to look inward to the Spirit within yourself. It’s definitely a year of introspection.

All the numbers, 1 though 9, have both positive and negative traits. For the number 9, if you have been pretty positive in your attitudes, this can be a year of attainment, achievement, advancement, success and happiness. However, for those who have been negative in their attitudes, you may find this to be a year of loss, sacrifice, emotional upheaval, unhappiness and tears. All gain or loss will be in proportion to the positive or negative energies/attitudes of the past year.

Don’t despair! Knowing that a new, brighter beginning will require that you carry nothing forward that should be left behind, letting go, tying up loose ends, and giving your life a general housecleaning can be part of the prediction of loss, sacrifice, emotional upheaval, unhappiness and tears. Sometimes, when we are unwilling to initiate the necessary action to make these things happen, we have it thrust upon us by the Universe so we have a chance at that new, brighter beginning.

So, this is the year to cultivate tolerance, understanding, compassion and humanitarianism while avoiding clinging, withholding, and holding a grudge. If you want and/or need a new beginning, then this is the year to learn to let go. With every ending there is a new beginning.

New Moon 11

Speaking of new beginnings, the New Moon will be taking place on Saturday, January 9th at 8:30 p.m. EST. in the sign of Capricorn making the emotional energy quite heavy. Frustration, negativity and pessimism are easy to fall prey to at this time, especially with the Sun also placed in Capricorn.

So what does one do, if you’re looking for a new beginning here? Why, you use the positive side of this energy. That’s the part where you realize practicality can be a benefit to you. It’s also the part where you realize that if you look at a problem, and a solution comes to you right away, you should act on it and not second-guess yourself.

The combination of the Sun and the Moon both being in Capricorn can help with being persistent and with dealing with work and responsibility. You could say these energies give you the practical tools to “get all your ducks in a row” so that new beginning can take place. After all, Capricorn energy has the ability to help you to rise to a position of power, which can mean re-empowering yourself – taking your life in your own hands and saying, “Now, this is what’s going to happen!”

Aquarius 5

The Sun will be moving into Aquarius on Wednesday, January 20th at 10:28 a.m. EST. and this energy is outgoing, freedom-loving, self-expressive, and extraordinary.

This is literally “think outside the box” energy. If you need a different perspective on anything, this is the energy to immerse yourself in. It will help you to analyze any situation. Part of that is the quality of detachment that is part of Aquarian energy. Some think those born under this sign are cold. Not so. They are very loving, but it’s on more of a humanitarian, universal way than an intimate, personal way. However, being able to step back in a detached manner can give you a whole new perspective on people and situations. Sometimes that can be a real plus.

Aquarius, and its ruling planet Uranus, can also provide unexpected surprises. That’s part of its energy. Suddenly something comes out of left-field and changes things unexpectedly. It will usually be something unusual that you would have never anticipated. It keeps life interesting!

Aquarius is said to rule the occult in general and astrology in particular. So, if you have an interest in either of these, this is a good time for exploring and studying anything connected to them.

I mentioned Aquarius being “freedom-loving” and this is quite true. Independence of both mind and body are of extreme importance. Even if you have absolutely nothing in Aquarius in your natal chart, during this transit of the Sun, you may feel the desire and need to be free in some way, shape or form of your life.

To all those who celebrate birthdays now, I want to thank you for being you and bringing perspectives that are different into the lives of the rest of us. Sometimes we need someone to disrupt the cobwebs and stir up the dust that we’ve allowed to accumulate in our thinking and our lives! A very “Happy Birthday” to you!

Celestial Background

The planets are obviously exhausted after all that moving around the last time. Things are really quiet for now. I’ll be back in two weeks with more on the sign of Aquarius. Until then…

Inner Child

Love and Blessed Be

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