The Journey Contiues – New Year, New Possibilities

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Here we are in a brand new year filled with as many possibilities as we can imagine. That’s the nice thing about each calendar new year. It allows us the illusion of a new beginning, a new opportunity to do things better than before.

In the midst of this illusion we call reality, what can we imagine? Can we move past any hardships we have experienced or are experiencing and tap into that inner child that still resides within? You know the one. He or she who is filled with hope and wonder, just like when we were actually that age. Or will we allow the circumstances that we’ve encountered on our journey through “reality” to prevent us from imagining and bringing into manifestation something new, better, and exciting?

The choice is and has always been ours. We can choose to be victims, martyrs, or….our very own super hero and/or magician, creating a new and better reality just by choice! It really is that simple, you know. We try to make it so much harder and complicated, but it’s not.

Have you ever noticed the focus that a super hero has when they are on a mission to defeat the “bad guys” or save someone? How about a magician/sorcerer? Have you seen the focus and intent that they display when casting a spell or manifesting something? Well, that, my friend, is the “secret” to it all – FOCUS, What we focus on is what we get. I hear a couple of you going, “Huh?” It’s true. You may just be unaware of what you’re thinking about, focusing on, on a regular basis.

It’s so much easier for us humans to believe that God (by whatever name you choose to call Him, Her, It), the Universe or some evil being has it in for us and we’ve been the victims (there’s that word!) of some unfair punishment. Not true. As much as we’d like it to be true, it’s not. It is we who create our reality and that is done by what we focus on, think about, talk about, etc.

Did you know you’re that powerful? Well, you are! I’ve talked before about the fact we are energy and we attract to ourselves those people and situations that match the vibration that we are vibrating to at any given moment. Change your vibration and you change your life. It’s that simple and you change your vibration by what you focus on.

When we look ahead at the coming year, we should do so with anticipation. It’s an adventure! One that should be enjoyed. Unfortunately, there are many of us who don’t want to even look. We fear there will only be more of “the same”, whatever that is. We see no hope because we drag into each new year all the “bad” that has happened from all the previous years of our lives. We are like Mr. Marley’s ghost, from the Christmas classic Scrooge, in that we have forged this heavy chain of woe-begotten events that we continue to drag with us day after day, month after month and year after year. Is it no wonder life hasn’t changed?

That’s where focus comes in. Yes, bad things may have happened; situations and people may have been less than pleasant, but, if you’re reading this, you survived! If you must look back, find the good in all that bad. What did you learn? How has it helped you to relate to life now? Honestly look for it and you will find something good did come out of all that bad.

I offer you a personal example. I spent over 7 years as an abused wife. I could never understand why I was being treated like that. Was I a bad person? Did I deserve to be punished for something? For years after I got out of the situation, I couldn’t for the life of me understand why I would have chosen to be in that kind of situation. Then one day, it hit me. Without having been through it, how could I possibly understand what other women were going through and be able to offer help to them? It goes beyond that though. Once you’ve lived through such an experience, life looks different. You become more grateful for every day and appreciate the opportunities and blessings that even the smallest things, like a sunny day, can bring. So two things did come out of it – experience and understanding to help others and a new perspective on each day of my life since then. I could have dragged the negative side of that experience with me through the rest of my life, but I chose otherwise and discovered the good that was in all that bad. If I can do this, you can too.

So as we enter 2016, be aware of what you’re focusing on. If there are people and events from your past, or even your present, that cause you to live in sadness, fear, hate, anger or any of the other lower vibrations, ask yourself why you are still choosing to focus on them? Why do you still carry the heavy burden of past events, that can’t be changed, with you? By doing so, you’re insuring yourself of receiving more of the same.

Make this the year you not only become aware of what you’re focusing on but determine that your focus will be on the good of any and all situations. Then watch the changes begin to happen! Little unexpected surprises start to happen. Things you may not have thought possible will suddenly appear. This is you doing this! You are your own superhero. You are the powerful magician creating your new, wonderful reality! (And there is no limit to what you can create!) Shazam!

Wishing you a wonderful 2016! May you fill it with good things to focus on and create new, exciting adventures in your life!

Affirmation 3

Love & Blessed Be

6 responses to “The Journey Contiues – New Year, New Possibilities

  1. People have received centuries worth of conditioning prevnting us from realising that we’re powerful beyond measure. We need to reclaim what’s ours and use these abilities within us to advance mankind.

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