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Capricorn 6

When the Sun enters Capricorn each year, we celebrate the Winter Solstice, the shortest day and longest night of the calendar year. The gloom of those long nights can be somewhat descriptive of the energies of the sign of Capricorn. Ruled by Saturn, whose metal is lead, the emotional side of this sign can be heavy, pessimistic, conventional with a rigid outlook.

Hold on Capricorn! Before you ask, “Where are my good qualities?”, let me say there are good qualities to the sign of Capricorn. Those born under this sign are very persistent, persevering, determined, reliable, patient with a sense of humor and are also practical.

At least one astrological writer has determined there are two kinds of Capricorns, just like there are two kinds of goats (Capricorns symbol). One is the wild mountain who steps nimbly from one crag to another to nibble on the greener grasses. The other is the domestic goat who is restricted to a small patch of grass by either post and chain or fence.

Capricorns are ambitious and make good business men and women. That ambition may be a pitfall for those who find themselves in the circumstance of the domestic goat. For them, it is wise to find a simple job that can be done quietly.

The phrase “cool and calculating” describes the Capricorn mind. The mind is extremely rational and serious. Once a Capricorn makes a move, they will not step back. They are not quick to grasp situations, but once something is fully understood, it is never forgotten. They are worriers and are prone to depression.

Capricorns make good teachers, scientists, farmers, builders, mathematicians or administrators of any kind.

Emotional relationships are very difficult particularly in intimate circumstances. This can be because business is considered more important or just because they don’t communicate well in such circumstances. This can make them feel alone.

When the Sun is in Capricorn, for those of us who weren’t born Capricorns but may still feel this energy, we need to realize that Saturn is a teacher and is considered to be a karmic planet. So the key to dealing with Capricorn, and its ruler Saturn, is caution, restraint, seriousness and stability. Saturn can inhibit, delay, restrict, perfect and deepen. It can cause fear, worry and anxiety. Knowing this allows us to be consciously aware and refrain from being victims to this energy. Its constrictive nature also allows us the opportunity for meditation and introspection – two very valuable self-discovery tools.

To all those born under this sign…

Happy Birthday Capricorn

Full moom with Santa
So, there’s a Full Moon on Christmas this year. Considered rare, the last one was said to be in 1977, although there was a Full Moon on Christmas Eve in 1996. The next one won’t occur until 2034.

This Full Moon will be in the sign of Cancer and will happen on Friday, December 25th at 6:11 a.m. EST. The Moon rules Cancer so, with the Moon being Full, it’s a very emotional and intuitional time.

With the Sun in Capricorn, the opposite sign to Cancer, there is increased sensitivity to people, places and situations There can also be an increase in selfishness for some. The good news is that there is also a lot of tenacity with a love of change and a desire for high attainments.

This is a great time for home life and family and what better time than for holiday celebrations!

This Full Moon can evoke feelings of guilt – real or imagined for some folks. If there are domestic squabbles now, tears will flow and can be followed by an attitude of martyrdom. The result can be a strain on relationships, whether friend, family or co-worker.

The energies, in general, are very domestic, gentle, romantic and very affectionate, if you can avoid falling prey to the emotional intensity of this Full Moon.

To those who celebrate December 25th as their spiritual holiday, I wish you:

Merry Christmas

Uranus Retrograde

Uranus, which is now in Aries, goes direct from its retrograde motion on Friday, December 25th at 10:53 p.m. EST.

Uranus has been retrograde since July 26th, giving us the opportunity to learn lessons connected with being courageous, having initiative, and being resourceful. This was internal work and lessons may have come to us (since retrogrades direct the energies back at us) to help us develop these traits.

Now the planet turns direct and it’s time for us to take what we have hopefully learned out into the world to blaze new trails. The time has come to speak your mind and live life according to who you are and not who others want you to be.

Uranus in Aries makes the will and the head as one. While never forgetting the ability to cooperate, this provides energies to realize ones ambitions by concentrating all ones forces on the objective.

Impulsiveness and temper can be pitfalls, but are easily overcome by developing consideration for others, as well as for oneself.

The need for adventure is strong and those influenced by these energies may become easily bored for no apparent reason.

With this kind of enterprising energy and true courage, there’s nothing that we can’t accomplish!!!

Venus in Sagittarius
Venus enters Sagittarius on Wednesday, December 30th at 2:17 a.m. EST. making love like a shooting star – brilliant but impermanent.

This placement is high-spirited and refined. For this reason, those influenced by these energies will expect these qualities from those they love. If they are found lacking, interest is immediately lost. Since humans are far from perfect, this energy can make it almost impossible to find satisfaction where love is concerned.

With Jupiter being the ruler of Sagittarius, the need for freedom in love is necessary. Conventional relationships will never work here.

This also accounts for an emotional satisfaction that is felt from sports and outdoor adventures. It also explains an emotional attraction to those who are foreign and to those who have a philosophic bent. All these are characteristics of Sagittarius and its ruler Jupiter.

Mercury in Aquarius 2

Mercury will be doing quite a dance over the course of the first eight days of the new year. It begins with Mercury moving into Aquarius on Friday, January 1st at 9:21 p.m. EST.

This is the energy of the true humanitarian. However, interest in other people is often impersonal. This is a time of ‘people-watching’ and analyzing the character of everyone – even strangers.

The mind is open to new experiences and there is an ability to see things in the light of impersonal truth thus creating a mind that is truthful, unbiased and objective.

It is here that, by tapping into the energy of this placement, we can manifest our highest intuitive faculties through communication with the Cosmic Consciousness, transcending the individual ego. Obviously, meditation will be a wondrous experience during this transit. Telepathy is likely to be experienced by some.

This is also an excellent time for group and organizational work. Delight can be experienced in the company of intellectual and elderly people.

Truly an awesome mental experience!

Mars in Scorpio 2

On Sunday, January 3rd, Mars will move into Scorpio at 9:33 a.m. EST. Mars is the former ruler and current co-ruler of the sign Scorpio thus giving those affected by it tremendous potential to do good or harm. It takes strength to channel this energy positively. This energy proves the idiom, “Thoughts are things.” in that strong likes and dislikes have tremendous power and will be felt by those one thinks about.

Emotions are intense with this placement and can go to extremes. Although this isn’t a statement of doom, it is one of caution. This holds true for the use of ones intuition and psychic abilities. This is a good time for alchemy, magic and creative visualization when used with positive attitudes and discipline.

Although sex and Scorpio are almost synonymous, what is really wanted here is understanding. That desire for understanding is on all levels – physical, mental and emotional – and that is the ultimate turn-on!

This is also a time to take care of unfinished business, whether it’s karma or life experiences. So this is also a good time to investigate or research the reasons why this “business” has been left undone.

The negative side of this placement can be anger, resentment, grudges, and a tendency to dominate others emotionally. If you find yourself experiencing this during this transit, perhaps it’s time to explore the motivations behind this happening.

This is truly a great opportunity to learn more about yourself and others from an emotional perspective.

Mercury Retrograde 2

Remember I said Mercury was going to be doing a little dance? Well, here comes Part 2: On Tuesday, January 5th Mercury in Aquarius turns retrograde at 8:06 a.m. EST.

I’ve already told you about Mercury in Aquarius and now I can tell you that this is one of the best placements for a retrograde Mercury. Here, the desire for exploration and discovery is turned inward. This allows us the ability to learn more about ourselves and discover what qualities make up the real us.

Whenever Mercury is retrograde it also has to do with how we communicate with others. This could be part of a past lifetime. Thinking and communicating in an impractical, rash manner can result in confusion and chaotic conditions that are being repeated for another lifetime.

Worry and fear can come for a tendency to function on nervous energy. This can cause a person to react in a nervous manner to life in general and thus every detail of one’s life would be worried about or fussed over.

Strive not for perfection but for understanding to eliminate frustration from the journey through life. It is important to focus ones attention on the reality of the present rather than losing oneself in the past.

This is the work of the retrograde Mercury, especially while it is in Aquarius.

Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter in Virgo will also be turning retrograde on Thursday, January 7th at 11:40 p.m. EST. When Jupiter turns retrograde, it is telling us that there is need for expansion of the self. For retrograde Jupiter in Virgo, there is a conflict between the higher mind and the present life. This can cause limitation in the way we view life.

This can cause some to be escapists from intimacy rather than seekers of Jupiter warmth. It creates an impossibility for people to live up to our expectations of them. This can also cause us to be strict with ourselves and others. It can even create a belief in the spiritual superiority of oneself.

This retrograde is bringing the energies back to us so that we can learn to stretch out beyond where we have boxed ourselves in for perhaps too long and see things from other perspectives. This can only be done through introspection through the higher mind. So this is a perfection to heal ourselves through the use of introspection and learning to set aside preconceived ideas to see things from other perspectives. Only then can we stretch out and grow.

Mercury in Capricorn 2

And then Mercury takes its final dance step for a short while and, in its retrograde motion, enters the sign Capricorn on Friday, January 8th at 2:37 p.m. EST

Here, with the energies still coming back to us, we are given yet another opportunity to learn some lessons and contemplate some things. This time, it’s through Capricorn, ruled by Saturn.

This is an energy that can make us very deep and weighty thinkers. While this can give us a great sense of perspective, it can also cause us to try too hard to pinpoint the exact meaning of what we are searching for internally.

During this retrograde transit, we may find ourselves wanting to talk about things that are meaningful and/or serious. Life will tend to not be spontaneous as we will have a tendency to think about the end result before even making a move.

The greatest difficulties during this transit will be in personal relationships as people lose patience with those of us who are deep in thought and wanting to be way too serious, practical and cautious.

While the energy of this retrograde will definitely be of help in taking that inner journey to self-discovery, the lesson is to not let it weigh either you or your thinking down so much that you miss what you are really looking for and miss the continuing experience of life itself.

By the way, Mercury continues retrograde until January 25th.

Solar System 3

Wow! The planets are really active this time! May our minds and bodies be just as active as we dance to the rhythm of the New Year and the energy of the planets!

Planets & Stars

Love and Blessed Be

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