The Journey Continues – The Gift of Gratitude

Father TimeThe once New Year has now become old and as he, and we, watch the final sands of time from 2015 run out, it is the custom of some to look back over the year and see what has really transpired.

I know for me, still being near the center of our galaxy, and the black hole that resides there, has really made time fly by. This past year is somewhat of a blur for me. Wasn’t it just April a few days ago? Really…wasn’t it? That’s how time has gone by for me.

No matter what has gone on in my life, or yours, I think the key is finding the things to be grateful for even in, what may seem, the worst of situations. Was my year all sunshine and rainbows? No, but whose is. Were there good times? Were there moments that made me smile and/or laugh? Were there moments to remember? I would say, “Yes, yes and yes.” That’s what’s really important.

Those other moments, when things weren’t so “hunky-dory”, as my mother used to say, well, if I survived them, if I learned from them, then they, too, were moments to remember and be thankful for. When you couple that with all the really nice things that happened, you find yourself feeling pretty grateful for the year you are now bidding good-by.

Gratitude Jar 2Several years ago, someone posted an idea that I really liked on Facebook. It’s called a “Gratitude Jar.” I liked the idea and that year I faithfully wrote my blessings for each day on scraps of paper and placed them in the jar. According to the instructions, when the next New Year’s Eve arrives, you open the jar and read all the wonderful things you experienced that year.

Gratitude JarBeing the Witch that I am, I had to change that a little. I used the energy of all that gratitude on all those little scraps of paper to help in the New Year’s Eve spell that’s become a tradition with me for decades – I take a green candle, either one specifically created to invoke prosperity or anointed with myrrh oil, and, at precisely midnight, light it with the idea of invoking prosperity and abundance in the coming year. You can even add a little chant for the lighting like: “Candle of green prosperity, pour forth abundance unto me, so that I may richly live, and that I may freely give!”

Green CandleThe particular year that I did the Gratitude Jar, I put all the scraps of paper in a dish that was safe to burn something in, like a chafing dish or something similar, and, once the candle was lit, used it to light the scraps of paper filled with gratitude energy, allowing the smoke to rise with the idea that it would bring even more reasons to be grateful in the coming year. (You may want to do this part outside to avoid the room becoming too smoky.) Was it a success. I think so. It’s been a few years ago, so I can’t give you specifics, but even the “worst” of times, I have found reasons to be grateful.

Something else that I’ve been doing for a number of years is using a “Gratitude Stone” each night before I go to sleep. At Yule in 2012, I was gifted a copy of the book The Magic by Rhonda Byrne, famous for writing The Secret. This is a 28-day course on rediscovering the magic we knew as children and creating more abundance in your life through the magic of gratitude. Chapter 2 is entitled “The Magic Rock” and it’s about the Gratitude Stone I use each night.

“Reflect upon your present blessings of which every man has plenty; not on your past misfortunes of which all men have some.” Charles Dickens, Writer (1812-1870) This is the quote that heads the chapter about “The Magic Rock” and pretty much sums up why you use it before going to bed at night. The author tells us, “Because gratitude is magnetic and attracts more things to be grateful for, the concentration of gratitude…will intensify the magnetic force of your gratitude. When you have a strong magnetic force of gratitude, like magic, you automatically magnetize everything you want and need to you!” By finding things to be grateful for that happened that day, and in particular finding the best thing that happened, you not only go to sleep in gratitude, but wake up in gratitude each day as well. Now that’s a gift you can’t buy anywhere!

The stone you use can be one you found in your yard or on a walk or anywhere. All that matters is that you’re attracted to it and it feels like the stone for this purpose. Try it! You’ve got nothing to lose and the possibility of changing things for the better!

So while I could recount my year to you, I have chosen instead to give you some “gifts” that may be of help in the coming year to make your life a little brighter, more abundant, with more reasons to be grateful. For myself, I believe it’s time to bring out the Gratitude Jar again and work some more magick for the coming year. Couldn’t hurt and, who knows, it could make 2106 a year when I have even more reasons to be grateful!!!


Love & Blessed Be

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