The Journey Continues – Memories

Childhood MemoriesTo me, this time of year was made for children. Thanksgiving, Christmas/Yule/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa, a New Year, all speak to the awe and wonder that children know so very well. It’s also a time when, if we are open to it, we adults have a chance to reconnect with our own inner child. We should do that more often.

I realize and recognize that not everyone had a happy childhood. I wouldn’t dream of making that assumption. I was fortunate. As I look back on my childhood, there was more of it that was good than there was bad. Yes, there were those bad moments, like being taunted by ones classmates because of the clothes you wore, the way your mother braided your hair or the fact you had buck teeth and a name that could easily be perverted into something less than nice. On the other hand, there were friends who played “stewardess” with you, hide-and-seek, tag and more. There was going to the movies on Saturday morning to watch cartoons and the serial adventures of some hero. There were Summers that were long and lazy. There was going to the park pool to swim. So many good memories.

I was raised in a house that believed in Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. I was taught the acceptance of those whose beliefs were different than mine and that a person’s color didn’t matter but their character did. I was, and still am, so fortunate.

My parents, neither of whom finished school, encouraged reading, writing, art, and music. My mother taught me how to write my name in cursive before I went to school and I could play gin rummy with her…and…win! <Smile>

Did I get in trouble? Hells yes! I was very good at it. I not only “pushed the envelope”, I annihilated it! Yeah, I was real good at getting in trouble – all in the name of adventure and fun. I was also fortunate that corporeal (physical) punishment was not part of the results of my “adventures”. My folks believed that “grounding” worked much better than any spanking could on my free-spirited nature. It did while I was younger and then I grew older and “wiser” and learned how to drive them crazy so they would want me to just “get out of here!”, but that’s another story for another time.

I grew up an only child and we lived fairly distant from relatives and my folks’ friends so the holidays were really an intimate family affair. That was okay with me. I had school parties and friends to share some of the holidays with.

I remember one year…I’m not sure how old I was…when I really, really wanted a ballerina doll that could be bent at the waist and the joints. It was a big deal back then. I also wanted a china set that was white with blue print on it. I wasn’t sure if Santa would bring both, but I was going to ask. Either one would have been a nice surprise on Christmas morning. (Yes, back then, I was Christian and I did celebrate Christmas.)

I was always excited on Christmas Eve. We had to put the cookies and milk out for Santa (That poor spirit. No wonder he had/has a weight problem with all those plates of cookies and all those glasses of milk waiting for him at every house!) and I was told that Santa couldn’t come as long as I was awake so it was off to bed to try and sleep so Christmas could proceed on schedule.

By daybreak, I just had to go see if Santa had arrived! That year, he most certainly did. There under the tree was the ballerina AND the dishes!!! OMG! I was so thrilled! I couldn’t believe my eyes! My folks just stood there grinning. Of course, they knew the “secret” that had brought me the gifts I had so wanted.

So, that’s a nice story, but what’s my point? The point is, as children we believe. We believe that all you have to do is ask and you will receive. We believe in some unknown force out there that will grant our wishes, whether it’s Santa, the Easter Bunny, or the Tooth Fairy. Then we grow up. We are told there is no Santa, that it was our parents all along; no Easter Bunny – parents again; no Tooth Fairy – yup, once more, our parents. The awe and wonder disappears and we are instead handed a super-sized helping of “You have to work hard for everything in this world.” It turns our world, our lives, and our very existence into a constant cloudy day filled with much stress and little joy.

Now, I recognize not everyone loses that awe and wonder. For the most part though, this “truth” becomes a heavy weight for so many of us. In extreme cases, it feels hopeless, for some. How very sad.

Through the belief in these holiday icons, we had an opportunity to really learn about the Law of Attraction so that it could continue to work for us throughout our lives. The spirit behind each of these – Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy – plus more, depending on your cultural background and/or spiritual path, allow us to stretch our imaginations and beliefs to realize that they are all part of the Universe, just as we are. They are a vibration of giving, joy, gratitude, love, appreciation and more.

We can relearn to be open to receive, to ask for what we want and need, and to believe it is ours right now. What better time to start that relearning than one in which the very foundation of celebrating has to do with peace on Earth, goodwill toward all? Where do you begin? Reach back into time to a place where you believed in the miracles of the season; when Santa was a regular visitor to your house and you truly believed in his existence. Reach back and “touch” a very fond childhood memory and bring that feeling into your being…right here, right now. That “spirit”, that energy still exists. It is ours, to carry all year long in our hearts and minds, if we just choose to reach out and claim it.

I’m not sure what Santa will be bringing me this year, but I know he will be here and I know I will be VERY glad to feel his presence once more!

Happy Holidays to you and all those you hold dear!

Yuletide Unicorn

Love & Blessed Be

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