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Sagittarius 4The Sun entered the sign of Sagittarius on Sunday, November 22nd at 10:26 a.m. EST. Sagittarius is a fire sign that is considered to be masculine and mutable (adaptable) in nature. It is ruled by the planet Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. Perhaps this is why both are considered to have expansive energies.

The myth of Sagittarius is about the centaur Cheiron who raised Jason, Achilles and Aeneas. He was famous for being a prophet, doctor and scholar. He was a talented archer.

Above all else, Sagittarians need to feel free. In youth, he or she may be given to driving fast cars, disregarding safety for the sense of excitement it provides. Even in later years, the Sagittarian cannot abide either physical or emotional claustrophobia. They need to feel free in all ways.

Their intellect will lead them to seriously study subjects unknown to them with a fervor that is much like an arrow – aimed straight at the objective. As that objective comes within sight, the Sagittarian will aim even higher, sometimes starting on a new project before the old one is totally completed.

The challenge of a problem is a delight for a Sagittarian, for it invokes the sense of exploration and they love to explore! Old problems may best be dealt with along new lines, approaching it from several angles and sometimes unusual ones at that.

Sagittarius is not a worrier, but sometimes can create danger for themselves with blind optimism.

In a relationship, Sagittarians need both good physical and intellectual interaction. Still, he/she needs to feel free so jealousy or possessiveness will quickly sour the relationship.

Where careers are concerned, they make good teachers, librarians, lecturers, philosophers, explorers, priests, publishers, writers, and more. It’s not uncommon for a Sagittarian to hold down two jobs. Staying in a grindingly dull job, such as factory work, will not last long for a Sagittarian. They identify with their intellect and need a level of stimulation in this area with their work. Physical exercise can create a means of escape from dull conditions.

Positive traits of a Sagittarius include being: Jovial, optimistic, versatile, open-minded, adaptable; being sincere and frank, being dependable and scrupulous; having good judgment; being freedom-loving.

Negative traits include: Prone to exaggeration, extremism, tactless, restless, careless, blindly optimistic, boisterous, irresponsible.

Keywords: Widely, freely, exploratively.

So there you are. These are the basics of Sagittarian energies and qualities of those born under its sign. So, for almost another four weeks these energies will be available to expand on any area of your life you care to utilize them for. Enjoy!

Full Moon in GeminiThen comes the Full Moon in Gemini on Wednesday, November 25th, at 5:44 p.m. EST. As will all Full Moons, it’s in the sign opposite the sign the Sun is in. So, with the Sun in Sagittarius, the activities of Sagittarius are quickened producing hasty speech, being overexcited and too active. Some may even find themselves nervous for no apparent reason.

The good news is it helps with journalistic ability and education. Judgment and memory are also good with these energies. However, guard against being abrupt in speech and actions. Change can be good, but not without thought.

The Moon in Gemini stimulates the imagination so this is an excellent time for any kind of creative work. Be careful not to spread yourself too thin though.

People influenced by these energies may talk incessantly and sometimes forget about the truth. There is also a tendency to rationalize ones emotions while the Moon is in Gemini.

Overall, if you focus on the positive energies of this Full Moon, your imagination can lead you to some very creative thoughts that may help you to dispel any problems you’ve been trying to resolve. Be open to that and use it wisely.

Venus in ScorpioVenus will move into Scorpio on Friday, December 4th at 11;15 p.m. EST. Here, emotions become intense and are expressed in a physical way. There is a willfulness to these energies that can cause some, who are influenced by them, to go to extremes.

People can also be very straightforward during this transit. So much so, that it can be frightening to other people who are on the receiving end. Tact and diplomacy are very important now because these energies are passionate, possessive and even jealous.

Those influenced by these energies may be attracted to the occult sciences and inner mysteries with an increase in psychic sensitivity to the feelings of others.

A very interesting transit, indeed!

Mercury in CapricornMercury heads into Capricorn on Wednesday, December 9th at 9:35 p.m. EST Here, the mind is very steady, serious and sincere. These energies create the ability to meditate deeply for those affected by them.

During this transit, being mindful of how one communicates with others is important. There can be a tendency to hand down dictums to others when expressing oneself and thereby create a dislike for oneself among ones peers.

Mercury in Capricorn creates an excellent memory. Ideas are regarded as important based on their practical value. Capricorn does invoke a suspicious nature, so use this quality to examine facts before making accusations. The energy of Capricorn can feel heavy so find reasons to be optimistic and cheerful rather than pessimistic, fearful or even depressed.

Use the good traits, be aware of the not-so-good ones and Mercury in Capricorn can bring practicality and down-to-earth solutions to you.


Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone you celebrate with!!! See you in two weeks!

Happy Thanksgiving 7

Love & Blessed Be

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