The Journey Continues – A Time of Introspection

Journey InwardHalloween has passed, many of the trees are now bare of leaves, for this is a time when growing ceases in the external world for those of us who live in the Northern hemisphere. So when we see the squirrel storing up nuts for the Winter and animal’s coats getting thicker, we know that there will soon be a chill in the air and possibly snow on the ground.

For we who are spiritual beings having this physical experience, now has come that time when our internal world has a chance to grow and flourish, if we so desire. The external world can be such a distraction, especially during the Spring, Summer and even Fall, but with the arrival of the cold, we have an opportunity presented to us to journey inward and explore a world that is available solely to each one of us. No other can take this journey with us for none but us can travel to this place within.

Like the leaves dropping from the trees, we have an opportunity, through exploration and awareness, to drop those things which have ceased to serve us and that no longer bear luscious fruit. This time is known to many of us as the time of “Introspection.”

Within each of us lies the hopes and dreams of childhood that may have been abandoned. Also will be found the hurts and wounds that we have gathered since we were quite young. Many of these have left us with anger, depression, little or no self-confidence, and a myriad of other mental and emotional dis-eases. Underneath all of this lies the real us. The one who had a plan and a purpose for being here.

Yes. It’s true. We each had a plan and a purpose for this lifetime. Although we didn’t all come to be rich and/or famous, we did come to do important things in our little corner of the world. The problem is…we forgot that and life outside of us distracted us from life inside us.

You know that’s where all the answers lie, right? Not outside of you and not with some All-Knowing entity in another realm, but rather right inside of each of us. Amazing, huh? The fact that we have been led to believe, all our lives, that someone else knows better than we ourselves what is right for us has been distracting us from the Truth of the whole matter for most of our lives. No wonder so many of us feel frustrated and lost!

You want to know what’s even more amazing? We’ve always had the power to choose what to believe, where to go, how to be! Yes. This is also true. Unfortunately, we were led to believe that only certain choices were allowed; only certain beliefs were correct; only certain actions and ways of being were acceptable. You know what this has gotten many of us? We don’t like ourselves. Ha! See? You know this one. I see you nodding your head “yes”.

Do you know why we don’t like ourselves? Because there resides within us, a part of us that knows this is not how it’s supposed to be. That this is not what we came here to do or be. That part of us tries to tell us, to give us hints, as to what would make us happy, what would make us feel complete, but we are so very distracted by the outside world and the habits we have developed of wanting approval and wanting to be “correct” in our actions and state of being, that we don’t hear it. Actually, we can’t hear it for all the noise going on in our external world. Even our internal world is noisy with our egos constantly yammering about how we don’t like this thing or that; how we feel angry about this or that; how afraid we are that this or that will happen, etc., etc., etc.

And then comes the cold and Winter. The world becomes a little more hushed and still. We can sit for a moment and begin to take that journey within. This a time of rest from the busier, warmer months. This is a time to take care of our internal gardens. (Not that you shouldn’t the rest of the year.) This is a time to seek the REAL answers to the questions you have and the problems you want to solve.

I’ve always loved the opening to Star Trek: “Space the final frontier.” Well, folks, it might be the final external frontier, but within each of us lies a journey that would more than likely put space exploration to shame as far as discovering amazing things! If you really want to “…go where no man has gone before”, try exploring your own internal universe. What you find there may very well ‘rock your world’ or, at the very least, give you a whole new perspective on your life.

Vibrationally, we are on the very edge of an awakening for all mankind. As more and more people become aware of the illusions that have held them back from achieving what they came to do, we grow closer and closer to that next state of higher consciousness. As individuals, we owe it to ourselves to gain the ability to see through the illusions, drop the baggage we’ve carried for far too long, and realize we DO have a right to choose whatever feels right to us.

So, give yourself a gift this season that can’t be bought with any amount of money or found anywhere externally. Take that journey that can’t be booked with any travel agent and go within. Find what you have “squirreled” away for far too long. Take it out, dust it off, examine it and decide if it hasn’t remained hidden for far too long. Somehow, I have a feeling, it will bring you more joy than you have known for a long time.

Bon Voyage!

Yoda Answers Within

Love & Blessed Be

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