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Babylonian AstrologyAstrology has a very long and interesting history. Astrology and astronomy were once one science. Now, astronomy deals with the magnitudes, distances, masses, speeds, etc. of planets by observation while astrology deals with the influence of celestial bodies upon animate and inanimate objects and their reaction to such influences.

The word “astrology” comes from the Greek. “Astra” means, ‘a star’, while ‘logos’ means logic or reason. Together, they literally imply a doctrine or law as shown by the stars or planets.

When an astrologer casts a chart, the calculations they use are an astronomical process. However, the reading of that chart – the interpretation – is an astrological process.

In actuality, astrology probably goes back to the beginnings of Mankind, but 5,000 years ago, in Babylon, the priest-magicians began to study the stars. It had been borrowed from the Sumerians, modified, and had become part of the Babylonian religious system. It was here that, in 700 BCE, the 12 signs of the zodiac were invented.

From here it traveled to Egypt and then made its way to Greece. The Greeks added their philosophies to give moral significance. To them, a planet was consistently good/benefic or bad/malefic. This was the development of astrology as we know it today.

When Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire in the 4th century A.D., astrologers because regarded as little better than demon worshipers. In a few decades it was almost totally forgotten.

It was rediscovered in the 12th century by European scholars through Latin translations of Arabian astrological works.

The Church actually helped the popularity of astrology during the Middle Ages when several Popes engaged in the use of astrology: Pope Sixtus IV, Pope Julius II, Pope Leo X, Pope Urban VIII (who published a Bull against certain aspects of astrology but continued to use individual astrologers).

There was a lull in astrology until about 1780. In the 1800s, many authors and poets made allusions to astrology in their works: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Dante, Chaucer, Milton, and Shakespeare.

Astrology remained popular throughout the 19th century in both the United States and England because of the interest people had in the occult. It even played a prominent role in WWII with Hitler using astrologers and Great Britain deciding to do likewise.

So, as you can see, the history of astrology has had many ups and downs. It has been declared to be both the work of God and of the devil. Today, however, from individuals to corporations, astrology is seen as a valued tool and yet there are still those who would call it the work of the Christian devil. Perhaps this is something we all need to decide for ourselves.

Harvest Moon 6While you’re letting that roll around in your mind, take into consideration that there is a Full Moon in Aries that will happen on Sunday, September 27th at 10:50 p.m. EDT. This comes with a Lunar Eclipse that will be seen – even if only partially – in the continental US. For those who live in the Northern Hemisphere, this Full Moon is known as the “Harvest Moon.”

So what can we expect from the energies of this Full Moon? Well, anytime the Moon is in Aries there’s a lot of forward, forceful motion. That’s because Aries is the pioneer, the one who forges new paths and goes where no one has gone before. This is an energy of creation. Just as the seed sprouts and forces its way through the soil in the Spring (Spring happens when the Sun moves into Aries.), this energy of this Full Moon is one to use to propel yourself forward. Normally, the New Moon is a time of new beginnings. Here, the energy of a Full Moon in Aries can help you move forward changing the way you do things, discarding what no longer works. It is an energy of determination. Just as the ram (the symbol of Aries) puts its head down and charges forward, this is the energy you have at hand now to use to accomplish things that you have waited, perhaps, too long to change.

Take care though. Moon in Aries will more likely act on impulse rather than reason. Keep that enthusiasm that these energies will bring, but temper it with some thought. Aries rules the head and during this time head injuries can occur, even if just a headache from rushing into something that later proves folly.

You do have help at hand with the Sun in Libra, which likes contemplation and reason. This is a good combination. The energies make people quick to appreciate new ideas, fond of change, and sometimes impatient. The one problem is lack of perseverance. This is where that Full Moon will help out as it’s eager and willing to forge ahead.

All in all, this is an excellent Full Moon for ridding yourself of things you’ve held onto for far too long and forging ahead, creating a new trail on which to journey forward.

Venus in Virgo 2It’s not until Thursday, October 8th that Venus moves into Virgo at 1:30 p.m. EDT. Venus was just here at the end of July, before it went retrograde into Leo. Some of us will find ourselves overanalyzing our emotions and/or being overly critical of those we love.

As I said then, “Venus is about love and affection. Unfortunately, Virgo can cause us to be overly critical of those we love and even make some feel self-conscious thus cutting off the flow of affection.

“These energies do allow some to be good nurturers as they are capable of sympathy and are good in helping those who are ill. Virgo being ruled by Mercury allows those affected by these energies to use their analytical abilities to help others with psychological problems as well.

“Some will find themselves being fastidious about manners, appearance and hygiene. This is just Virgo energy. Perhaps it is drawing our attention to an area that needs highlighting at this time.

“Venus in Virgo isn’t the best of placements for this planet of love, but when combining mental and emotional aspects of ourselves with the analytical abilities of this energy, we may be able to rout out and resolve some long-standing issues that need clearing from our energy fields.”

All this still holds very true and, yet, here we are again faced with these energies. Perhaps we still have work to do that involves the energies of Venus in Virgo.

Draconids Meteor ShowerThe Draconids meteor shower peaks the nights of October 8th and 9th, starting at nightfall.

To see them, you look to the northwest of the sky to the constellation of Draco. You can find it by looking at the handle of the Big Dipper and going upward from it, past the Little Dipper, to the sky high above.

Even at its peak, this meteor shower is rather languid, offering only a handful of meteors per hour. However, sometimes the “Dragon” awakes and rains down hundreds and thousands per hour! The waning Moon will provide a dark sky for viewing.

Mercury in Libra 2On Friday, October 9th, Mercury in Libra will be turning direct from its retrograde motion at 10:58 a.m. EDT.

Mercury only entered Libra at the end of August, offering us the opportunity to learn about balance and harmony in such areas of our lives as work, study, communications and decision-making.

Retrograde Mercury sent us wobbling, off balance as these lessons presented themselves in some form or another. Now, Mercury turns direct and we should ask ourselves what it is that we learned.

We are, once again, being presented with excellent energies for work, study or just investigating such areas as psychology, astrology, public relations, social work, and the law.

Good communications, that are open and honest, are still important especially in all our relationships if we want them to be happy ones.

Decision-making may still find wanting and needing to consider all sides to an issue before coming to a final decision. This may cause you to seek out others who have fine minds and honest reputations for their insights and truthful communications on matters that are important to you, but, ultimately, the decision will still be yours to make.

Did Mercury retrograde help you to look at any of these areas and see work that needs done? Are you ready now for new approaches to these areas o your life? Time will tell.

Celestial BannerFall is here and Winter approaches. It’s good to be prepared internally and externally for the coming months. I wish you well and hope these words have helped in your quest for peace and prosperity, health and happiness.

Fall Path Thru woodsLove & Blessed Be

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