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Part of FortuneHave I ever spoken to you about the Arabian Parts? These are derived from an Arabian system of astrology where the degree of the ascendant at birth and the degree of a specific planet are added together and from that one subtracts the degree of another specific planet in the chart. The resulting number gives you an imaginary point in the natal chart that is activated by a transiting or progressed planet.

I have never found out for sure how many there are, but I have a list of 29 Arabian Parts that cover anything in such areas as marriage, bankruptcy, divorce, surgery, faith/belief/trust, inheritance, love/appreciation, and more. The most commonly used is the Part of Fortune. Many astrologers feel it should be inserted into every natal chart. Although no exact definition has ever been given for it, the Part of Fortune, by where it is placed in the chart, does tell us where we might find our personal “pot of gold” or, at the very least, point the way to the area of life that will give us the most joy.

To find where the Part of Fortune resides in a natal chart, the astrologer takes the sign and degree of the Ascendant and adds the sign and degree of the Moon. From this number, the sign and degree of the Sun is subtracted. The result is that place in the chart where the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant are in the best harmonic relationships to each other. This means a place where the most abundance may be acquired by the individual. This is done by its energies attuning an individual to the area of life that will be the most natural for him or her to succeed. By using the energies of ones Sun, Moon and Ascendant in a positive manner, the greatest joy and the greatest success will be found.

Many people today are wondering what their purpose in life is – what will make them happy and what will bring abundance. Now you know. By knowing what your Sun, Moon and Ascendant are, you can find your Part of Fortune. Find your Part of Fortune and you have a treasure map to joy and success!!!

The Heavens are very quite right now. Of course, we still have Uranus, Neptune and Pluto retrograde, as is Venus for a little while, but not much else is happening…

Full Moon in PiscesThe Full Moon in Pisces will be occurring on Saturday, August 29th at 2:35 p.m. EDT. making it a very psychic time!

Unfortunately, being combined with the Sun in Virgo, it can make it a very restless time, even creating irritability and dissatisfaction. The energies are sympathetic and charitable though.

Being a Full Moon, intuition will be high and even when your fears may cause you to pooh-pooh away a strong gut feeling, it may be insistent that you pay attention and keep coming back so that you do take notice and act on it.

The Moon in Pisces can also cause apathy. This may be because Moon in Pisces also causes some to feel the world is so messed up that rejecting it is the best thing to do. Understanding that this is part of the lesson can allow a person to readjust themselves philosophically and be able to fulfill the purpose of their journey.

If you are the least empathetic, be sure to shield yourself during this Full Moon. Energies will be strong and it will be easy to pick up on people and places in which you find yourself. It’s a good time for any type of metaphysical work!

Venus in LeoVenus in Leo will be turning direct from it’s retrograde motion on Sunday, September 6th at 4:29 a.m. EDT.

Venus only went retrograde on July 25th, but it’s still given us the opportunity to take a look at how our egos react to love, both self-love and the love from others, becoming aware of our expectations where love is concerned. Now, with Venus moving forward again, we have the opportunity to take what we’ve learned and express it outwardly to the world.

Warmth, kindness, generosity, loyalty are all common expressions of the energy of Venus in Leo. What you put out does come back to you! It still begins with offering these qualities to yourself first and then sharing them with others.

May Venus in Leo offer you warm-hearted, sunny, affection!

Astrological Writing
Well, that’s a wrap for this time. Fall is fast approaching and I know many of you are looking forward to that. For me, Sun and Summer worshipper that I am, I can only say, “Seven more months until Spring!” Wishing you all a wonderful two weeks. See you then!

Astrological Quote 2Love & Blessed Be

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