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Leo 7We will soon be entering the sign of Leo. A time when, curiously enough, the “dog days” of Summer occur. But what else should we know about this regal sign?

The myth surrounding this constellation is that it commemorates Hercules’ bravery in the killing of the Nemean lion whose pelt was impervious to weapons made of iron, bronze or stone.

Ruled by the Sun, those born under this sign are warm-hearted, usually born leaders, with a sense for drama which can lead him or her to the stage.

Many think of Leo and think of ego. While this can sometimes be the case, Leos are affectionate, enthusiastic, optimistic people who seem to bring a little “sunshine” into other people’s lives. This is a very valuable quality that they shouldn’t neglect.

What most people don’t realize that Leos can be very sensitive and can be easily hurt. They don’t usually show it. Their regal nature will cause them to act magnanimously even when they have been treated unjustly.

Being a fire sign, Leos do have tempers, but even then, they pull themselves up to full regal height and make sure that the other person realizes they have overstepped their bounds.

That drama I spoke of earlier can assert itself in such ways as dressing impressively, doing things on a grand scale, or just making a scene so as to become the center of attention.

Leos can be closed minded. The opinions that they formulated in youth will stick with them until the day they die. Large-scale ideas are sometimes too large and there is often an inability to see and deal with the details. There is a resilience to the mind and this helps Leos to refrain from worry and not be devastated by depression.

It is said that, traditionally, Leos find marriage difficult. This is even more true for those with a Leo ascendant. Having said that, Leos are extremely loving and loyal. They just need to consider whether marriage is the right next step for them before taking it.

Okay, so I’ve mentioned that they’re enthusiastic, can be magnanimous, like drama, but they are also generous, good organizers, creative, and expansive.

On the other hand, as with any of the signs of the zodiac, there are the negative traits: dogmatic, bullying, pompous, snobbish, opinionated, conceited, power-hungry, and intolerant – to name a few.

So what makes a good career for this sign? Well, I would say any position that puts them in the “spotlight” or any leadership position for starters. That would include such things as actor, teacher, politician, director, manager, etc.

Leos are hard workers. They are ambitious but usually not ruthless. They need to be able to express their enthusiasm and exuberance for life. Often work and leisure become one and the same, especially if the work is creative or artistic.

Finding the middle ground between the positive and negative traits of this sign, will benefit not only the Leo but all those around him or her. Do we not benefit every day from the light and warmth of the Sun? The same holds true of Leo. When they “shine” at just the right intensity, everyone has something to smile about.

New Moon in Cancer 2On Wednesday, July 15th, a New Moon will occur in the sign of Cancer at 9:24 p.m. EDT. With the Sun and Moon both in Cancer, imagination will be strong and, even though it is a New Moon, could go to extremes. This is mainly because of the heightened emotional energy of the double Cancer influence.

Because this combination also points to matters dealing with home or property, if you are looking to change residence or buy additional properties for whatever reason, this New Moon provides the energies for creating that new beginning.

Using that strong imagination, coupling it with heightened emotions, and then visualizing what it is you wish to manifest can create energies that make dreams become reality.

Take care though. Cancer can also produce inertia and that can create laziness and procrastination. You have the tenacity and power within you to bring into manifestation things that you’ve, up till now, only dreamed about!

Venus in VirgoVenus will enter Virgo on Saturday, July 18th at 6:38 p.m. EDT creating energies that can cause us to over-analyze our emotions.

Venus is about love and affection. Unfortunately, Virgo can cause us to be overly critical of those we love and even make some feel self-conscious thus cutting off the flow of affection.

These energies do allow some to be good nurturers as they are capable of sympathy and are good in helping those who are ill. Virgo being ruled by Mercury allows those affected by these energies to use their analytical abilities to help others with psychological problems as well.

Some will find themselves being fastidious about manners, appearance and hygiene. This is just Virgo energy. Perhaps it is drawing our attention to an area that needs highlighting at this time.

Venus in Virgo isn’t the best of placements for this planet of love, but when combining mental and emotional aspects of ourselves with the analytical abilities of this energy, we may be able to root out and resolve some long-standing issues that need clearing from our energy fields.

Sun in LeoThe Sun begins its yearly transit into Leo on Wednesday, July 22nd at 11:31 p.m. EDT. While I spoke of the positive and negative traits of those born under this sign earlier, it’s good to mention that for the rest of us, we can tap into the enthusiasm, creativity, determination, and more that is offered when the Sun enters Leo each year.

We can even use this time to address issues dealing with our egos, such as intolerance, stubbornness, close-mindedness, etc.

These energies can also be used by us all to share our love and encouragement with others. Being warm-hearted and generous with our talents and abilities really doesn’t cost us anything and can leave us feeling warm ourselves.

Enjoy the warmth of the Sun and allow yourself to feel the enthusiasm and exuberance that each day offers!

Mercury 7Mercury will follow the Sun into the sign of Leo on Thursday, July 23rd at 8:15 a.m. EDT.

While Mercury rules the mind, Leo rules the heart and combined this energy is unbeatable! It provides the human touch along with impressive intellect.

This is an excellent time for giving speeches, acting and/or writing. Success and admiration is possible for a job well done.

Mercury in Leo gives a mental self-confidence that is excellent for tackling and solving problems of all kinds.

It is also a good time for the successful planning of executing of plans, especially those that benefit others in a humanitarian way.

All in all, an excellent time for acts of kindness, generosity and love.

Venus RetrogradeOn Saturday, July 25th , Venus in Virgo will go retrograde at 5:29 a.m. EDT. – a very difficult retrograde placement for Venus.

For those affected by this retrograde, you may find lessons coming to you regarding your ideal of what love should be. It could be that you brought this with you from a past life and are now ready to deal with the energies attached to it. It could also be that you are ready to re-assess your current ideal of what love should be.

In either case, it can cause people to be introverted for fear of being hurt. This retrograde may also cause you to look back at previous relationships and question why they didn’t fulfill your needs.

This retrograde is asking us to see ourselves clearly and to learn to love ourselves in proper perspective to the world and reality we are living in. A very beneficial lesson!

Uranus RetrogradeOn Sunday, July 26th, Uranus in Aries will turn retrograde at 6:38 a.m. EDT bringing an energy that asks us to walk where there are no footsteps in front of us. In other words, to be true pioneers and seek out all that society is overlooking.

While this energy can bring out the true rebel in a person, the one who tries to be free of any barriers that might bind a person to any form of tradition, real freedom lies in using our ingenuity to seek out new beginnings in all areas of our lives.

This is a very individualistic, independent, unique energy that calls to us to be more spontaneous and be willing to give up some security for the promise of that which we have yet to experience.

Sounds like adventure and excitement in the making to me!

Astrological Banner - LeoOn that note, I close this issue of Musings and wish you a very exciting, adventurous, spontaneous two weeks! See you soon!

Astrological QuoteLove & Blessed Be

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