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Cancer ConstellationWhen people began to take notice of astrology once again in the 20th century, it was most noticeable in the 1960s. This may have been due to those who were feeling the energies of the Age of Aquarius intensifying as that Age grew closer to its “birth”. Aquarius rules those things which are classified as “occult”, with astrology being one of them.

As astrology gained momentum in people’s consciousness, they sought information as to how it applied to them. The easiest information to find, of course, is the Sun sign you are born under because it is based solely on the date of your birth. “What’s your sign?” became a familiar opening line when meeting someone new. Even today, most people can tell you what sign the Sun was in when they were born.

What most don’t have is detailed information on what that Sun sign really means. There are many, many books available to seek out this information. It can be found in books that supply a short, concise explanation in “35 words or less” or, at the other end of the spectrum, if you’re looking for more detailed information, there’s Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs. First published in 1968, it is still one of the most detailed explanations of Sun signs.

Each month, as we get ready for the Sun to enter a new sign, I will give you my explanation of the signs. Although it will be longer than “35 words”, it will also not be as detailed as what you can find should you pick up a copy of Linda Goodman’s book. I hope you will enjoy it.

This month, as we get ready to the Summer Solstice, it is also time for the Sun to transit into the sign of Cancer, the crab. Did you know that this sign is Babylonian in origin? Although the Egyptians symbolized this constellation sometimes as two turtles, sometimes referring to it as “the Stars of the Water”, and sometimes as Allul, an unidentified water creature, you will still notice that water has been associated with it since ancient times.

As with any of the signs, there are positive and negative traits to Cancer. The negative ones – over-emotional, hypersensitive, touchy, snappy temper, moody, unforgiving, changeable, self-pity, untidy – can be viewed as possible areas for learning and growing. When you look at the positive ones – kind, sensitive, imaginative, intuitive, strong maternal or paternal instinct, good homemaker and cook, thrifty, shrewd, sympathetic, protective – as being talents and abilities that, although we may be unaware of, are there to be developed and used to further our well-being in this lifetime.

The interesting thing about a person with the Sun in Cancer is that like the Moon, they have changing phases. For friends and family, it can become confusing and hard to cope with the mood swings of a Cancer. Like a pendulum, they can be kind, protective and sympathetic one moment and, in the next moment, they become snappish, moody, and self-pitying.

No matter where that pendulum is in its currents swinging motion, the one thing that generally remains consistent is the love of home and family. Cancers are sentimental too and this makes them good historians. They have fond memories of “the good old days” and could easily live in the past.

Cancers are great worriers. When something is bothering them, they have a tendency, like the crab, to retreat into their ‘shells’ and reject talking about what it is that troubles them so. Cancer rules the stomach and digestion, so when worry gets the best of them, often these two areas of their body become distressed even to the point of creating an ulcer.

They have excellent memories and great imaginations that can be used as a release through writing, art or music, but if they allow their worry to use these traits, the worry can become almost unbearable.

Relationships can be sexually sensational with a Cancer, but, whether male or female, the Cancer needs to be careful that moodiness doesn’t ruin that relationship. Cancer women have been known to use their domestic activities to provide excuses for not accepting invitations from friends and family. Actually, its their reticence and timidity that’s the real reason for the refusal.

If you are a Cancer and are looking for a career, you may find the most pleasure and satisfaction in such fields as nursing, catering, antique dealer or museum curator, historian, or even fisherman or boat-builder.

Finally, Cancer is known as the sign of motherhood. This can be good….or bad. While Cancers are protective, as parents, they can be over-protective to the point of smothering a child. Putting the family first, they can consciously or unconsciously, fight to keep the family together to the point of refusing to recognize when their children are grown adults. It’s not all bad though. Under the right conditions, having a Cancer parent, or being one, can be very rewarding.

A Cancer child on the other hand, are usually extremely affectionate and easily hurt. Parents should encourage use of his or her excellent memory in school, especially with history. Areas that might find favor for exercise are dancing and swimming.

If you were born a Cancer, my best advice to you is to put emphasis on the positive traits and learn from the negative ones. Even when the urge to crawl back into your shell becomes strong, reach out, speak up. Your friends and family want to help and are willing to listen. Cancer is a very nurturing sign, put it to use by first nurturing yourself and being open to the nurturing of those around you.

New Moon in GeminiAt 10:05 a.m. EDT, on Tuesday, June 16th, we have a New Moon occurring in the sign of Gemini. This combination of the Sun and Moon both in Gemini, can cause restlessness and, in some, even willfulness. If the restlessness of this New Moon gets to be too much, travel will help ease that nervous itch.

With the emotions not as active as in other signs, this is a very intellectual time. It’s great for all forms of communication, but especially writing and speaking. Being a New Moon, if there is a book you’ve been wanting to write or a speech you’ve been wanting to give, this is an excellent time to being that project.

While Moon in Gemini increases the imagination that aids in producing highly creative works, it also can cause some to gossip and lie, totally forgetting the truth.

The mind needs to be kept active, so this is an excellent time for any form of study. Mathematics are a good undertaking when the Moon is in Gemini. Overall, this is a very good time for any intellectual pursuit with ones judgment being impartial.

New Moon in Cancer 2The Sun will begin its annual transit through Cancer on Sunday, June 21st at 12:38 p.m. EDT. Known and celebrated by many as the Summer Solstice, this is the longest day of the year and the shortest night.

For the person not born a Cancer, there are energies of intuition, imagination, and emotion. People can be emotional vulnerable, even though they may appear hard and insensitive.

People can be evasive, actually side-stepping issues because this energy doesn’t like confrontation. There is a self-repressive energy that can cause some to withdraw into themselves when what they really need is to express their thoughts and feelings to those they hold dear.

To all those born under the sign of Cancer…

Happy Birthday Cancer 2

Mars in Cancer 2On Wednesday, June 24th at 9:33 a.m. EDT, Mars will join the Sun in the sign of Cancer. Just like pouring water (Cancer) onto a fire (Mars), this combination subdues the aggressive nature of Mars.

With Mars in Cancer, there can be problems involving ones home or home life. It could even mean the possibility of discord in the home.

This energy can cause people to use guilt or a defensive posture to keep things and people under control. Moodiness and emotional frustrations can cause anger making relationships stormy.

The upside of this energy is that it’s excellent for receiving good results in the practice of astral projection, past-life recall, and Tarot.

During this transit, working around the home, whether actual housework or just work done in the home, will provide the best opportunities for personal growth.

Focus on the positive, be aware of the negative, and be open to opportunities for learning and growth!

Until we meet in two weeks, may your Solstice be merry!!!

Summer Solstice 3

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