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Horary AstrologyI’ve written so much about astrology and its importance in our every day lives, that I sat down to write and felt as if there might not be anything else to say after four years. But there must be, right? There are twelve signs of the zodiac, eight planets (counting Pluto but not counting Earth) that move both forward and back (retrograde) plus the Sun and our Moon, asteroids too numerous to mention, Arabian Parts such as the Part of Fortune, and the Nodes of the Moon. Then there is natal astrology, horary astrology, synastry or comparative astrology, progressed natal astrology and others. There should be a ton to still write about.

Truth be told, I write about what I know and make no other claims. I’ve pretty much told you everything I know without repeating it (at least I hope I haven’t repeated it too often). As I’ve told you in my writings before, I’m an old-school astrologer who still does her calculations by hand. I do offer to teach others how to do this so that the ability doesn’t die – just in case technology fails us one day.

This is the crossroad I now stand at. I would love to hear from some of you with questions or comments that might launch me into my next astrological article. Until that time, I will continue to post the planetary movements for each two week period between the New and Full Moons, but, dear reader, until I can find something fresh to write to you about, the beginning of Astrological Musings will remain a little bare.

Full Moon in SagittariusWe begin with A Full Moon in Sagittarius happening on Tuesday, June 2nd at 12:19 p.m. EDT. It’s nickname is the “Strawberry Moon” because this is when strawberries are beginning to appear on plants for the year.

Full Moon energy can be tricky and with that energy coming from Sagittarius, one should be careful not to become optimistic to the point of carelessness. The desire for change, motion and adventure, coupled with the restless energy of Sagittarius can literally cause us to “leap before we look”.

On the positive side, this is a time of envisioning seemingly impossible projects and then forging ahead to bring them into manifestation, despite what anyone says. The energy is telling us, “Aim for the stars!”

Now that may sound like a contradiction to the previous paragraph, but it’s really not. The trick is to not over-estimate your own talents and yet not let yourself or others under-estimate them as well.

Personal freedom will be very important during this Full Moon. Without it, your optimism can be squelched. You will feel a great need to have control over your own life. This alone can cause you to feel like something has to change and won’t wait any longer.

So, take the positives of this Full Moon energy and dream that impossible dream, let no one stop you, and move forward to make the changes that you know must happen in your life.

Venus in LeoVenus will be moving into Leo on Friday, June 5th at 11:33 a.m. EDT. Leo, ruled by the Sun, now adds some fiery passion to the planet of Love.

The energies of this transit are magnanimous, heartfelt, and genial. The warmth radiated by those affected by these energies just naturally attracts good feelings on the part of others.

Where love is concerned, this placement creates demonstrativeness. There is a lot of affection and warmheartedness.

This energy can make you want to be noticed and appreciated by others. It can, on the other hand, create some real drama, for some, if those expectations are not fulfilled.

This is a great time for painting, sculpture, and other forms of art. If you aren’t creating them, then you may have a desire to see and appreciate the works of others.

Venus in Leo can be a beautiful experience in many areas of ones life.

Mercury in Gemini 2Mercury, which is in its home sign of Gemini, will turn direct for its retrograde motion on Thursday, June 11th at 6:33 p.m. EDT.

Having felt the energies of the retrograde, we have perhaps experienced some of the lessons that come with the retrograde motion of any planet. Time to take what we’ve learned out into the world.

Mercury in Gemini promotes logical reasoning. Its energies are versatile, unbiased and impersonal in their ability to perceive truth. The concern about people’s attitudes falls by the wayside as there is more concern with facts during this transit.

With Mercury in Gemini the ability to communicate easily, rapidly and accurately, in both speech and writing, presents itself. It is up to us to take advantage of that ability so that we may clearly be understood.

During this transit, you may find it difficult to shut out external stimuli. All speech and activity may be register intensely and vividly in your awareness. Too much of this, for too long, can cause one to experience, fatigue, confusion and irritability. It’s as if someone is standing on your last nerve. Know when to withdraw and seek solitude in a place where you can become quiet or even meditate.

Neptune RetrogradeNeptune in Pisces goes retrograde on Friday, June 12th At 5:09 a.m. EDT. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces and, therefore, the lessons of the retrograde motion of this planet will be intense for those who feel the influence of its energies.

Neptune is considered a transpersonal planet. In other words, it deals more with a generation than an individual, although the individual will feel the effects of this energy. Neptune in Pisces is calling the world to face its illusions about spirituality, values and all things mysterious.

On one hand, it could be a time of great inspiration in both the spiritual and artistic realms. On the other hand, it could be a time of great disillusionment and pain as favorite beliefs are slowly eroded and undermined.

Knowing that our energy ripples out and affects the whole, as individuals, this retrograde of Neptune affords us the time to sort out that which is real in terms of our ideals and that which appears to fulfill our dreams. By doing so, we benefit ourselves, but also the world as well.

Neptune represents spirituality, but also represents sensitivity and understanding. This retrograde is offering us the opportunity to understand ourselves better by ferreting out the fraud and deceit that we have allowed to be lead away from the truth of our purpose, our journey and our ideal. This is a time of turning inward to the spiritual side of ourselves.

Saturn in Scorpio DirectOn Sunday, June 14th, Saturn will move into Scorpio at 8:38 p.m. EDT. Saturn is the teacher – strict in nature, strengthening us through the lessons of persistence and endurance.

In Scorpio, these “lessons” can be about sex, money/finances, emotions, flexibility, honesty, openness, and even intuition/psychic ability.

If you have a tendency to secrecy or to scheming, this placement of Saturn may have come to teach you the responsibilities of these. If you tend to harbor deep resentment or even use your emotional intensity to control others, Saturn in Scorpio may now want you to learn about the consequences of these actions.

No matter what Saturn in Scorpio may have come to teach you, your best tools will be thoroughness, persistence and determination. With these, you will succeed in learning whatever Saturn has come to teach you.

Celestial BannerThe planets have spoken once more. I hope you find the messages helpful. May you walk in peace and light always.

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Love & Blessed Be

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  1. What about a series of articles on each sign with an in-depth look at each one as it traverses through the year? I’d certainly miss reading your articles!

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