The Journey Continues – Spiritual Counselor: What Does That Mean?

Whats-in-a-NameToday’s world is filled with a multitude of names and titles. Some having the same or similar meanings. Some reserved exclusively for those who have credentials in a particular field. Do we really understand the meaning of all these names and titles? Do we need to understand them? What about credentials? Can they only come from recognized institutes of learning? Does life experience add into this in any way?

We live in a chaotic, troubled time. The stress levels are very high for many people for many different reasons. Many people are searching for answers. Some have lost hope of finding answers that will help their personal set of circumstances. There is no “one size fits all” answer for everyone. Thus there isn’t just one way to find the answers you may be earnestly seeking. Although there are some of us who are able to search for and find those answers on our own, there are many who cannot and need the help of someone experienced in such a quest.

I call myself an energy worker and a spiritual counselor. What does that mean? I think almost everyone has heard or seen the quote, “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” If you have a Facebook account, you’ve probably seen this as well as other similar quotes posted on your feed from time to time. I’ve written about this before. Here’s the gist in 35 words or less: “We are energy. We have come here to experience life in this physical reality through interactions with others and situations that arise in our everyday life for the purpose of spiritual growth and enlightenment.” I am here to assist others in this process.

I am not a therapist, nor would I ever claim to be. I am a counselor, a guide. Having, in many ways, “been there, done that” and come away with methods for reaching the parts inside that need healing and help. I don’t even call myself a “healer” for true healing resides inside of the person that needs the healing. I can be a channel for healing, but I don’t heal – “you” do.

Knowing that the spiritual part of us is energy, then we must become aware of our energies and how to balance them and bring them into a harmonious state. I know how to do this as well and, once again, can guide and teach others to do this for themselves. For me, it’s all about empowering people – showing them that they can heal themselves, if someone is willing to guide them and teach them how. To me, part of this empowering comes from recognizing the spiritual part of ourselves that we all too often forget or have totally forgotten exists.

Why am I telling you this? With all these names and titles, I wouldn’t presume to define what a psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist or life coach is or does. I can tell you who I am, how I define what I do and why I do it. The purpose is to give you something to think about should you go looking for help in finding the answers you need in any area of your life.

I believe part of that search for assistance has to include a feeling of connection with the person you are asking to help you. There must be trust and a feeling of safety. Without these, the quest for answers may end up bearing little fruit. An interchange of dialogue and ideas needs to take place. You’re hiring a guide to assist you on a journey inward in search of answers. The person you are asking to do this should at least have previous experience in doing so. How much and to what degree are determined by what you need to make you feel trusting and safe.

Many would define what I’m describing as “therapy” and, I guess, loosely, by definition, it is. I’ve talked before about the amount of programming we receive from our earliest remembrances and the continued lessons in conformity that are thrust upon us almost every day. To me, this is a dis-ease. It’s not who we really are, but rather who we have been told we need to be. To peel back the layers of all this training and programming, a person must go on a journey inward, digging deeper and deeper until they find the person they were before all these layers covered over that person. The thing about it is, only you can do this. Someone else may be able to help you, show you some methods to peel back layers, but ultimately you must have the courage of your convictions and do the work.

So, do we need to know the meaning of all the names and titles? If you are a beginner, seeking a guide you feel you can trust and feel safe with, then I would say the answer is “yes.” Without that knowledge, it would be difficult to make an informed decision. What about those credentials? That, too, is a very personal decision to make based on what makes you feel safe and makes you feel that you can trust them to guide you on this most important journey. If you feel that someone’s experience in the “University of Life” is enough, then go with it. If you need to see that “sheepskin” framed on the wall behind them, then that’s the direction you need to move in. It comes down to belief and trust. What will it take for you to believe in their ability to assist you and do you feel you can trust them? The important thing is that you feel safe to take this journey with them.

My credentials? A lot of what I know is self-taught and based on my own personal experiences at finding the real me. I have taken training in energy work and I do have 40+ years experience as a spiritual leader, counseling many in those 40 years. As you know. from reading my posts, I also have over 40 years experience as an astrologer which comes in handy in my efforts to help people understand the energy part of themselves. This is who I am. This is how I try to help those seeking answers. I claim no more.

As my parting words, I would say to you that if you are going through a lot of stress in your life and what you have been trying just isn’t working, perhaps it’s time to seek out that guide, that advisor, that counselor. No matter what title they carry, they may be able to assist you in changing the energies that are both outside and inside you. Reach out. There is a hand to help.

I wish you a safe journey.

Journey 2Love & Blessed Be

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