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Astrologer's RoomThere was a time when astrology and astronomy were one and the same science. Once they became separate, astrology became a pariah, a joke even and astrologers were viewed as charlatans, con-artists, people to avoid and certainly NOT to be taken seriously!

Yes, there are those who claim to be astrologers who fall into these categories. Using the claims of wanting to help make your life better and assist you in solving your life’s problems, they will charge exorbitant prices and find reasons to keep you coming back. Is it any wonder most people are totally unable to see the value in what astrology can tell them?

For the true, sincere astrologer, there is a code of ethics. First, and foremost, they truly do want to help you create a better life, but not through making you dependent on them. Rather, they want to use their talents and abilities to help you re-empower yourself. They will discourage attachment and dependence to themselves by you.

Second (and this is my personal perspective), an astrologer who is the real-deal won’t just print out a chart, send it to you and cash your check. They will offer consultations on the astrological information you have paid them to create for you. Granted, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink, but you at least have to offer and be willing to do those consultations so that the client has a better understanding of the material.

Third, even an honest astrologer will charge you for the work they do, but it won’t be unreasonable. Included in that price should be the price of at least one consultation. If you know you have at least one consultation coming, why would you not take advantage of it?

Lastly, in those consultations, the true astrologer will tell you both what energies are working for you and creating obstacles for you, but they won’t focus purely on the negative and they won’t insist that only they know how to cure you of your ills. Rather, they will tell you about the energies, talents and abilities that you have given yourself and encourage you to make use of these to take charge of your life.

In my own personal practice, of over 40 years, my main focus has been to be of service and assistance to those who are seeking to find a better way to live their lives. Getting paid for this is nice, but not why I do it. I want to supply the most information and encouragement I can so those who seek me out will have additional “tools” for self-healing and empowerment. That’s probably why I haven’t raised my prices in over 20 years. I want people of all walks of life and income to be able to make use of what I know so that life becomes a friend rather than “the enemy”.

Having said that, I encourage anyone who has never had their natal astrology chart done, to contact me. You will be surprised by what you learn from it and how much help it can be to you. Natal astrology chart: $150.00 (includes 3 consultations).

New Moon 4There’s a New Moon happening on Saturday, April 18th at 2:57 p.m. EDT. The Moon and Sun will both be in Aries for a few hours.

During that time when the Sun and Moon are both in Aries, there will be an abundance of energy and vitality. What more could anyone ask for in a New Moon? This is a time of new beginnings and, with the Sun and Moon both in Aries, the energies will be forceful, original and prone to much activity.

Moon in Aries alone represents a fork in the road where a choice needs to be made. It’s time to take a new look at life. There is a desire for independence and an increase in self-esteem waiting for those courageous enough to make a choice that may involve something they have never done or going somewhere they have never been.

Caution should prevail where temper is concerned and practicing tolerance will help as well. Guard against rash or impulsive actions. Living equally in the mind and the heart will help with this.

Taurus 10Ah, the Sun enters Taurus on Monday, April 20th at 5:42 a.m. EDT. Taurus is an earth sign that is fixed in nature. Although it falls under the rulership of Venus, some have speculated that perhaps its real ruler is the Earth itself.

Most people think of stubbornness first when they think of Taurus. The truth is Taurus is just very practical and cautious. When people assume that Taurus doesn’t like change, they just don’t “get” that Taurus prefers change to happen slowly. Sudden changes just aren’t part of a Taurus’ reality

Taurean energies are patient, enduring, reliable, artistic, and loyal. When the Sun is in Taurus, business and finance matters are favored – after all, Taurus rules the second house of money on the astrology wheel.

Sun in Taurus is a time of growth. This is when the Earth is in full bloom! We can tap into these very same energies and use them to create some awesome growth in our personal lives.

To those who celebrate a birthday at this time,

Happy Birthday Taurus 2
Earth Day 8Speaking of the Earth, Earth day will be arriving on Wednesday, April 22nd. This is the officially recognized day, but personal feeling is that every day should be Earth Day!

Meteor Shower 3That same day, April 22nd, the Lyrids meteor shower will reach its peak. The meteor shower actually occurs between April 16 and April 25 with the peak happening on the 22nd. If you look to the western sky in the few hours before dawn, you will see 10 to 20 meteors per hours shoot across the sky.

Mercury in Gemini 2Mercury enters Gemini, one of the signs it rules, on Thursday, April 30th at 10:00 p.m. EDT creating energies that are versatile, unbiased and impersonal in the perception of truth.

Mercury in Gemini makes learning and communicating easier. It creates an intense curiosity – a desire to know. Whether by speech or writing it promotes ease and clarity in communication.

It can make some highly sensitive to external stimuli. When this becomes too chaotic, it can cause fatigue and confusion with irritability to follow. It is then that solitude combined with meditation is needed to calm the nerves and refocus the mind.

Let’s not forget travel. Mercury was messenger of the gods. Sometimes communication needs to be done in person or curiosity leads us to travel to a place where the answer can be found. Be open to the possibility of a spontaneous road trip…or two!

Astrological Banner 3Wishing you a Springtime filled with sunshine and flowers!

Spring BasketLove & Blessed Be

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