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Our Solar SystemThe skies will be fairly quiet for the next two weeks. Perhaps they will be resting after the awesome New Moon & Solar Eclipse that happens on the same day as the Vernal Equinox. Let’s face it, that’s a LOT of incoming energy for new beginnings that includes the rebirthing of the Earth!

This event only happens every 19 years, so, although it’s not a really rare occurrence, it is quite special. Making the most of the energies of a New Moon always helps with new beginnings. Using the Solar Eclipse to banish things that no longer serve you is also good. Add to that the beginning of the astrological year, the Vernal Equinox, and you have an awesome trifecta that could bring some equally awesome changes into your life!

Solar EclipseSpeaking of the New Moon, which happens in Pisces, it takes place at 5:36 a.m. EDT on Friday, March 20th and this is also when the Solar Eclipse happens. Since this does happen before sunrise, for those of us in the Eastern Time Zone, we won’t be seeing it, but that doesn’t mean we won’t feel it.

Pisces is a water sign, always good for “washing away” things. It’s also a spiritual sign – good for contacting your Higher Self for guidance. With the Sun and Moon both in Pisces, at this time, a person could really get a good perspective on where to go and what to do through the use of meditation and other energy work that allows you to journey inward.

However, at 6:28 a.m. EDT, the Moon moves into Aries which means the energy changes to the assertiveness of the element of fire. Like the Sun in Aries, which happens later in the day, Moon in Aries is about moving forward, head down, determined. A powerful force for new beginnings.

This is really a wonderful opportunity for change, if you choose to use it!

Aries 2The Sun then transits into Aries when the Vernal Equinox occurs on that same day, March 20th, at 6:45 p.m. EDT.

Aries energy is pioneering and adventurous. There is courage, assertiveness, forcefulness, along with being very direct and blunt. This makes a life of routine and restrictions difficult for one affected by these energies.

The “down” side to Aries is that the energy can cause people to go to extremes. If not tempered by strong ideals and a sensitivity to others, this energy can cause selfishness, foolhardiness, crudeness and even egotism that’s hard to bear.

The focus here should be on the joy of just being. When that happens, things begin to sprout and grow.

For those celebrating an Aries birthday:

Happy Birthday Aries 4

Venus in AriesOn Monday, March 30th, at 9:44 p.m. EDT, Mercury joins the Sun in the sign of Aries. This energy creates new, original ideas. Concentration may not be the best under this sign, but there is mental strength and brilliance.

There can be impatience when faced with opposition to ones ideas even causing willfulness. Mostly, though, this energy causes one to be witty, have quick and clever comebacks and facilitate leadership.

More Arian energy to help one move forward to better things in life!

Mars in Taurus 2Tuesday, March 31st, shows Mars moving into Taurus at 12:27 p.m. EDT giving that ruler of Aries a more patient, slower acting nature.

This is a time for craftsmanship and artistic endeavor given the qualities of patience and precision granted by this placement. While this energy doesn’t bode well for business partnerships, it does provide good energies for self-employment.

Mars in Taurus both works hard and plays hard. Enjoyment from both comes with this energy. Do take care of the throat though, as it is vulnerable now.

That slow-acting tendency of this placement can cause pressure to slowly build and then blow – usually over something trivial. Don’t let anger become a problem.

Overall, there’s a lot of promise to this combination.

April Fool's Day 2No joke….April Fool’s Day falls on Wednesday, April 1st. Be prepared to have Life get the best of you, at your expense. Remember it’s all in fun. Enjoy this day for it’s okay to play the Fool!

On that humorous note, I shall take my leave of you for this time.  Life is meant to be fun, so smile often. Joy begins within!

Spring 2Love & Blessed Be

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