The Journey Continues – Some Things I Will Never Understand

Wiccan RoomI became a follower of Wicca in NW Ohio, a virtual desert when it came to the occult at the time. When I was finally exposed to the larger Wiccan and Pagan population, with the attendance to my first festival, I was both startled and shocked to hear stories of Covens that were in the midst of “psychic wars”. This was unbelievable to me! How could you profess to walk the Wiccan path, using the words “Blessed Be” and entering rituals with the words, “Perfect Love and Perfect Trust”, and then have psychic wars with Brothers and Sisters who walked that same path? It just made no sense to me.

Wiccans, most of whom have come from other spiritual paths – Christianity being the most prevalent one, always tell you how they disliked the phoniness of their former path or how it wasn’t satisfying because too much was left unanswered or fear was preached far too often. Wicca is a path of peace and love. How could anyone become part of a magickal battle with spiritual kin? Isn’t that the continuation of the same things that caused them to seek another spiritual path?

Don’t get me wrong. A follower of Wicca has every right to defend him or herself. Note that I said “defend”. Obviously, if there is a psychic war going on, someone had to start it. That’s where we, as Wiccans, are supposed to be different. Differences of opinions, or any other form of dispute, should be discussed, debated, talked through. These can even be heated in nature because we know that sometimes the air needs to be cleared so that we can begin to clearly understand each other better. Common ground is sought, even compromise, if possible. Magick is always a last resort after all other routes have been tried, including using a third party arbitrator. Even then, magickally attacking someone is not an option.

So what does it mean to magickally defend yourself? To me, it means, first and foremost, not to hand my power over to someone else by believing they can harm me. Once I allow myself to do that, I’ve taken the position of the victim. “As my will, so mote it be!” is another powerful set of words. To put it into modern day terminology, what I believe becomes my reality. I choose to believe I am neither victim nor martyr, but rather a strong person/Wiccan who will not allow another to have power over me. It’s my choice, just as it is for everyone else.

If it really comes to be a nasty situation and I feel the need for additional “help”, I can always put protection around myself and my aura in the form of an energy shield.

Lastly, if the person or persons are persistent, as a form of defense, it is possible to place that person in “mirrors” with the idea that anything they choose to do that is good will pass through the mirrors, but anything negative will bounce off the mirrors and remain with them. This is only keeping the negative energy with the person trying to send it. If they send none, nothing happens.

All of these things I have mentioned require firm belief on our part or they won’t work. If you truly believe no one can magickally touch you in the first place, then the other two methods won’t be needed. The key is that you MUST believe this to be so.

I so thought all this “psychic war” crap was over decades ago. Not so. I hear so much coming out of the mouths of those who claim to be practicing Witches, Wiccans, Pagans, etc. that deals with whipping spells on people, placing curses on this person or that person, asking how to put a binding spell on someone and the anger and fear behind it is unbelievable to me. Things haven’t gotten better. They seem to have gotten worse.

Since I am, once more, isolated from the mainstream occult, magickal community, I can’t say for sure why this is. There are a few speculations I could make. For one, anger and fear are prevalent emotions in today’s world. People feel they have no control over their lives and that no one cares. The practice of gratitude is not consistently and wholeheartedly practiced, if practiced at all. Our personal energies have to be raised by each of us through energies of gratitude, appreciation, and unconditional love if we are to overcome all this anger and fear. As I have often said, we are more powerful than we believe we are. What we do for ourselves, vibrationally, ripples out to others and the world.

Another of my speculations involves the practice of Wicca today, as opposed to how it was when I began. It’s bad enough that even when I began the Path, lots of information had been lost. Now, everything has become so watered down that the general belief is that almost anything goes. It appears, for the most part, that no one wants to take the time or make the effort to learn the “Old Ways”. “Let’s just make it up as we go along.” seems to be an underlying attitude. Where’s the dedication? Where’s the thirst for “knowing” that leads to seeking out those who have walked the Path ahead of them?

Please remember, these are speculations based on my experience and learning. Nothing is set in stone. Having said that, I would say that you can call an apple an orange, but it’s still an apple. As I learned the Path, there are certain fundamentals that make up the beliefs of a follower of Wicca, whether you are part of a Coven or a solo practitioner. These need to be taught again so that those who wish to call themselves “Witch” or Wiccan can learn them.

One of things I’ve seen missing in today’s magickal community is the willingness to accept responsibility for the power granted through the use of magick. “With power comes responsibility.” is a truism, no matter whether you’re talking political power, business power, or magickal/spiritual power.  Part of that responsibility is to know yourself. Without that self-knowledge, using magick is like a bomb or grenade waiting to explode. Getting to know and understand yourself gives you a better understanding of your responses to the outside world. With that knowledge comes wisdom and with wisdom, the realization that magick is an awesome gift and an awesome responsibility that one uses sparingly.

Fighting, with or without magick, should never be ones first thought, but ones last thought. Understanding of oneself brings enlightenment that peace is possible – peace within and without.

All I’m saying is

Give Peace a ChanceLove & Blessed Be

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