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Ancient AstrologerHave you ever just sat and pondered life? What IS it all about? Why are we here? I’ve been doing that for over 40 years. Some things have become clearer to me while others still very much remain a mystery….and I love a mystery!

Believe it or not, both astrology and numerology have helped me better understand the many mysteries of my latest sojourn upon this planet. I’m not talking about the use of them for foretelling the future – although I will admit that in my youth I did seek many answers through the use of Tarot and other such means. I’m talking about deciphering the enigma of my existence.

Both natal astrology and numerology (which is based on your birth name and birth date) offer a look inside the energies that each of us chose to surround ourselves with at birth into this incarnation.

What’s even more amazing is that each of these separate methods will support the explanations of the other when looking for meaning to ones life and purpose. Both give you an inside view to the lessons you came to learn and the things you came to set straight from the past.

If you want a little “food for thought”, consider having the numerology of your birth name and date done. If you really want some input into those birth energies, have your natal chart done. It can be quite revealing and thought-provoking!

Numerology Analysis of Birth Name
    normally, $30 through April 15th: $25
Numerology Analysis of Birth Date
    normally, $35 through April 15th: $30

Natal Astrology Chart
normally, $150 though April 15th: $125

How can you go wrong with prices like these?!

Now let’s talk astrology…

New Moon BlackThe New Moon takes place on Wednesday, February 18th at 6:47 p.m. EST in the sign of Aquarius, but then immediately moves into the sign of Pisces at 6:48 p.m. EST.

I can’t remember ever seeing this happen quite this way. So while this New Moon happens with the Sun and Moon both in Aquarius, mere minutes later, both are in Pisces!

By the way, this New Moon is consider a Black Super-moon because it will be so close to the Earth. That, my friends means, to me, that the effects of this New Moon switching immediately from one sign to the other, with the Sun following suit just a few minutes later, will be very much felt to any and all who are paying attention and/or are sensitive to these types of things.

With Aquarius representing the strange, the unusual, the extraordinary and the occult, the New Moon begins with an out-of-the-ordinary look at the mysteries of life. It takes our thinking outside of the box…and….then…BAM! The New Moon energies shift to Pisces, a more spiritual, intuitive energy that leads us to raise our thinking and feeling level to that of our higher selves.

This New Moon, this super-moon, is giving us all the energies we need for new beginnings in our lives that come from a higher, more extraordinary level that is both occult and spiritual in nature. The possibilities for change are beyond imagination!

PiscesAnd then there’s the Sun…two minutes after the Moon changes from Aquarius to Pisces, the Sun follows the same path and enters Pisces at 6:50 p.m. EST on Wednesday, the 18th.

Sun in Pisces is a combination that, like the water if Pisces, flows easily through change. Emotions and intuitions are very strong now and those affected by this transit will be very sensitive to people and places in their lives. The feeling of needing to escape may come over any who feel that the vibrations of their surroundings have just become too much to take.

The energies of Sun in Pisces are kind, compassionate, even self-sacrificing but they can also be careless, vague and indecisive. It’s a matter of awareness and conscious choice when the Sun is in Pisces.

This is not a good time to lose oneself in any type of alcohol or drug use. It only lulls those affected by these energies into a false sense of security. Better to meditate or do other forms of energy work that will help with self-discovery.

To me, the two fish swimming in opposite directions is about choices. One that will take you in one direction while the other leads you off the other way. One may deal with the mundane while the other is spiritual in nature. Choose wisely.

To all those celebrating birthdays now –Happy Birthday Pisces



Year of the GoatThe very next day, Thursday, February 19th, the next Chinese New Year begins. This is the Year of the Goat, but not just any Goat, it’s a Wood Goat.

Although Goat is a yin fire animal, there are five elements that Goat transits through over the course of its years: wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

Goats are charming, amiable, sympathetic and just genuinely nice people. They are one of the most artistic and creative of all the Chinese horoscopes signs.

Wood is a creative element associated with growth, renewal and innovation. Combine this with goat’s imagination and you get some highly artistic energies.

For those who weren’t born Goats, the year can have a variety of meanings, depending on what animal from the Chinese horoscope was reigning in the year you were born. My best suggestion is to check out how your beastie will be affected by the Goat this year in a good book on Chinese astrology like, The New Chinese Astrology by Suzanne White.

Mars in Aries 2That very same day, Thursday the 19th, Mars will enter the sign of Aries at 7:12 p.m. EST. Mars rules Aries, so being in its home sign makes for some powerful energies.

There’s a great deal of action and energy that may turn to too many irons in the fire and create a lack of stick-to-itiveness. There’s also that Aries fire that flares into temper.

While spontaneity can be a great thing, remember to look before you leap or the end result could be injuries such as cuts, burns and abrasions and be very careful with your head, as this is the part of the body Aries/Mars rules.

Mars in Aries is a very competitive area whether you’re talking football, baseball, sports car racing, running a marathon or just every day life. Mars in Aries is the energy of the healthy ego and one that is very assertive, maybe even aggressive, depending on the situation.

Tap this energy to have the drive to start and accomplish projects that you’ve had waiting for far too long. It will serve you well!

Venus by InertiaKFinally, on Friday, February 20th at 3:06 p.m. EST, Venus will transit into Aries as well. This makes Venus more brilliant and exciting than soothing and calm, which is its usual.

This can make someone with Venus in Aries in their chart, or someone affected by its energies, emotionally impulsive. Passionate and aggressive one moment, a person can turn cold and disinterested the next. Confusing, to say the least.

Choices are made more with the head than the heart and while this energy promotes the “chase” and even the “conquest”, it’s not good for settling down.

This is a time that’s good for scientific things and even being actively creative in artistic pursuits.

Lunar Eclipse 5

I hope wherever you are, you are safe and warm. Spring will be here soon!!!

SpringtimeLove & Blessed Be

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