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OphiuchusHow familiar are you with the 12 signs of the zodiac? If you are like most people you might be familiar with the sign you were born under, maybe even the signs of those close to you, but the average person doesn’t pay much attention to astrology and would be unable to name all 12 signs. That’s okay. That’s what astrologers are for so why should you trouble yourself with remembering such things?

Well, how would you feel about a 13th sign being added to the zodiac? Yup. In 1995, The Royal Astronomical Society in England announced the existence of a 13th zodiac sign, Ophiucus. It is the 11th largest constellation in the sky and is located in the third quadrant of the southern hemisphere. As the picture shows, you will find the constellation of Hercules above it with the constellation Sagittarius below and to the left with Scorpio below and to the right.

Ophiuchus-constellation-map.gifIt can be seen at latitudes +80 degrees to -80 degrees.

What does all this mean? To be honest, I can’t say right now. I’m in learning mode right now. My intuition says it’s some kind of “bridge” since it’s found between Scorpio and Sagittarius. This, to me, is much like the “bridge” formed by the planetoid Chiron which bridges the energies of the “old” and the “new” represented by the planets Saturn and Uranus. That, however, is just a feeling.

What it could mean is an immense change in how we perceive the energies under which we are born. Some are even saying that, when Ophiucus is set in its proper place between the signs Scorpio and Sagittarius, it will change the signs we were born under because of the division of the 360 degrees of the zodiac now being divided by 13 instead of 12. Oy!

The biggest question I always have when a discovery like this is made is, how does this affect the people born before that discovery. As an example, I offer the discovery of the planet Pluto. Before it was discovered on February 18, 1930, Scorpio was ruled by Mars. After its discovery, Pluto took over rulership of Scorpio, but many astrologers still see it co-ruled by Mars to this day. Better yet, once it was demoted to a “dwarf” planet in 2006, does that give rulership back to Mars exclusively? Most astrologer would probably say “no”, but these are the problems faced when new discoveries are made and the questions for which answers must be found.

I’ll keep you posted as I learn more. For now, let’s take a look at the next two weeks from a more traditional perspective.

Uranus in Aries 2Sunday, December 21 is a very busy day, astrologically. First we begin with Uranus, which is in Aries and has been retrograde since July 21st, will be turning direct at 5:45 p.m. EST. leaving behind the lessons pertaining to freedom, independence, and spontaneity and bringing energies that provide courage, initiative, and resourcefulness. It makes those affected by it pioneers and trailblazers in areas of science and social reform.

These energies can make us blunt and outspoken. They even sometimes create impulsiveness and flares of temper. So, if we have felt the retrograde energies and have been desiring and/or working on our freedom, independence and spontaneity, the energies of the direct motion can provide it with just the tools that may be needed to accomplish this – even the flares of temper!

As I said back in July, “To free ourselves of traditions that bind us and be true pioneers and trailblazers for ourselves. When we do this, sincerely, all mankind benefits. The trick is to do it with balance and harmony.”

Capricorn 6Eighteen minutes later, the Sun moves into Capricorn at 6:03 p.m. EST…Ahhhhh, the rebirth of the Sun!!! The days grow longer…only three months until Spring! The Winter Solstice has arrived!

I went back and read what I had written last year about the Sun moving into Capricorn. With this happening at the same time Uranus is turning direct and the New Moon happening later in the day (more on that in a minute), I really felt it couldn’t be emphasized enough: “Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, a strict but fair teacher. Capricorn is about improvement through learning. Time to get serious about what you want in your life. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t smile or have fun. It just means you have just entered the “no BS” zone that Sun in Capricorn energies creates. You can let it get you down or you can use the practicality of these energies to begin to build a life that has positive meaning for you.

“Lift those feelings of melancholy by using self-discipline to create new habits that will ultimately give you an increased sense of freedom. It’s not about self-denial. It’s more about making practical choices that lead you to new, higher levels of improvement and achievement.”

Those who were born under this sign – this is your time…rejoice! For the rest of us, no matter what holiday you celebrate, the days are getting longer and there is much to be grateful for!

Happy Birthday Capricorn
New Moon in CapricornAt 8:36 p.m. EST, the New Moon in Capricorn takes place. Energies are low during a New Moon, but with the Moon in Capricorn, energy is sluggish. With the Sun and Moon in Capricorn, we can fall prey to this sluggish, low energy or turn it around and recognize that the Sun and Moon are both beginning their stages of waxing. To have this happen on the same day, within hours of each other, is an absolute “el primo” condition for initiating new beginnings!

Combine that with the energies of Uranus now moving direct in Aries (a sign of new beginnings) and there isn’t a whole lot more you could ask for in the way of a path being laid open before you for something new in your life.

Be determined, be focused, be disciplined, but remember to have fun and smile often!!!

Ursids Metoer ShowerAs if to celebrate all that happens on Sunday, the Ursids meteor shower takes place the peaks on Monday, December 22. Expect to see about 10 meteors per hour as you look at the sky between the Big and Little Dippers, where the Ursids radiate from. Since it’s a New Moon, viewing should be good. Enjoy!

Saturn 5Saturn moves into Sagittarius on Tuesday, December 23rd at 11:33 a.m. EST. The general energy of this transit is not one that denies success, but rather can delay it. There can be setbacks, but the lesson is to continue to persevere.

It brings about a seriousness in the study of philosophy, religion and higher education. It provides the ability to concentrate along with thoroughness and discipline. Those feeling the effects of this transit may feel a deep need for some intellectual, philosophical or spiritual achievement that would provide distinction to them.

It also aids occult tendencies and there is intuitive understanding and even prophetic insight.

Venus in AquariusAs we enter the New Year, Venus will enter the sign of Aquarius on Saturday, January 3rd at 9:48 a.m. EST creating a love of humanity rather than just one person. For people affected by this transit, or who have this placement in their birth charts, you may find it difficult to settle down with just one person in a relationship. Freedom and independence call to you.

Love, as defined by Venus in Aquarius, is both idealistic and impersonal. Standards for love are high and that love for all of humanity is strong.

Since Venus is also about the arts, this is a time of music for it will best express how you feel as Venus transits Aquarius.

One of the keywords for Aquarius is “unconventional”, so whether it is love or the arts, anything that brings you pleasure, during this transit, will be hard-pressed to be called “normal”. That can be a real breath of fresh air sometimes!

Snowmen BorderAs I wrap this up for this time, I want to extend my greetings to all who are celebrating the numerous holidays that occur at this time of year. May the energies of the planets provide some pleasant turns-of-events as unexpected gifts to help you celebrate!

Yuletide Unicorn 2Love & Blessed Be

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